Sunday Matters: Life in a Nutshell

Sunday Matters

The kids returned to school last week and we all survived. I was very nervous about the first day of junior high but according to The Girl it was a piece of cake. She is looking forward to her choir activities and Peter Pan which starts rehearsing in September.

Senior year for The Teen is going to be a fun one. He will be directing a show this year which he has not done before and then hopefully get a part in the musical come spring. Between choir and theater he will be busy.

Right Now:

Since I am late with this post, I’ve already been to church, had a smoothie and now I am tidying up around the house before I head back to church for the middle school group.

This Week:

Work will be busy but I have several appointments scheduled this week as well so I will be in and out of work all week long. So be it. I am not going to stress over it.

I am going to try to paint at least one wall in The Girl’s room this week. I never got to it this past Saturday because we did end up at the concert at the park and it was sooooo hot! It is 108 right now and only 2pm.


I finished Nantucket by Nan Rossiter. The review will be written up soon. I also finished Atlas Shrugged!! I feel so accomplished. Right now I am reading Days of Awe by Lauren Fox. Very compelling so far.


Nothing. Not a darn thing. Well, sometimes a show called Fixer Upper. I am gearing up for Fear the Walking Dead though, which if I am not mistaken, starts next weekend.


We are grilling steaks tonight! HUGE steaks and will have them with fresh corn, baked potatoes and garlic toast for the rest of the family.

Grateful for:

My Bible app. I’m not going to get all religious on you but I’ve been wanting to read the Bible more and have not been all that successful so I signed up for some reading plans through my Bible app. Some of the plans are short, like 7 days…some are even shorter. Anyway, I browse plans, sign-up and then it sends me reminders to read the assigned reading.

It’s funny, because I set my reminders for certain times of the day but the app seems to send them whenever it wants and nearly every time I get one I am stressing over something or angry about something so it’s a good reminder to chill out and not get all wrapped-up in stuff I can’t control.

That’s it from me. What are you up to? Reading anything wonderful that I need to know about?

25 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Life in a Nutshell”

  1. So what’s the Bible app you have?

    Your teen is directing a show…which one? 🙂 Sorry for all the questions just curious.

    Steak. I’m jealous. Really. We just had fried chicken from the grocery store tonight. It was good, but still not as good as steaks.

    I don’t know how you go out in that kind of heat. We’re in the high 80s and I’m cooped up in the house. 100s, yikes.

    1. My Bible app is called Bible App but it’s put out by YouVersion and I am really liking it quite a bit. There is a desktop version for Chrome and it’s all in sync. Which is kind of nice. I can glance at stuff in between work and still have it be in sync on my phone, later.

      My kid is the theater president this year and he wants to raise money by producing an extra show in their line-up. He will be directing The Last Five Years (a musical). It only has two cast members. It’s about a crumbling marriage.

      My fam had fried chicken at that concert at the park so I think that is why steak sounded appealing for last night. They were really good steaks. Ribeyes, bone in.

      The heat has been horrible. Yesterday was close to 108 in the end, and with the brush fires burning, the air was not all that great. I came out of church which was like 65 degrees and experienced almost a 40 degree change and it was early morning. Ick.

  2. Your Sunday is always so busy…I love not having Sunday night blues…I had them for so long…Den is working tomorrow so my day will be sort of relaxing…for some reason I am reading tons of YA…Sarah Mas…A Court Of Thorns And Roses…I have Days Of Awe…I think I need to read it next…I didn’t love Nantucket…even though I usually love that kind of book and hers in particular…I will be interested in what you think of it! We are having sandwiches for dinner…we were going to have Eggplant Parmesan but I forgot one thing and neither one of us wants to leave the house again…sigh!

    1. No Eggplant Parm?

      Our steaks were yummy. Really good, actually. Sometimes we have steak and one of us is not in the mood for one but this time we were all in the mood. I’m sad though because corn has hit the end of the season for us. What we had last night will probably be it for the rest of the year.

  3. I had to put my husband on a plane while I experience one more week in paradise. Now I am restless and can’t settle down to anything. Newport harbor is hazy and breezy – restless like me.

