It’s Friday, and I Am So Glad To See You

Hello Friday

Long week? Long week. I don’t know what is going on in Southern California but it’s been in the seventies most of the week and although everyone keeps talking about El Niño, I keep wondering when the heck it’s going to hit. It’s hard to be chained to your desk when it’s so pretty outside. And in case you’ve forgotten, I’ve no windows in this office so when I leave the building I am sucking down air like nobody’s business.

It’s Friday and we are in production week for Peter Pan. The dress rehearsal was good last night and shows begin today.  I get to see the show tomorrow afternoon and I am looking forward to it.

I am so very excited about the Super Bowl and have started to think about what I’ll make. We’ve been invited over to my in-law’s house and because the middle-school ministry won’t be meeting that day, I can go! I saw this recipe for Brats and it looks so good.  It’s a Facebook video link so if it doesn’t work let me know.

This is the time of year where spring just kind of happens. No rain, warm temps and my mind starts thinking about spring and all that comes with it; drama competitions, choir concerts, 7th grade field trips, Little Shop of Horrors all of the graduation festivities and of course, in late May, graduation itself.

Oh! And the books!! So many lovely titles out there right now. I’ve never been so excited about books but this year’s selection is crazy good. I didn’t get approved for Peter Geye’s new one although  I just wrote an appeal to that. I can’t seem to get a review copy of The City of Mirrors either,  which is Justin Cronin’s new one but I did get approved for The Fireman by Joe Hill!

The Fireman

Our book club made our selections for the year too and it’s a really awesome list.

That’s it for me. I am back in the theater tonight. What about you? Where will you be tonight?

25 thoughts on “It’s Friday, and I Am So Glad To See You”

  1. Perfect temps for you for sure. I can’t complain as we have 40-50s this coming week.

    All (3) of your wishlist books are on my list as well; happy to have gotten an eGalley of each.

  2. Sounds like you have some great weather. I had some funky flurries today for a few ours, didn’t stick, and then came back again. I’m glad that it’s not sticking. We are having our book club selection meeting in a couple weeks.

    This recipe looks great!

    1. I couldn’t stand the thought of it being so nice out and me being in here so I got some iced coffee and worked outside for a bit. The nice thing about a college campus is that Wi-Fi is everywhere.

  3. Super Bowwwwwwwl! I’m psyched that the Panthers are in this one — if my Saints couldn’t do well this year, the Panthers are one of my favorite B-teams. I’m thinking about trying a new snacksy recipe for the Super Bowl that are mini-lentil enchilada bowls. You make them with wonton wrappers in muffin tins, which just sounds adorable. 😀

    1. We were rooting for the Packers but it wasn’t in the cards.

      Food!!! Your little lentil appetizers sound wonderful. I am forced to be gluten free due to Celiac so my Super Bowl foods are usually creative in some way to get around wheat. I had some turkey taco lettuce wraps at my book club meeting which were really good but I am craving something cheesy and gooey. Or… something saucy and spicy.

  4. We have warm weather coming our way over the next week or so, I believe! I’m excited about the new Joe Hill, although I like to listen to them instead of reading them. We don’t watch the Super Bowl, so to me that’s just another Sunday, but sometimes I get caught up in the appetizer excitement and we eat just appetizers for dinner!

    1. I know more about football now than say… five years ago. Watching all those high school games taught me a thing or two. So I can at least follow the action now! My team did not make it in though. We root for Green Bay around here but the appetizers!! I am always excited for those.

  5. That is a fascinating book list! Your weekend sounds very busy! We are eating soup tonight with BAPS from the bread ladies and we are each having a bread lady brownie for dessert!

  6. I haven’t been too excited about new releases in the past but this year does have a killing selection! I cannot wait! Now just need to make some time to read those books. Hope production week is going great!

  7. 70’s?? So jealous. Although I have had the door standing open the past couple of days. Just a prelude for a blizzard starting tomorrow night. Because that’s how we roll El Nino in the Midwest!

    1. Well, I spoke too soon or jinxed myself because it was 30 degrees this morning and we had one hell of a weekend filled with rain and cold.

  8. Terrific book club list. The novel City of Thieves is way good, though a bit gory in parts. I’m impressed by these titles! I think I should get to The Glass Palace; someone else told me to read it.

  9. I cannot believe you are already talking about spring. We are looking at a winter storm watch right now, and after that hits, our temps are supposed to drop into the single digits again. There is no thinking of spring until March, and even that is wishful thinking!

    1. I couldn’t help it! It was 75 degrees most of last week but this weekend we got nailed with a storm which sent our temps to 30! I got in the car today and it was 30! Way, way too cold for this girl. The freeway was closed due to snow and ice. So, so strange. Today, cold but then later this week its supposed to warm up again.

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