Sunday Matters: Oh, How I Love The Weekend

Sunday Matters

Weekends are like big squishy blankets to me. I love them. Even ones where I have stuff to get done.

On Saturday, I took my brand new car back to the dealer because of a recall notice! I know it happens. They gave me a loaner because they thought they’d have to keep it for a few days but I got it back the same day!

Right Now:

I just got home from volunteering at the church. It was a super fun night. We had a speaker from the Thirst Project talk to our group of middle-schoolers. This guy, his name is Evan, was super energetic and passionate about his work. I think the students were really impressed. I know I was.

I seriously just sucked down a bowl of stew because I need some time to get my stuff ready for tomorrow. I need to clear my evening for TV later. More on that below.

This Week:

Not too much going on. I need to figure out my Halloween costume. I know what I am doing  but I need some items to make it happen.  Besides that, a book tour and helping The Teen (formerly, The Girl) study for her math test, it’s going to be a nice relaxing week.


I am reading Fractured for a book tour later this week. I really need to get those pages read. I fell a little behind with my reading because I was basically a slug yesterday and in a foul mood. You know how it is. You just wake up in a mood and can’t shake it? Well, that was me yesterday.


I’ve been watching American Horror Story: Roanoke and it’s a total mind trip. Brilliant, really. I don’t know how those actors keep track of who they are playing from episode to episode. It’s like they all come in, pull a character out of a hat and then run with it. It makes for REALLY good TV.

You all know what’s on tonight, right? Yes! The Walking Dead returns and it’s supposed to be a real mess of an opener. Lots of sadness is predicted for tonight. Many say two beloved characters will get killed off.  Only time will tell.  I will be avoiding social media like the plague until it airs.


I made stew. It rained a little here and even though it was 77 degrees, it felt like fall so I made stew. I have lunch for days.

Grateful for:

Happy people. I’ve found that it really helps to surround yourself with happy people. Ones who have it all together. Their happiness rubs off on me. I started the day kind of crabby but right now, I feel great and I am thanking the happy, smiling people that I come in contact with daily.

This is coming to you late but I hope you guys had a great weekend. I know a lot of read-a-thoners are sleepy right now.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Oh, How I Love The Weekend”

  1. I made stew this weekend, too, Ti. Moose stew, for the first time ever. Delicious! (I learned that moose has the same WeightWatchers points as chicken! Who knew? I guess you don’t put on much fat looking for enough twigs to nourish a half-ton of animal.)

    1. I’ve seen some pretty yummy, non-traditional chili recipes that I’d like to try. One had tomato soup in it! Doesn’t sound all that great but the photo looked fantastic.

  2. Walking Dead was brutal last night. Almost sadistic. I thought Abraham might go but really did they have to do in G?! (Hope I’m not ruining this for other readers.) I didn’t like it — it seemed so dark. I just want Rick’s group to get the hell out of there. But now they have Darryl. Is there any hope in this show? I just wish it were a bit more interesting, but it seems to go in the same bad-guy cycles. I guess Morgan & Carol might eventually come to the rescue. But I’m sure it’ll take all season.

    1. To survive this, Daryl needs to find a way to get out of there. I can’t see Morgan and Carol coming to his aid for a little while. Carol is not in good shape for that. It was a really intense episode and I am mad as hell over who died.

  3. Was it the airbag thing?? My car’s under recall for airbag, and apparently like A LOT of cars are under this same recall. I honestly am not so fussed about mine — I don’t drive that much — but I really really wish they’d fix my sister’s, since she has an infant. Soon hopefully!

    1. Nope. Mine was for a factory mishap which resulted in some cars not having enough transmission fluid. However, my Odyssey, right before the trade-in had the airbag recall and the cracked gas tank recall!! Both fixed super fast by Honda. I would not mess around with the airbag recall. Get it in. Not deploying is one thing but isn’t that the one where fragments fly off? That’s one mine was.

  4. This TWD episode just punched me! I had suspicions about the first one and hoped that was it. And then the second one happened. He acted it out very well – that I should say. Very true to the books but very sad nevertheless. Even in the books, this is the saddest scene I ever read – nothing that bad ever happened or will happen (at least until a few issues ago). And I was hoping since then that it won’t happen that way in the TV show but it did.

  5. So true about happy people! I used to work with a gal who I liked (we had a lot in common, she was a hard worker who was a great help to me when I started working in the same job she had) but she planned for the worst so she was never disappointed if it happened and surprised if it didn’t. I kind of got that philosophy but it really started to wear on me. When she left for another job, we had ever intention of getting together regularly but in five years, I’ve only seen her once. We should all strive, I suppose, to be our happiest around other people!

    1. It’s funny because my kids don’t think I am all that optimistic but I really am. I do freak out and worry a bit too much about things but for the most part, I am a very happy person and satisfied with what I have and who I am. When I was in my 20s I had that resting “B” face that people speak of. I lost it by my 30s and now my son has it!

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