Sunday Matters: Transitions

Sunday Matters

It’s been a good week. A busy, whirlwind of a week but here I am and only a head cold to show for it! I felt a cold coming on earlier in the week and did everything I could to fight it but alas, I lost the battle.

Even with the cold, I still managed to make it to book club. We discussed Ghettoside and it was a very good discussion. Lots to talk about. Besides being blown away by the sheer numbers of deaths in that part of South Central, we were fascinated by the detectives and their methods for investigating the cases.

Right Now:

I’m trying to rally the troops so that we can go to church but they are all dragging and giving me grief. I mean, I am the sick one! Let’s go, already. Geesh. Note: This was written earlier but I didn’t finish in time to post this morning but I was successful in getting them all out the door.

Right now, I am cooking up a ton of food to take over to my MIL’s house. Cheesy brats, bacon wrapped smokies, peach cobbler and 7 layer salad. Yum!

This Week:

This is a week of transitions. No more theater and although my kids tried to get me to sign them up for the next show, I held firm so they are officially taking a break from community theater.

There is still lots to look forward to: the Fullerton theater competition, Little Shop of Horrors, choir concerts and track meets every Saturday! That’s plenty to do. For them though, it’s a bit of transition because they are used to juggling all those extra rehearsals but I am looking forward to not having to figure out all of the conflicts.


Oh goodness. I just finished Lost & Found by Brooke Davis. What a gem. I have to write the review up but man, it was good. I received a review copy for it so I assumed it was new but I guess it’s a reprint. Anyway, I am glad I caught it this time around because I loved it so much.

I am currently reading Be Frank With Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson. Another gem!

Be Frank With Me


I introduced The Girl to The Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz . She enjoyed it.

Mad Men, Season 7 – Part Two is now available on Netflix! I can finally finish the series!

And you know what’s happening next week, right? The Walking Dead returns!


As I mentioned above, I have all sort of things cooking, a peach cobbler, cheesy brats, bacon wrapped smokies a 7 layer salad and a pear and walnut salad and that is just what I am bringing to this party. There will be tons of food but my kids like me to make certain things and I like to bring gluten-free options, too.

What are you snacking on today? Will you be watching the game? For me, it’s more about just being together.

Grateful for:

I am grateful for the wonderful church service I attended today. It was so awesome. We had a guest speaker, Tim Harlow and he rocked it.

How about you? How’s your weekend going?

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Transitions”

  1. I loved Be Frank With Me so much…one of my favorites this year. You are really cooking tons of foods! Den shelved our cooking and bought really great stuff from a local BBQ…we are set! He even bought brownies from our bread bakers and vanilla gelato! I am going to sit and read!

  2. That’s right! The Walking Dead is coming back on. Yay! I imagine it will be quite a change having this break from community theater, but a refreshing one as well. It sounds like you’ll still be fairly busy though.

    We’re enjoying a quiet Sunday here. No football for us–none of us follow the sport. We just got done watching Grease Live (except not live of course), and enjoyed it. I remember seeing it on stage a few years ago.

    I hope you have a great week, Ti!

  3. Hope your evening was fun. Glad that the church service was a good one. That always sets my tone for the day. And it sounds like a good thing that you’re sticking to your guns about the kids and their activities. Probably be a good break for everyone. Have a good week and here’s hoping your cold goes by the wayside!

    1. The game was so boring and for some reason I lost my appetite once I got to the party but it was nice to just hang out. My cold is gone! I wonder if it was just allergies. Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. We’re way behind on Walking Dead, unfortunately. So I’ll be even further behind as the new ones come one. 😦 Ah well.

    As for SuperBowl, it was just us and our various wing flavors and crab dip….I think we missed veggies somehow.

  5. I had a head cold / allergy too for much of last week and am only just getting out of it. Glad your week was otherwise fun! All that food sounds so yummy! Be Frank With Me does sound very good – I need to check it out.

  6. Sorry you got the cold , but glad you made it to book club. I’d like to read (or maybe listen to) Ghettoside. A break from theater should make your life easier for a while… and it sounds like there is still more than enough to keep everyone busy. Sounds like this will be a change for the better. Hope you have a good week, Ti!

  7. Aaaa I have so much leftover Super Bowl food! I made guacamole, and there’s tons of it left, and then we got wings at the wings place, which are delicious still. And then my aunt did those meatballs in barbecue sauce, and my brother-in-law made queso and boudin, and there’s just so many leftovers for me to snack on this week. 😀

    1. I think for Super Bowl next year I will just make a nice meal instead of so many finger foods. You can’t really make a meal off of the leftovers anyway. I say this now. LOL.

  8. I did the bacon-wrapped smokies for the party, too. So yummy! You’ll miss that show when performance time comes but what a relief to have that extra time to yourself and less juggling to do.

  9. Can I have your menu? I love a good 7-layer salad. So classic but so tasty. What are these cheesy brats of which you speak? It sounds like my ideal food – bratwurst and cheese.

    1. The cheesy brats were weird. The sauce was a mix of cream cheese, good cheddar and beer but I used apple cider and it came weird. Plus, you really have to have a good bun or hoagie roll for brats. I ate it without the bread and it was meh.

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