Sunday Matters: We Survived

Sunday Matters

This week. Done. It was crazy in a lot of ways. Mostly good. The middle-school ministry had a totally crazy Humans vs. Zombies Nerf gun war which involved donating food to the food pantry and fighting for your life to escape those crazy teens. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?? Too. Much. Fun.

There were two people dressed in full make-up but the rest of us were zombies or humans depending on what happened to us in each round. We used bandannas and wrist bands to determine who was what and it was dark and well, just a lot of fun. SO much food was brought in because with food, you got ammo. Enough said.

Humans vs. Zombies

The Girl had her first track meet, the Teen had a Jazz/Pop concert and prom tickets were purchased! This senior stuff is getting real.

Right Now:

We almost skipped church. The kids were tired, there was the time change and all, but in the end we let them sleep in and The Hub and I enjoyed the service on our own.

I am about to take a short nap before going out later. Can’t wait for my head to hit that pillow.

This Week:

Same stuff as always (track practices, theater rehearsals) but one nice addition is a birthday dinner for a friend this Monday. This weekend, The Teen’s theater group has a big overnight competition. We probably won’t be able to attend due to work and The Girl’s track meet on Saturday but we wish the group well. I’m sure they’ll kill it.


I am still working my way through Gold Fame Citrus. It’s pretty good but hints at terrible things so it’s not a book you fly through.


I finished Mad Men. What a fabulous show. I am going to miss those characters.

The Walking Dead continues to be great. It’s just so watchable and I love talking with my friends about it.


Yesterday I ate a lot of cruddy stuff at the track meet. I mean, I packed the cooler with snacks but I ate way too much salt so I feel totally out of it today. For tonight, just a simple chicken and rice bowl, please.

Grateful for:

My comfortable bed, in which, I am about to collapse.

What did you do this weekend?

24 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: We Survived”

  1. Enjoy your nap! You sound as though you need it. Do you miss just staying at home on a Sunday night?

    We worked on the basement! Tons of stuff to giveaway! I am so proud of me!

    Have a great week!

    1. I never got my nap. I just fell asleep and then the hub came in to ask me something and then he got on the phone and was talking way too loud.

      To be honest, my Sunday evenings were always spent prepping for the week so it was bit of a chore. What I am doing now is much more rewarding and starts my week off on a good note. Somehow, the other stuff still gets done so it all works out.

      On Sun, Mar 13, 2016 at 1:49 PM, Book Chatter wrote:


  2. I assume the girl found her shoes?
    I made pie! and cleaned the house!!!! and survived my first week of full time teaching which is beyond-comprehension-tiring because 1) lots of people when I’m usually only around my dogs, 2) new people, 3) HS students 3) learning what I’m teaching to teach it, 4) being on my feet all day without bathroom breaks (adjust to new schedule)… 5) adjust to new schedule 6) worry about dogs being home alone for long hours; 7) not sure what I’m supposed to be doing; 8) new computer technologies to learn 9) new names to remember for all those new people 10) HS KIDS!!!! 11) Tournament of Books going on!
    It was wonderful. All good. But I’m already exhausted thinking I have to do five more days in a row and am craving spring break already.

    1. Nope. The Girl never found her shoes. We are hoping that the field coach picked them up last Thursday but we won’t know until tonight’s practice. She has to run in backup shoes which were much too small. Made for a very stressful morning.

      So, you survived your first day of full-time teaching. I knew you would. It will be an adjustment. High school kids. I get the multiple mentions. Trust me. If you bake pie for your students they will love you forever.

  3. What a great idea the Nerf war was! Who wouldn’t want to have fun and help out the food bank? I’m sure you’ll need that nap to help you rest up for the week to come.

  4. Cute picture of you two! The Nerf war sounds fun. We used to love helping out with our girl’s youth group events at church. Lots of fun, plus we got to know her friends better. A chicken/rice bowl sounds really good. Think that may be what we have for dinner tonight.

    1. The event was a big hit. Lots of fun, kids had a blast and I did too. I got to meet some of the parents too which is nice. Usually they drop off and go but they hung around to register the kids so it was a good opportunity to chat.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend to me. I wish I could say that. We’re all sick here. i have Strep, husband has Strep, and now girl who doesn’t have Strep anymore, now has 2 ear infections! I’m ready for the March Madness to end.

    1. Is she still on meds for strep because those meds should have helped with the ear infections unless she completed the round a few weeks back.

      That stinks that you are all sick. I hope you are all well soon.

  6. Wow! Sounds like you had such a fun weekend 🙂 That Nerf gun war sounds awesome! TWD is so good this season! I was so glad that Maggie and Carol made it out alive. I have to admit that I was slightly worried – then again, I always am, because you just never know. Right now I’m reading Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World. Its such a strange book – much weirder than I expected.

