Sunday Matters: What’s Your Big Summer Read?

Sunday Matters

All I can think about these days is what my big summer read will be. I like to pick a challenging book for the summer because I seem to have more time to read but I can’t really zero in on a good one .  Seveneves? What else is out there? I’m blanking.

Right Now:

Today, my day starts and ends with church . First, we will attend the service. Then, I am attending a mandatory camp meeting as both a parent and group leader. My daughter and I have never attended camp so we are pretty excited.

This Week:

The only thing I have going on this week, is a dental  appointment. That’s it! I really need to do some stuff around the house. I said that last week and some of it got done but not much. I plan to make more of an effort this week. My closets are a mess and my drawers are kind of a mess too, as is the garage. The last time I cleaned the garage I broke my foot so I must be more careful this time.


After a slump ( I guess it was a slump) reading has been going really well. Amazingly well. I’ve been plowing through my review pile and reviews are scheduled and everything. I feel so accomplished.

The only sad thing, is that with all my reading I managed to drop my Kindle and it is now no more. It was an old Kindle but a great one and included 3G which you have to pay extra for now. Anyway, after much thought I went with another basic model. I was reading Wintering by Peter Geye when I dropped the darn thing. I got the new one yesterday but it won’t let me transfer my review copies and my library books are no more. Sadness.

In the mean time, I’ve read two actual books, My Last Continent by Midge Raymond and Firefly Summer by Nan Rossiter.


I haven’t been in the mood for TV but I feel like watching some 80’s flicks. Oh, and the Tony Awards. HUGE in my house, as you can imagine. The Teen is very excited for tonight’s show.


It was a good week for cooking. Tonight? We may pick up Chinese take-out so we can just kick back and watch the Tony Awards. I will be working at the church until right before they start so there won’t be time to cook much.

Grateful for:

So grateful that the beach is just a short road trip away. We hit Santa Barbara yesterday and I’ve never eaten so much food. It was all so good though and even though it was overcast and raining (rain? really?) none of us cared. We hit the zoo, did a little shopping and just roamed around town.

What are your plans for today?

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: What’s Your Big Summer Read?”

  1. I would be so bummed if I got a new Kindle and couldn’t transfer my eGalleys/ personal docs.

    Did y try this???—-
    You don’t transfer content from one device to another. Just register the new Kindle to the Amazon account that holds the content, then download whatever she wants from the cloud.

    1. This new Kindle is registered to the same account I had for the other. I changed the Kindle email address to match the one that broke and yet every time I try to open it from the cloud, via the new device, it tells me it doesn’t belong to me. Three review copies were still available from Edelweiss so I downloaded them again but many were only available for a shot while so now I can’t get them. And my hundreds if library books. On my old Kindle, they never expired but on this one, they get pulled upon expiration. I am not happy at all about that.

  2. Our Sunday is usually the same every Sunday…papers, breakfast, sit out on the deck, read, tv…lately I have been forcing Den to watch Murder She Wrote…today it’s lovely outside but really windy…so we are still inside…sounds as though your upcoming week is more relaxed! I feel as though we are in a little bit of a rut until we figure out all of our house issues!

  3. Camp will be so much fun! I am excited you and your daughter are going.

    I hope you like your new Kindle! I’m surprised you can’t transfer your ARC’s. Mine show up on all five of ours, even when I don’t want them to. They automatically go to our Amazon Cloud, whether a book or document. That really sucks that yours disappear completely.

    Your time in Santa Barbara sounds wonderful. It was overcast here all day, but no rain. We had a reather lazy day. It’ll be the same today, most likely. Minus the party crashing.

    Have a great week, Ti!

    1. They are in the cloud and I can get them on the device but when I open one it says it doesn’t belong to me. If it doesn’t belong to me then why is it in my cloud?? So ridiculous. I got one to work but I had to add it and delete it numerous times. It seems like a glitch to me.

  4. Yes to Seveneves!! I haven’t read it but I would love to. I read a couple of chapters last year but I could not commit any time to the book (Shreya was just born at the time).

