An Award and Seven Random Things About Me

Beautiful Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Helen over at Helen’s Book Blog. Thank you!! It’s been so long since I’ve gotten one of these awards.  I feel ancient. This month, my blog is 8 years old if you can believe it.

The rules are the following:

  • Say who nominated you for the award and link back to their blog (done)
  • Give 7 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 7 bloggers (I skip this part every time. I don’t follow the rules all that well because I feel like everyone deserves one. )

7 Random Things:

  1. I am a butter gal. I cannot do margarine. Ever. I can sometimes do coconut oil on toast but never margarine.
  2. I prefer pencils over pens and if I had my choice, they’d be from Ticonderoga. The best pencils ever. I have a mechanical clip pencil for my planner since I have to clip it to the coil binding and I hate it.
  3. I pop my popcorn in an old-fashioned crank style popcorn popper that you put on the stove. Ever since all that controversy hit over microwaved popcorn and the respiratory problems the inhaled “artificial butter” can cause, I’ve been popping it this way and now my entire family makes it this way.
  4. I wish I could sing. My kids can sing but I cannot. I don’t even pretend to be able to because I sound like Kathleen Turner as Chandler’s dad on Friends.
  5. I’d like to win an Oscar someday for screenwriting. I used to write screenplays. I didn’t SELL any but I used to write them. Will I ever try again? Not sure.
  6. I used to be a huge Danielle Steele fan! I was only about 13 at the time. My reading tastes have changed quite a bit since then.
  7. I can eat spicy food. Really spicy, like “sign a waiver spicy”. When I was pregnant with my son, the owner of my favorite Thai restaurant wanted me to sign a waiver before eating the +10 spicy bowl of curry she put in front of me. Another, warned me not to order it that way, saying only two people he knew could eat it that spicy and yep, I ate it. I won’t lie, it’s hot as heck but I like it that way.

That’s it! Tell me something about yourself in the comments below.

23 thoughts on “An Award and Seven Random Things About Me”

  1. First…some how I feel as though I know you even better with these extra facts…

    Something about me? I always have to buy things in groups of three…I even have to have three olives in a martini.

    1. Groups of three. I knew this about you. I have a thing for even numbers so when I can, I try to be even all the way around with my purchases.

    1. If it were up to me, I’d wait until I was down to my last crumb before going to the market. I detest it that much. But you know, these kids. I have to feed them.

    1. ​While driving the choir kids around I did some singing too and no one looked at me funny or complained. I think they were being nice or they were just too tired to notice. ​

  2. Does anyone still eat margarine? Ick. And I can sing – well, fairly well. My husband and daughter sing beautifully. We make 3 part harmony. The son-in-law – not so much! LOL

  3. Congrats! I love these facts that you’ve shared about yourself – I feel like I know you better. Butter is the BEST! I love to sing (badly), but do wish I sounded as good as my mom (she has a great voice). I love those cheap BIC pens that are a dollar. I buy journals all the time and never write in them. I tend to fixate on one CD at a time – last month was Selena Gomez and this month its Johnny Cash. Have a great weekend, TI! Don’t forget – TWD on Sunday 🙂

    1. Those cheapie Bic pens write so smoothly. I use pencils because I have to erase a lot. My notes can change three or four times before a meeting ends and my planner… goodness. I tried to use a fine tipped Sharpie once and it was a mess with all of the edits I had to make.

  4. 1, 4, 6 – yep! We’ve always popped popcorn on the stove top although we didn’t do as much of it when we used to pop microwave popcorn a lot. Every Sunday night we do popcorn, cheese, fruit – just as both of our families did when we were growing up. The hubby always tries to make me eat it just salted but I’m back to #1 – gotta have my butter!

    1. The dog has learned the word popcorn so when we have it, she always waits for a few kernels to be tossed her way. I heard that the butter and salt are really bad for her so we save some that is unseasoned for her but she won’t eat it. She only wants the buttered salted version. I can’t say I blame her.

  5. Sure do hope you try for another screenplay. Think you would be great at it. I also used to read Danielle Steele all the way into my 20’s. Like you, my book tastes have evolved a bit since then.

  6. Yes to butter! And yes to non-microwave popcorn. I read a thing a while ago about how the factory workers who manufactured the butter chemical they use in microwave popcorn were coming down with horrible lung diseases. So I thought morally I couldn’t really eat microwave popcorn after that (though for all I know they’ve improved by now!), and I’m all about my air popper.

    1. Popcorn just tastes better when it’s made without chemicals. Of course, me pouring butter over it is not healthy but it’s better than margarine. LOL.

  7. Do people still use margarine? I would think with the push for “real” food, that would be high on the list of no-nos.

    Screenplays? That is awesome! You absolutely should write more and try to sell them. That is just so cool!

    Mmmm….popcorn. Now I want some!

    1. I wrote an adaptation of one of my favorite books ever, A Separate Peace and everyone thought it was pretty good but the timing was not working for me as another writer just sold an adaptation for that book.

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