Sunday Matters: Happily Reading

Sunday Matters

This is a great year for books. I’ve read some really good ones and my list of “want to reads” is long. I seriously just want to pile each one up next to me and just read the day away. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Right Now:

I am about to prepare a feta and spinach omelette and enjoy my cup of coffee and then we are off to church.

This Week:

Nothing big going on this week. Just rehearsals for the show and work but it will be nice to have an extra day off on Monday. Maybe my “one word” will come to me!


I am  in a good reading place right now. I read and reviewed The Turner House and The Most Dangerous Place on Earth. I am almost done with The Couple Next Door which is just wild. It’s a little out there but a real page-turner.

Stephen King has been raving about all kinds of books on Facebook, one of which I feel the need to get my hands on, You Will Know Me.  Anyone read it?


I finally got The Hub to watch Breaking Bad so we sit down and watch an episode or two each night. Even though I’ve seen it all before many of the little details I do not remember so it’s been fun to revisit.

It’s hard not to watch the news these days. I like to stay informed but I am seriously concerned for our nation’s future. That last press conference was disappointing. I’m not even talking about who the president elect is anymore. I just want information and not a three-ring circus.


I had a good two weeks of sheet pan delight. Of course, I was off those weeks and had all kinds of time to shop, prepare and cook all of the sheet pan dinners I pinned to Pinterest. This week was a work week but I  managed to cook every day. We had a chicken stir fry, breakfast for dinner, Mexican ground turkey bowls with brown rice and pizza!

My goal these days is to eat 85% clean. I am doing well so far but it really comes down to prep so I hope to stay on top of it.

Grateful for:

I consider myself to be a very happy person. I am happy with the basics and don’t really care to have more than I need but there are times where I find myself dipping a little. I’ll be going about my day perfectly fine and then… I dip. Like someone blew my candle out.

I’ve noticed lately that each time this happens, something else happens to remind me not to stay there. Divine intervention? Coincidence?  I’ve been growing closer to God over the last three years and I really do believe that He has his own way of picking me up. Without bashing you over the head with religion I have to admit that to me, it’s a comfort. For that I am grateful.

What do you have going on this week? Reading anything great? Let me know!

31 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Happily Reading”

  1. Sounds like a great two weeks! Bon appetit has a guideline for creating sheet pan dinners on your own…it’s easy and creative! That book you want is on Edelweiss…I have it but I have not read it…yet…but it sounds really good!

  2. I started reading THE LONELY HEARTS HOTEL by Heather O’Neill. It’s not out to next month. Writing is reminiscent of THE NIGHT CIRCUS which I adored. So far, I love it.

    1. I have Lonely Hearts queued for download. As soon as I download it though I lose my library books so I have to make sure I am done with the two I am reading before I download it.

  3. I read both “The Turner House” and “The Couple Next Door” last year!

    Right now, I’m reading “The Hemingses of Monticello” by Annette Gordon-Reed. It’s a non-fiction that is a bit academic, but I am finding it absolutely fascinating partly because I’m a history buff.

  4. I enjoyed THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR. Definitely a page-turner. And I’ve read YOU WILL KNOW ME. All about the gymnastics kids and the parents – ah the parents. Bet you’ll like it. As the to spiritual side of things – so glad to hear this from you and I have no problem believing that divine intervention is at work. I’ve certainly had my times where I feel that was in play. There are times when I hang on to the verse in Hebrews that says ‘never will I leave you – never will I forsake you’. I’ll end with that. Take care.

  5. Reading away the day = bliss! I love Breaking Bad 🙂 Right now I’m re-watching Homeland and Grimm. Yes, to prep. I swear it helps and makes planning out meals so much easier. Of course, I’m not always in the mood to prep, so it doesn’t happen all the time. I need to make it a habit to just do it. I’m always happy that I did. The meals you made sound good and healthy. I think 85% is a great number, because sometimes you just have to have a little something not so clean 🙂 As for religion – I’m with you. I find myself reaching out for it more lately. I think you are right that it is Divine Intervention helping you out during those times when you are dipping low. I’m glad you have that comfort. Hope you enjoy your day off and have a great week!!

  6. Hi Ti, You seem to be on a reading roll in 2017. What is eating clean mean? maybe I missed something. I’m sure I need to do it too.

    1. Eating clean means eating whole foods, unprocessed and organic if possible. My food allergies have gotten much worse. In addition to gluten I am now allergic to many seeds, some nuts and some greens. I decided to scale everything back to the basics in order to give my immune system a rest.

  7. I’m guessing your husband is happy with the Packers win. We just had a mini explosion here at the end of the game. 🙂
    My book recommendation is The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak. I love the 1987 setting – like a blast from the past. Billy and his friends could have been my husband and his friends. Long ago one of his friends came across an old audio tape they had made of a sleepover they had had and their discussion while they were in a tent going to sleep. Hilarious.
    I’ve read some great books already in 2017. It’s been fantastic so far!

    1. I’ll check out The Impossible Fortress because I’ve not heard of it before but the 80s are near and dear to my heart.

      Yes!! The Packers! What a game. I was with my small group at church but all of us leaders had the game streaming in secret. Shhhh.

  8. I plan to read the day away next weekend during the 24in48 readathon. At least, that is the plan. I also figure the readathon will be a nice respite from all the inaguaration stuff on Friday. Whatever your “one word” is, I’m sure it will be good one. I’ll look forward to seeing it whenever you decided on it. I have read You Will Know Me and I liked it. You probably would too, based on what kinds of books I know you like.

    1. I just picked up You Will Know Me but it may be a little bit before I can get to it. Maybe not. I seem to be in the mood for those types of books right now.

      I will be at work during the inauguration but I feel compelled to watch. I have a really uneasy feeling about this next term so I am hoping for some glimmer of hope.

      Enjoy the readathon. I am hoping to hit a museum or two but our weather here is supposed to be horrible this weekend. We shall see.

      1. I have no such compulsion to watch, not going to lie. Sadly, I don’t see any glimmer of hope from within the “administration,” such as it is or seems to be, based on his Cabinet picks. The hope lies in the opposition, I think.

    1. Yep! Me too! I am burning through books right now but I think that may all come to a grinding halt when I host that Ulysses read along in Feb! Crossing my fingers that that is not the case.

  9. Your reading is off to a great start! Between illness and travel mine has been slow, but should start to pick up soon. I really want to read The Turner House… and love the sheet pan suppers ideas. Have a good week, Ti!

    1. My reading is seriously on fire right now. I hope to maintain the momentum. I think it’s because I am reading psychological thrillers right now. Easier to read in a sitting.

  10. I know I could never have gotten through the things I’ve gotten through without my faith. Glad you are finding solace in it.

    1. The challenge right now is that my husband and I are at different levels of acceptance with faith. I was hoping he’d sign up for this 10 week class with me but he said he wasn’t ready so I have to go it alone. I’m okay with it but it is a challenge.

  11. Sounds like your eating and creating meals is on track! That’s great news. I’m really enjoying Blue Apron, which takes the planning out for me (which I have no time for), and introduces me to new foods to cook.

    I’ve been reading, but mostly memoir on audio. I have read maybe 2 actual print books.

    1. I really like the idea of those meal delivery services but my husband… he is a runner and he eats enough for four people. I’d not have enough food if I only got a 4 person plan.

  12. YES! Read You Will Know Me!!! You will appreciate the mothers with your experience in theater. The story is fantastic as well.

    Way to go on the cooking front. I need to try to do that as well. That’s my goal this week anyway.

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