Sunday Matters: Enjoying the Last Bit of Summer

Sunday Matters

With school just around the corner, I am trying my best to get every last drop out of summer that I can. I really want to get a road trip in but with the Teen’s work schedule it may not happen.

Right Now:

I am enjoying my first cup of coffee and then we are heading off to church.

This Week:

The Girl register’s for 8th grade this week and I offered to take her and her friend to the movies right after. They want to see a horror movie! I am not entirely on board with that one. We’ll see.

I also have book club this week. We’ll be discussing The Book of Aron. In a lot of ways it was a tough book to read but I felt it was written with a light hand in some places which made it a quick read.


I am almost done with Sweetbitter. It’s a very accurate behind the scenes depiction of restaurant life, but I’m not loving it at the moment.


I finally finished last season’s Fear the Walking Dead. It starts up again in August. I still have American Horror Story and Bates Motel to catch-up on. I watched the movie Stage Door which was pretty good. I’d like to get one more movie in before I return to work tomorrow.


I am going to make Spaghetti and Turkey meatballs in the Crock Pot today. IF, I can get them assembled before we take off for church.

Grateful for:

Quiet time. I really crave quiet moments and this past week I’ve had several.

That’s it from me, tell me about your weekend or your upcoming week.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Enjoying the Last Bit of Summer”

  1. I totally enjoyed SWEETBETTER, however, I tryly believe you have had to have worked in the restaurant business sometime during your younger years. Even then, it is going to be tough for some people. But I have to tell you that many restaurant people start out like this. Amazing.

  2. A horror movie? Which one? And with so many other good movies out there…WHY? 🙂

    I’m looking forward to some downtime today myself, speaking of quiet time. I’m hoping to re-read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

    1. She wanted to see Lights Out. Why? Because she is going into 8th grade and this is what tweens do these days. They like to be scared together, as a group. I did the same with Friday the 13th. But, we did not go. I didn’t feel comfortable taking someone else’s kid to it even with permission and my daughter changed her mind last minute.

      Sorry for the late response. My Mac got hit with a virus that no one can fix and commenting from my phone gives me a headache.

  3. We’re vacationing in SF now, our old stomping grounds. Brought 4 books with me. In the middle of an exciting Inspector Gamache novel now.

      1. Yep, San Francisco! We lived there for 15 years before we moved away. We talked to an old neighbor across the street who said the other apartment in her building just got rented out at $4,500 per month! Well, after hearing that, we realized we made the right decision to leave the City. It’s just way too expensive to live there these days.

        1. I knew it was expensive but that is crazy. How can anyone afford to live there??

          My son considered going to school there but maybe it’s a good thing that didn’t happen.

  4. During the weekend we went inside a nearby mountain (I kid you not!) and visited a salt mine 🙂 The temp went from 100 to 50ºF in the space of a few heartbeats, and that was very pleasant. This week I’m looking forward to taking my son to the beach a couple of times – that, and lots of fresh lemonade!!! So hot over here…

    1. I saw your beach pics. To say I was envious would be an understatement. We didn’t get to the beach much. The Teen’s job really got in the way with that. We should have just went without him.

  5. Summer has flown by so fast this year – its crazy! I didn’t finish AHS, but my sister said it was good. The new season looks creepy. Hope you have a great week!

    1. I gotta finish AHS before the new season. Yes! The new season is supposed to tie up all the other seasons so we shall see. Sounds like a family from the 1600’s goes missing… based on a true story. Eeek.

  6. We had a very busy weekend. We had a trip to the orchard, swim lessons, crazy time with me and the girl on Saturday while Daddy worked, and then an evening of chores, etc. Our vacation is coming up fast and I cannot wait to see the Smokey Mountains.

  7. Does the Girl have a specific horror movie in mind? I’m okay with ghosty horror movies but much less on board with serial killer ones — and either way I need plenty of chocolate to munch on during. I am a wuss.

    1. She wanted to see Lights Out with a friend. She changed her mind and we didn’t go but I don’t think I would have gone anyway. I love that stuff but she gets freaked out! Of course I said that about Fright Fest last year and she loved it.

  8. Yes I too am trying to hold on to summer as long as possible. I can’t believe it’s August, ugh! Maybe you should take a weekend before it all starts up. How about that movie The Shallows for horror? that looks pretty scary yikes.

    1. I forgot about The Shallows. That movie does look good.

      Oh summer, where have you gone? I know we are heading into my fave season but still.

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