    I am so envious that the beach is so close by! That’s where I would like to go (as long as it isn’t too hot). Enjoy your week – it feels great to see it not so busy. 🙂

  5. I’m not thinking of a Big Summer Read myself. I’m just thinking of little reads to get a little more quantity, and hopefully quality too, before Labor Day. Right now: Listening to end of NASCAR race. This week: Book sale, book sale, book sale. Reading: Yep. I am…for a change. 🙂 Watching: Orphan Black here soon, Season 2 and 3. Making: Not me. Grateful for: Having lawn already mowed. Plans today: Reading. Listening to music.

    1. This issue with my new Kindle caused me a lot of frustration this weekend so I’ve read nothing. But, I plan to pick my book up again at lunch today. I’m not really concerned this year with numbers. I want a really good reading experience, even if it takes me all summer to read one really good book.

  6. Oh, no! I’m so sorry about your Kindle. ;(

    My big summer read is going to be A Little Life. It’s admittedly NOT a summer read, but I”m going to be reading it this summer anyway. haha

    1. Oh!! A Little Life is definitely not a summer read but is exactly the type of book I reach for in the summer. It’s so good. Heartbreaking, and good. I was devastated for well over a month.

  7. You can’t transfer your galleys! UGH that would be horrible. I feel for you. We went to the waterpark as a celebration of kiddo’s preschool graduation.

  8. Aw, I’m sorry about your Kindle! Glad you were able to get another one, but what a shame about your library books — booooooo.

    Meanwhile I’m dead excited about the Tony Awards. It’s 40 minutes until they begin but I already have my TV on in case they have some sort of, you know, pre-Tonys Hamilton coverage. It could happen! :p

    1. It came on late here so I didn’t watch the last half hour. I plan to tonight but wasn’t the show amazing?? Wasn’t that opening the best one ever?

  9. Did you say Rain, in S.B.? Wild. Which play or musical does your son hope to win big tonight?! I’m not as informed as he is on the Tonys. I have an old DX Kindle — one of the first ones perhaps. What’s this about paying more for 3G, really? Which Kindle should I go with if I want a new one? Hmm. Have a great week Ti.

    1. If you want 3G and Wi-Fi, you have to get a Paperwhite or higher and it will cost you an extra $80 to add 3G.

      I can’t get my model to work right with my review copies so right now I am not a fan. Oh, and I saved $20 to allow for Kindle offers but I am probably going to pay to remove them because they bug me. I didn’t think they would but when I unlock my screen I then have to do a swipe to move past them. You’ll pay $20 to remove it at check out but now that it’s after the fact, It’s going to cost me more to remove it.

  10. Your galleys didn’t transfer? Did you try going into your Amazon account and re-delivering them to the new device? That worked for me when I upgraded. I do miss the 3G on my old one, but I love the new one:-)

    1. The galleys are there, I can see them on the new device but when I click on them it tells me that they do not belong to me. I got one to work by deleting it and adding it at least three times but so I really need to do that for each one? It’s not recognizing me as the owner even though it’s one account for all of my Kindles.

  11. I hope you were able to get the kindle issue straightened out… how frustrating! When I got a new one a couple years ago, I think it all transferred automatically, or at least very easily. Wonder if there is a glitch with your new device or cloud.

    I haven’t been thinking of a big summer read, but have a list of books I’d like to get through. Can’t wait to see what you choose. Enjoy the quiet week ahead!

  12. I’ve been trying to decide on a big summer read, too. Just when I think I’ve decided on something, a new book pops into my head or I hear something about a book I’ve been wanting to read and I’m convinced it’s the one. Tonight I’m thinking Karl Marlante’s Matterhorn. That won’t be my choice by tomorrow.

    1. Matterhorn was on my list forever but I never did get to it. I guess I am doing The Fireman read along so that will be my big book this summer. I may do Seveneves over Thanksgiving break because I still want to read that one.

  13. I just got Seveneves and I’ll get to it over the summer – I hope. There are a few books I’ve heard good chatter about, but nothing extraordinary… I end up eating too much at the beach, too!!! Luckily, where we go, the guys specialize in salads and lemonades, so it’s not so bad. But still… 😀

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