Sunday Matters: Small Changes

Sunday Matters

Yep. Coming to you a little late. Again. We’ve been having a heat wave and after church and an ice-cold Acai bowl, I spent a good hour looking for my prescription eye drops, prepping dinner and lunches for the week and the day slipped past me.

Clean Lunches

What you see above is the base for what I’ve been eating this past week and what I plan to eat this week. I have Tilapia and chicken to place and top. After a week of clean eating, I’ve lost seven pounds.

I don’t think it’s so much what I am eating, because  I often eat like this but it’s the fact that I’ve pretty much cut out salt. After my earlier meltdown, I’ve been focusing more on lowering the BP so since salt has always been my vice, I am kicking it out of my diet.

Right Now:

I just found those eye drops I was looking for. Whew. I thought I was losing my mind.

After this post, I hope to sit down and read for a bit. May not happen though until after dinner.

This Week:

This week is just going to be one of those weeks. I have something I am working on at work that might take a little bit of time,  and I have two Back to School nights to attend. I will be missing book club this week because of one of those nights but both kids will be performing so I’ve gotta go.


I am reading Villa America, a novelization of the Murphy family, who happened to be the subject for Tender is the Night. I am over 50% into it and it’s holding my attention but I am waiting to get past the war and into the meat of the book.


Later tonight we will be watching Fear the Walking Dead. I thought the pilot last week was great. Good acting, compelling story line and it’s set in Los Angeles. It’s the perfect kind of TV for me right now.


Tonight we are grilling chicken, corn and roasting little red potatoes. There will be La Brea Bakery rolls too.

Grateful for:

After my health outburst the other day, I’m grateful that there are some things that I can change. They may not fix the overall picture but there are still things I can do and I am grateful that I’ve got an opportunity to try.

What are you up to today? Anything fun?

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Small Changes”

  1. I want to watch FTWD but may not get to it until much much later. My brother told me he enjoyed the pilot too. I could do with some healthier eating too but I get so hungry nowadays (since I’m breastfeeding) that it will have to wait.

    1. When I was BF I had to eat a lot to keep up the supply. I loved it. I could eat anything and still lose weight.

      From:”Book Chatter” Date:Sun, Aug 30, 2015 at 4:47 PM Subject:[Book Chatter] Comment: “Sunday Matters: Small Changes”

  2. Those lunches look very green! And clean! We just walked out of a Gregg Allman concert! We just had an amazing sushi dinner…with the best Brussels sprouts ever! Have a great week!

  3. I just prepped my lunches for the week, too. If I don’t have things organized like that, the things I choose at meals aren’t even close to healthy. And seven pounds in a week! Amazing!

    1. Yep! I had a slight 1.5 gain after the weekend but then lost it, plus another 2/10ths. I am holding steady so far. Have my boxed lunch again today and I just need to remember the water. Wasn’t too good with it yesterday.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss and healthy eating changes. (I love salt too but so far it’s not an issue, but I realize I should taper off).

    1. Thank you! I packed all my lunches for the week so I am pretty good and hope to be good over the weekend too even though it’s a long one.

  5. we have FTWD on DVR, but I’m trying to catch up on The Strain. We’ve fallen behind in tv watching, but I’ve read a lot of great books.

    I’m looking forward to a four-day weekend coming up soon! I hope you can kick the salt habit. I need to just pay closer attention to the salt in the stuff I buy at the store because I don’t add salt to food anymore

    1. I don’t add a lot of salt to food but I tend to like salty foods in general so cutting it out really a shift in taste for me. I just have to get used to not having it. I am okay for the most part. I have these no salt seasoning I have been using that much better than the normal Mrs. Dash, can’t remember the name but it’s tasty and good on nearly everything.

  6. Good luck, girl! I know you can do it!

    Ah, back-to-school. Mine start tomorrow, but we have one open house tonight and another one on Wednesday. Thankfully, that is all we have for evening activities. Holly has the week off of dance, and now that Connor is heading back to school, he has rides to and from all of his activities.

    1. High school back to school for us tonight. With four electives (2 theaters, 2 choirs and one club choir) our visiting is brief. I told the girl three times to do her homework at the Boys and Girls club because she won’t have time tonight. We’ll see if it happens.

      1. I understand. Tonight should be interesting for both the kids. I can only hope C pulls his head out of his butt and gets to it this year. He knows his college future is riding on it. We already know he has homework to do tonight. How he will stay organized and on top of it all remains to be seen. Same with H.

  7. Oh, Ti, those look so good! It’s funny, my today’s post is about … the weight I put on, lol 🙂 Trouble is, Hubs is the chef around here, and also our son is a difficult eater, so in order for me to eat clean, there’d have to be three meals prepared, twice/day. I envy your food! 😀 But I’m also glad you lost some weight and got everything under control. Keep going! ❤

  8. Good luck with the clean eating! I know I need to cut back on salt, too, but it’s so hard so I admire you’re ability to do it.

  9. You seem to be eating very healthy Ti. Good job. I find it hard but am trying too. We’ve seen the 2 episodes of Fear the WD and are little bit on the fence about it but will continue to watch. It looks like utter terror will hit the streets of L.A. — once the zombies are more known about. I hope your eyes are doing okay. I had to laugh this morning at your comments on my site.

    1. Dare I say it? I think my eye is doing a little better. If I forgot the drops and ointment then it tears again but it seems like I am using less product and achieving the same results so I am just going to hope it continues to heal so I can be done with it.

      I liked the first episode of Fear a lot but the second one, I was a tad distracted while watching because my daughter had just showed me a tooth that grew in the wrong way. It was not like that at her appt two weeks ago so I was alarmed and Googling misplaced teeth while the show was on. It seemed a little low key but yes, I think it all hits the fan quickly. This happens while Rick was in his coma, which could not have been longer than a week since his IV was out and you can’t go long without water so whatever goes down, goes down quickly for it to hit LA and then travel to Atlanta. LOL.

      I am still eating healthy. Two whole weeks of it! I am going to stay on this. I really have to.

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