Sunday Matters: Life in the Big City

Sunday Matters

The Teen is on a choir trip right now. He’s in New York City, living it up and having a great time. For a theater kid, this is heaven but since many of his choir friends are also in theatre, they are totally geeking out over the closeness of Broadway and how it’s literally right across the street from them.

Choir Trip 2016 - NYC

For the record, they did not see Hamilton although they really, really wanted to. Nope, they just wanted to hang out by the door. I can see these kids on Broadway some day. I mean, look at them. They looks like stars.

Right Now:

Have you heard of Bulletproof Coffee? It’s a brand but you make it with butter from grass-fed cows. I haven’t purchased the coffee yet but the butter thing intrigued me. By adding butter and blending with hot coffee, you end up with a creamy, frothy coffee which is supposed to be more filling and better for you. No added sweetener, either. I am hooked on it. That is what I am drinking right now as we get ready for church.

This Week:

Work. No news on the work front. Yes, my boss quit but everything is up in the air right now. Not sure what to think, do or feel. I am so dramatic.

On another note, the Teen returns Tuesday night and then we have a short road trip planned. I can’t wait.


I am currently reading Tuesday Nights in 1980 but I am almost done. Next up, The Library at Mount Char, if my review copy comes in time, or Stewart O’Nan’s new one, City of Secrets.


What else? The Walking Dead’s finale is tonight and I am going to need therapy after this one. It’s supposed to be super-intense and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is dreading the loss of a major character. I can’t take it. Not Glenn, and Not Daryl. Please.


Not a whole lot. Chicken with toasted walnuts over rice, tonight.

Grateful for:

These gorgeous days! Cool mornings, blue skies and sunny, warm afternoons.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about your weekend.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Life in the Big City”

    1. It doesn’t really taste any different than real cream in coffee but the blending it makes it all frothy. It’s not like an oil slick on top just sitting there. It’s almost like a breve. Not sure how to spell it.

  1. I hate, hate when things are up in the air, work-wise. The things that happen there make such a big impact on the rest of your life and being in limbo makes me so tense. The Teen’s trip looks like so much fun – having fun hanging out with them vicariously!

  2. Those kids look like they’re having a great time! Bulletproof coffee is intriguing… this is the first I’ve heard of it. Off to research a little more. Good luck with the work situation. I hate when things are up in the air 😦

    1. Thank you! That butter in coffee idea is not new but for some reason it’s taking off now. That Bulletproof Coffee even has stores like Starbucks out here. I haven’t been to one yet. My big thing is I like sweet coffee but I don’t miss the sweetener when I make it this way.

  3. Can’t wait until Walking Dead too. The weather has been messy. It rain for 2 days straight couldn’t go anywhere. The sun is shining today and it is beautiful outside.

    1. I won’t give anything away in case you haven’t watch the show yet or in case someone else reads this reply but Negan (The Walking Dead) is quite the character!

  4. My grandfather always drank coffee with butter in it…fresh butter from a farm near us. I remember him secretly giving us spoonfuls to taste. I thought it was wonderful. Do I dare try it now? I am leaning toward this…any second! I have Mount Char…I think I might start it tonight. I feel smarter when I read the same books you are reading…well…maybe not smarter but just more serious and more focused…heeheehee!

  5. I wonder if I saw The Boy yesterday? I was in the Big Apple to see the show Waitress. It was fabulous- beyond my expectations- loved the movie too. I just started reading Tracy Chevalier’s new book on audio, At The Edge of the Orchard. So far, it is very good. In print I am reading Locally Laid by Lucie Amundsen. She and the hubby start a pasture raised chicken farm. Just love the title! Hope you have a great week and it all works out at work.

  6. I love New York City. I was there in November with part of my family. We saw Misery with Bruce Willis and Laurie Metcalf. It was SO good! I’m a huge longtime King, Willis and Metcalf fan so seeing this was amazing.

    I’ve heard about Bulletproof Coffee but the idea of butter in my coffee doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’m willing to give anything a try though.

    I love road trips. Been doing them since I was in my early 20’s. I’ve never seen The Walking Dead but I know a lot of people who love it.

    Have a great Sunday!

    1. Butter in coffee sounds weird but it’s no different in taste really than putting real cream in your coffee. Unsalted butter, that is. I find it just fills me up more. I know it’s supposed to have other benefits but coffee usually leaves me feeling a little light headed but not with that little dab of butter in there.

      ​So you saw Misery??? I bet that was something. I am a huge King fan and I like those actors too. ​

    1. My kid is entering the lottery for Hamilton tickets tonight but if not, he hopes to be in school in Chicago come fall so he hopes to at least catch it then. It comes to Los Angeles in 2017 so maybe I will get to see it then!

  7. I am intrigued by bulletproof coffee but not enough to want to try it. I find the creamer I use to be filling enough. Besides, I don’t know if I need more fats in my life. Ha!

    I hope the Teen is able to enjoy the rest of his trip. Did the kids try to win the lottery tickets for the day? Anything else cool they are doing while they are there?

    Good luck on the work front! I know not having a boss is extremely stressful, but just keep your head down and do your job. The cream will rise to the top after all!

    1. He is shooting for the Hamilton lottery tonight. If he gets it, he misses the opera. Lin-Manual Miranda is currently on vacation. We’ll see. He leaves NY tomorrow morning. I think he is traipsing around Central Park today but it’s a rainy mess there.

  8. I saw all those pictures of his NYC trip and he was totally in his element and really enjoying it; you could just tell. I hope work gets straightened out in a satisfactory way. I’m dreading the Kindergarten orientation and all that entails next month, especially since the office only let me have a few hours off and not the whole day.

    I have never heard of this coffee, but it sounds like something I could get addicted to.

    1. ​Good luck with the Kindie orientation. For us, the parent wasn’t even involved. They took the kid in, tested him/her and then sent you on your way. I didn’t know what class she/he had or anything until the day before school started. ​

  9. Great photo of your son & friends in NYC. Wow what a great trip. I haven’t watched the WD finale yet. I hear it’s super scary. We might watch it tonight. All hell breaks loose, right? Enjoy your road trip!

  10. Oh, Ti – the butter-laced coffee sounds delicious, although generally speaking, butter? Not good for ya 🙂 When we lived in Moscow, I could get the French-Vanilla creamer easily – and I got hooked on that. Then we moved to England, and we couldn’t get it anymore, so it was cold turkey detox for hubs and myself… But, lesson learned. Since then, we take our coffee with a splash a skim milk and nothing else. It grows on you, lol 🙂 Congrats to the Teen for getting to perform right where he wants to be – quite an achievement for one so young! Hugs ❤

    1. Coffee with skim milk? That is like drinking coffee naked. Well, drinking naked coffee. The other would be horrifying in my case.

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