Sunday Matters: Rough Week

Sunday Matters

Last week was rough. One of my daughter’s volleyball teammates lost her father in the Las Vegas shooting.  Her brother was also shot, but is stable. A few years prior, she lost her mother so this particular loss is especially difficult. If you feel at all compelled to give a few dollars, you can find the GoFundMe here.

According to the news reports, there are seven others from our town who were shot as well. This hits very close to home.

Right Now:

We are sitting here watching the news and it amazes me how quickly we move from one topic to another these days. Such a tragedy and the news has already moved on.

This Week:

This week should be a little less busy. I have a couple of appointments but nothing big. I was asked to submit my vacation plans for the holidays and I was more than happy to do that even though it forced me to consider just how fast the holidays are approaching.


I finished my book club book just in time for the meeting so now I am back to Sleeping Beauties for the read along (#sleepingbeautiesRAL).


We sat down to watch Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and we really enjoyed it. I wasn’t aware that it was a Time Burton movie.  Makes me want to read the book now.

Still watching Fear the Walking Dead and it’s good. I think there are only a couple of episodes left since The Walking Dead starts soon.

American Horror Story – Cult continues to entertain me. It’s a little twisted and bloody but the story is coming together nicely. I can’t really tell where it will go from here but I am expecting a complete turnaround for one of the main characters, Ally.


We had pizzas one night. Breakfast for dinner, one night. Cheese stuffed chicken breasts with broccoli. I resorted to chicken tenders and tator tots one night out of desperation. I also baked a cake for the birthday girl.

Grateful for:

My family. We work hard and some days I feel as if we are always waving to each other as we come and go but for the most part, we still make time to be together and that’s really what’s important.

How are you doing after the events of last week? Even if you didn’t know anyone involved, it still weighs heavily on you, doesn’t it?

16 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Rough Week”

  1. So sorry that last week was so close to you…it’s so sad…last week was far too busy for me…seriously exhausting…I am still trying to stay relaxed and build stamina and grow hair. Family always helps…that’s for sure.

    1. It is hard not the think about Vegas. And then the other night, a local mom of 6 children, coming back from visiting her preemie newborns in the hospital, was killed by a drunk driver. Our little community is really taking a hit and that’s just us. I’m sure all of the families all over feel the same way.

  2. I have two friends/colleagues who were at the concert, but luckily were not physically injured. However, they have blood-stained clothing and are mentally/emotionally have a really tough time. I just read through the NY Times’ description of each victim and it breaks my heart.

    1. I was telling my husband that it bothered me how fast the shooting became “old” news. In two days, everyone was back to talking about Trump. THAT is heartbreaking to me too.

  3. Oh my goodness, Ti…this just makes my heart ache. I am so very sorry. The videos of the shooting are just mind boggling…and to even imagine actually being there or having someone close to me there is impossible to wrap my mind around. 😦

    1. One father lost and seven other Santa Clarita residents still recovering. Ridiculous how many of our residents were in attendance! I feel for the families.

  4. Ti, so sorry to hear that the LasVegas shootings hit close to home; such a sad week all around. I sound like a broken weather but, I’ve been singing a similar tune since November:(

  5. I am so sorry, Ti. The news definitely hit close to home. One of Holly’s dance instructors/studio owners used to live and work in Vegas. She has tons of friends in the entertainment industry there and was frantically trying to track them all down on Monday. It turns out that two were shot, and last I heard one was still in critical condition. Our world is too small these days not to be directly affected by such tragedies, and people seem to forget this.

    Hold your family close. It seems to be the only thing that makes sense in this crazy world of ours.

    Have a great week!

    1. There is a vigil on Wednesday for all of our residents that were affected but I am stuck going to a theatre club meeting. I wish it could be rescheduled. It seems like everyone knows someone who is affected in some way. There were just too many injured.

      1. Yes. When two people in the small town of 12,000 people in southern Wisconsin are directly impacted by the tragedy in Vegas, you realize the scope of it.

  6. Oh Ti, that’s crushing. Totally crushing. I feel horrible for your daughter’s teammate whose father was killed. Isn’t it senseless and awful? I don’t get it. All those people. I feel sickened by it. Yet: as you say: the media & everyone soon forgets all the suffering. & Congress never acts! thx for the link. The US is like one disaster after another with the disaster in chief at the helm. Stay well.

    1. Turns out we have 7 residents who were shot and then the one who was killed. We attended the vigil and they asked those who were at the concert to light their candles and there must have been at least 100 people from our city who were at the concert the night of the shooting. That is crazy!

  7. How terrible for that poor young girl! When we talk about 58 people dying, we often forget to see how far reaching their loss is. Your community was really impacted by it and the effects will last much longer than the news coverage.

  8. That is awful and sad. Her poor teammate. I’m so sorry for their loss. I hope the brother is recovered. The news coverage of any tragedy seems so fleeting these days, but we also have a reality tv presidency, so that probably has something to do with it.

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