Fall Tracking – Week 3

As you can see, the sky is bright blue and the trees have not changed much. Not a cloud in the sky because the day before, we had wind gusts clocked at 95 mph in some places.

My house is just to the left of this road. You can see my mailbox. I was out and about with the pup and then had to beat it out of there because of a car driving way too fast. It doesn’t look like fall so much but it FEELS like we’ve turned a corner for weather. I think Halloween will be brisk.

We picked up one pumpkin! No one will be here for carving really but you have to have at least one pumpkin for it to be called Halloween. I will carve it myself!

11 thoughts on “Fall Tracking – Week 3”

  1. I can’t imagine 95 mph winds! We had straight line winds in Nebraska, but those only got as strong as 75 mph. 95 must have felt like a hurricane! We got out of the habit of buying pumpkins after our daughter moved out. No, wait. We did get one every year from our realtor, but the squirrels always demolished them, so I never bought more.

    3 more days…!

    1. Those winds hit in the early morning hours and it sounds like the world was ending. I’m a tad dramatic but my pup and I were awake all night because of them.

      Today, another beautiful, golden morning. No wind.

  2. The past few days have been glorious up here in SB. 75 and no winds. Very nice. Of course, I’ll be excited once we start to get crisp days as well and I do wish we had leaves that changed color the way they do in the east.

    1. The weather has been a little warm here but so, so pretty outside. I bet SB is gorgeous. I am hoping to meet my son there this weekend. Will depend on his work schedule.

  3. We’re past fall here and are pretty much starting winter. Right now it’s 37 and yesterday we were supposed to have gotten snow but didn’t.

    Today, I’m planning on watching The Evil Dead movies. Haven’t seen before, but thought they might be fun and apropos for the season. Plus reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, which is becoming a Halloween tradition.

    And oh, our leaves are pretty much gone.

  4. Today was the first cool(er) day here, it’s 86° but not so much humidity. I got some candy yesterday just in case but am not really expecting many if any trick or treaters.

  5. Our autumn was such a disappointment – we got an early snow and everything that hadn’t already changed just turned a dull version of whatever color it was at that time. Such a 2020 thing to have happen!

    1. I’m seeing a little color here but the winds will take care of whatever leaves we have left. It’s golden and pretty outside though. Just the sunlight alone is so welcoming as I type this from my remote workstation, ahem tomb. LOL.

  6. We’re having high winds here — yesterday and today — not sure they are 95mph but they are about 50-60 mph.

    Autumn is here at least until the next weekend when we’ll have 70s again.

    We carved 3 pumpkins. One for me and hubby, one for Kat, and one for my brother. Hubby and I ended up sharing a pumpkin because our 4th one started rotting at the top and collapsing before we got to it.

    1. We don’t do anything to the little pumpkin we buy for The Otter Pup but hers started to rot immediately. That has never happened before. Those tiny pumpkins last months when you don’t cut into this. She gets so excited when we give her her yearly pumpkin.

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