    Have a great week!!

    1. Hard Boiled Wonderland is a little strange. That’s Murakami for ya!

      TWD was so, so good last night but I wish Paula had stuck around a little longer. I feel as if she wasn’t a part of Negan’s group. More story to tell there.

      ​I am still recovering from the Nerf war. I have no idea how many times I crouched or crawled on the floor to hide from kids but I am sporting jelly legs today. ​

  7. Love the pic – you two look gorgeous ❤ Sorry about the nap-that-never-happened, lol… At least it sounds as though you've had lots of fun at the food drive!
    My week was pretty forgettable, many due to the many painkillers I was on, lol 😀 But all is well now, stitches out and all, and I feel strong enough to start watching my diet for a change. Should be interesting… Hugs

    1. Pain killers are a blessing but also a curse. Kind of hard to come off of them but I am glad that the worst is behind you. I was reading something on my Bible app and came across this one devotional by Dr. Bob, the Drugless Doctor and I must say… I am intrigued. He has a website which I haven’t fully checked out but his short videos on YouTube have me thinking about health.

  8. Your busy life reminds me of my own, about 10 years ago. I do miss some of that hurry and flurry–especially the high school stuff–I really miss the music concerts and Jazz concerts and competitions and the baseball games….. and the youth group fun! I am so proud of you-making a difference in those kids lives-and believe me you are! Chicken and rice bowls sound good–how do you do yours? I am looking for simple and healthy, even though you wouldn’t know it by that cake recipe on my blog!

    1. I end up making two versions of rice bowls because the kids don’t always like my version. My version is chicken, grilled onions and garlic, stir fried with bok choy. I sometimes sprinkle it with brown sugar if I want a teriyaki feel. Teriyaki sauce has gluten so I play around with tastes. I then top with Sriracha 😉 I use white rice most of the time but sometimes I use brown rice, too.

  9. Love that Humans vs Zombies fun! And with food in the picture, that is bound to get more fun. I almost picked Gold Fame Citrus to read but then wasn’t sure about it. I’ll wait for your review.

  10. Humans vs. Zombies! How fun. Yesterday Elle showed me how zombies walk and I wondered where the heck she learned that. LOL! I guess zombies are everywhere these days.

    I feel like I’ve been so out of the loop lately with visiting blogs (dear baby PLEASE nap more than 30 minutes!!!!!)…has the teen made a decision about where he’ll go to school next year? Goodness–I bet it’ll be quite different with just the one babe at home next year.

    1. Elle as a zombie. Interesting 😉 The whole Human vs. Zombie thing was a huge deal and super fun but I am still recovering since it followed an all day track meet and we have another all day meet tomorrow so I won’t be getting any rest anytime soon.

      The Teen is still waiting to hear from the one school he applied to. He only applied to the one school which was against my better judgement but he insisted that there are no other schools he is interested it. It’s in Chicago and will be a boat load of money if he gets in and doesn’t get a decent fin aid package so realistically, it may not happen at least not the way he wants it to.

  11. I really must find a way to be part of a Zombie Nerf War at some point in my life. I’m also a huge TWD fan, but, and I am sad and embarrassed to say this, I am currently TWELVE episodes behind! 12! I have been working my butt off to not read any spoilers. 🙂

  12. I love the idea of not just a Nerf war but a human versus zombie Nerf war. Fun, fun, fun.

    I am so glad that you survived the weekend. How does this week look for you? Any break in the near future?

    How is the college process going? Does he know where he is going to go? I am starting to receive grad party invites for those friends who have kids graduating this year. Even sadder, Connor received his first brochure for senior pictures. Ugh.

    Have a good one!

    1. I didn’t even get around to posting this week. It was just crazy and I had some weird blood sugar thing going on which threw me off my game. This week is better. I see my new doctor today and I am going to be retested for many things to see if I can drop some of these meds and maybe even figure out what I am allergic to now. There is no track meet this weekend due to Easter and no middle school ministry stuff so my weekend is looking good at the moment.

      College. He applied to that one school and we still haven’t heard. Unless he gets nearly a full ride, he won’t be able to go there. In that discipline, it’s not unheard of to get a full ride but I think it’s going to be a miracle if that happens. Community college does not appeal to him. I worry that he will just take the year off to “find himself”.

      Their big theatre competition was this weekend and they were robbed. Standing ovations for all performances, schools coming up to them to tell them they should have been #1 but they were #2. First place school has won four years in a row, is super rich with amazing costumes and sets but that is not what the competition is supposed to be about. Even the 1st place winners said they should have won! No video because recording wasn’t allowed. I hope to grab video at their showcase. I was at track with the girl and she blew her knee out running in an event she had not trained for. Made for a very long day.

      On Mon, Mar 21, 2016

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