Sunday Matters: Rain & Clouds

Sunday Matters

For those of us in California, weather is always a topic of discussion and after two very warm days, clouds and drizzle moved in making it a cozy weekend.

Right Now:

I’m just sitting here watching the grass grow. Literally. I mentioned the gopher issue and now there is some animal rooting through the loose soil. Who knew that putting in grass would be so challenging?

Once I pull myself away from the window, we’ll head to church and volleyball and maybe squeeze in some lunch.

This Week:

Shrek rehearsals are coming along and rehearsals for Grease begin on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday is my life group meeting. I think I need to take a look at my calendar because the rest is a blur. Still trying to figure out what to do for Mother’s Day since we will also be celebrating The Hub’s birthday that day too.


Finishing up Murakami. Starting Nesbø’s The Thirst. There’s a lot of hype for Under the Harrow. Have you read it? I just picked up a copy based on all the reviews.


Nothing. Just old shows. Haven’t added any new ones but The Hub is trying to get me to watch Better Call Saul.  I want to watch The Handmaid’s Tale but I don’t have Hulu.


I made spaghetti the other night, My kids hate spaghetti. They’re so weird. Haven’t made much else and for this week, a trip to the store is needed and you know how I am about going to the store.

Grateful for:

My physical medicine doctor. I just had another round of shots for my neck and although I am having a tough time of it today, I know in a day or two I’ll be feeling pretty good. When I first went to him two months ago, he didn’t even have to touch me to know where the issue was.

What’s happening with you this weekend?

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Rain & Clouds”

  1. We have been watching the rain fall for days on end! And today it is very chilly…I am so glad that your neck will feel better soon!

    Your week sounds really full…as usual!

    1. I thought my live Instagram video of the thunder and lightning posted but nope. I don’t know what happened but it was a real show. It came down for a good 40 minutes. Hail, lightning, thunder and the sky was black! It was a hoot! The pup didn’t think so.

    1. And yesterday ended with one heck of a thunderstorm, lightning and hail. The Otter Pup practically jumped into my husband’s arms when he came back from the gym. She get so terrified at the sound of thunder. Doesn’t care about fireworks but thunder? Nope.

  2. Ooooh, thanks for reminding me about Nesbø’s The Thirst coming out this week. I’m first in line at our library. Can’t wait.

    How are you about going to the store? 🙂 I’m not big on spaghetti either, but that’s mostly because tomato sauce doesn’t set well with me . I do like it with olive oil and parmesan, though.

    We started and finished watching Dear White People this week and it was pretty good. It wasn’t what we expected…in a good way. It does start out “preachy,” but then gets beyond that and gets to a pretty good story, to boot.

    1. The grocery store. I hate it. I hate shopping for food mostly because I leave the store almost $300 in the hole and then three days later I am without food again. My son will take an entire box of crackers and eat it in one sitting. My husband will drink all the milk in no time. I hate lines. I hate schlepping it all into the house. Does that answer your question?? LOL.

  3. Hope those shots help with your pain! In South FL, we always worry about the weather (or at least I do). These past few days has been chilly in the morning, which is not the norm, but I loved it! Definitely watch Saul – its sooo good!! Hope you have a great week!

    1. Usually by now the shots have kicked in. They haven’t yet and my neck is hurting in a different spot now. Not horrible, just bothersome.

      Can I just tell you that I really do not want to be at work today? No motivation. I’d much rather be home reading.

  4. I wish you were up here in Northern California. Its sunny, in the 70s, and a lovely breeze as well. Just makes one happy to be alive. I am celebrating it while we have it. Hang in there. Still sending prayers on your behalf.

    1. Right after I published this post, we got hit with thunder, lightning and hail. Crazy weather. Also, thank you for the continued prayers. I am praying so hard these days I think I’ve hurt my brain trying to focus so hard.

    1. My daughter will tolerate spaghetti if there is absolutely nothing else to eat but my son won’t eat it even if I make him. I make really good spaghetti too. He won’t eat it anywhere.

  5. The weather hear has chilled and I got a frost warning from my weather app, so I’m really glad I didn’t have time this weekend to plant the veggies.

  6. Today is one of the first days of sun we have had lately, although I believe the rain is coming later this afternoon. It has been one wet and dreary spring so far for us, which I would normally love but I have been too busy to enjoy it.

    Wait! I missed Grease auditions? How did she do? How is she feeling for this week’s tryouts?

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