Sunday Matters: All Things Summer

Sunday Matters

It’s definitely summer and it’s much warmer than usual for this time of year. I mean, 113 degrees? Sometimes we see that in August. Now? Not ready. Me no like.  However, we make the best of it. Lots of iced tea sipping, barbecuing, and ice cream eating. Shade is a must. A good book to go along with the shade? A definite plus. I love the idea of summer but not the heat! My kids start school in less than four weeks so we are trying to make the most of the time we have.

Right Now:

At this moment, there seems to be a little cloud cover so The Otter Pup just went for a walk. In a little bit we’ll head off to church.

This Week:

The Girl starts volleyball camp. Show rehearsals pick up. Hair appointment. Work.

There was an explosion that affected a major power grid yesterday so the campus was without power along with 140K customers. Power is slowly being restored. I hope it’s fully restored by tomorrow.

Taking Friday off to do something with The Girl. Not sure what.


I am reading Do Not Be Alarmed and it is quite the page turner!


Fear the Walking Dead is really good now and the mid-season finale is tonight! They must have gotten new writers or something because for THREE seasons that show has been stumbling along.


Not a thing. It’s too hot to cook. I need to get back into a routine though because my eating has been all over the place.

Grateful for:

Old friends. I may not be able to see them all the time but these days it’s easy to  keep in touch. Grateful for that and them.

What are you doing today? Are you suffering though a heatwave like us? We had to skip the concert at the park yesterday because it was just too hot.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: All Things Summer”

  1. We are chillaxing and sort of watching Big Brother After Dark…getting ready to read and maybe watch a movie!

  2. Today? Napping, so far, on and off, mostly on. Probably TV later. No heatwave here. High 70s. Coinky dink, I have off Friday too. Going to see the new Spiderman Thursday night by myself since The Wife has lost interest in comic books movies. I already missed Wonder Woman because of her, so not going to let her take my sunshine away this time. 😉

    1. My son said Spiderman was good and he is very selective. You have to see Wonder Woman!! Your wife would love it. I do not like superhero movies at all and I loved it.

    1. Having now finished Do Not Be Alarmed, I have to gather my thoughts to review it. It was a little all over the place in the second half.

  3. No heatwave here. In fact, we have been particularly cooler than normal. I am not complaining because 113 is horrible! Did you read that climate change article from New York Magazine? Scary, scary stuff. It kept me up last night, and then reading about your current heatwave makes it just a bit too real.

    How is work? Is the power back on? Do you get to move into your new digs yet?

    Have a great week and stay cool!

    1. I read that New York Mag article last night and it gave me nightmares. There is no doubt that the weather patterns have changed. At this point, I am praying we have rain again this fall, winter, spring because with temps like we’ve had, we are going to be in a lot of trouble if we don’t. My coworker friend went to Yosemite last week and had to be evacuated from her camp because of flooding. All that snow melting. And hello! SNOW? Ski slopes are open through August apparently.

      1. I had my entire family read the article last night. Connor’s response? “I’ve known about this stuff for years, Mom.” Well, why didn’t anyone say ANYTHING and not just keep it among themselves?!?

  4. Summer has been warm, cool, and rainy. Odd for this usually muggy hot box. Weekend went ok with the swim meet and me painting part of the basement on Sunday. I can’t wait to finish.

  5. Oh my God, 113 is far far FAR too hot, and I am deeply opposed to all this. Louisiana’s been having its typical summer weather of many thunderstorms every afternoon, which has a lot of people complaining about missing the sun, but *I* do not miss it. The alternative is preposterous heat like you are talking about and I CANNOT FACE IT.

    1. It’s been 113 a few times this summer already and August is our hot month. I cannot deal with it or expect to act like a human in that heat. We’ve hit the beach many times out of desperation. I love to curl up with a good book in the shade though or better yet, inside with the AC on.

  6. Is it still in the 100s there? Yeah my parents in Calif. said it was oppressive last week. Maybe you should escape to the beach. It is warm here but nice. I think I will pick up that page-turner sometime. Usually I’m a sucker for those.

    1. It’s been about 103-5 on the weekends and close to 100 during the week. I can deal with 102 even but 105-114 nope. It hit 114 one day! I nearly passed out. We haven’t been able to hit the concerts at the park because it’s too hot! They make you take the sun shades down so people can see but without it, nope. Just nope. We’ve hit the beach three times where it’s 85 or so. Warm for the beach even.

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