  4. So happy that school has started off well for your kids. Good luck with all your appointments. I have a Bible app on my phone and I think it has some reading plans. I should look at it more thoroughly. I always start out very committed to doing more Bible study and then drop off. Sigh.

    1. I tried to do the 365 plans and failed miserably, at least twice!! But the 7 day plans? I can do. I signed up for a 30 day plan this morning. Bold of me.

  5. School is back in session already! Cripes, the summer flew by. That’s great that The Girl had such a good first week. And that is so cool that The Teen is directing a show – so cool! Sounds like you have a busy week with all those appointments – Good Luck!! Fear the Walking Dead does start this Sunday – yay! I’ve been watching the marathons and loving getting back into TWD. I’m excited to see TWD special before Fear starts on Sunday. The only other shows I’m watching are Housewives on Bravo – can’t help it, I’m addicted. I think its pretty cool you have that Bible app – sounds like they come to you at the right time. I get a daily email from Joel Osteen’s site for my Bible fix. Its usually a quote from the Bible and a small paragraph with his interpretation of it, which I enjoy. Somehow they always seem to hit the spot. Hope you have a great week, Ti!!

  6. This is an amazing post, Ti ❤ I'm feeling happier just from reading it. Your life seems to hang together in a really inspiring harmony – well done, you 🙂 And congrats to the Teen for taking on directing – wow! As for you, I think you've got it right: don't stress, roll with it, and hang on to that app. I'll have to check it out. I'm reading Anansi Boys, because I've been on a Neil Gaiman binge and it turns out the man has written quite a few books… All great. I'm slowly working my way through his oeuvre… Hugs.

    1. I am slightly bummed about not having a true summer but I am trying to stay positive. I do love fall. If we can just stay organized and have a smooth first half of the school year, that would be great.

  7. So glad that the first week of school was a great one–I know that the first day, at least, was tough for you. Hugs!! It sounds like they’ll both have fantastic years with lots of exciting things on the horizon.

    And paint!! Fun!! Guess this means progress on the beach themed room?

    Hope you have a smooth week this week. It’s a quiet one for me…but next week Scott will be out of town so I should be smart and try and prep ahead to make life easier as a solo.

    1. I don’t know about you but when I was flying solo with the kids, I’d hit the market beforehand and stock up on all my forbidden foods like Haagen Dazs and chicken pot pies (when I could eat them). It was like a 2800 calorie treat! LOL.

  8. Sounds like that Bible app knows when you need it! I love that you’ve got kids taking on challenges and taking it in stride. I had a vacation and read 3 books or so. I had a great time with family and my parents when they were here, even though we were stressing about the siding project that took more than 3 days like they said and about the car issues we’ve had.

    I feel like we’re in a better spot now that both the issues with the car are resolved and the siding is completed. But I know there are bills to come with each of these, but I’ll be putting that aside for now.

  9. You seem to be on a reading roll — if you can finish the tome A.S. & another one, wow. Yeah I heard it was hot there. I think my mom said it was like 111 degrees in Redlands, Ouch. That’s way too hot. It sounds like your kids are back liking school and their activities. Good for them!

    1. I think I read a total of four books while reading Atlas Shrugged. I’ve never read so much at once.

      Our heat wave has passed. Yesterday it was 90 or so but breezy. This morning it’s overcast and cool. I almost need a sweater!

      School is going okay I guess but The Girl has been incredibly cranky upon pick up. She has been sent to her room more times than I can count. It’s an adjustment, for sure.

  10. So glad your first week went great! Hope that continues. I have a few appointments as well this week but since I’m not at work, they feel like field trips now. LOL.

    1. Oh yes! Outings with the baby do feel like field trips. I used to get excited about going to Target. Sad really.

      The school week is going fine I guess but The Girl has been in a real mood lately! I hope she adjusts soon and settles the heck down. LOL.

  11. I’m so glad the kids had a good few first days of school! I know you were extremely worried about the Girl. How is the second week going? How is the after-school program?

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