Sunday Matters: Back to School They Go

Sunday Matters

I am coming to you a little late today. I took Friday off to register The Girl for middle school. That was a long day. Yesterday, The Girl and I stripped off all of the border in her room (thanks Serena for that fabric softener tip!).

We painted her dresser, got her a nightstand and painted that too. The Girl likes to collect stuff so it wasn’t as easy to get in there to do what we needed to do. Anyway, I was sore and exhausted and just now managed to drag my butt out of bed. We will be painting her room next week but it’s coming along.

Right Now:

I am enjoying my first cup of coffee and thinking about fall. The Halloween stuff is already out and I don’t mind. I love fall and if I get to spend some extra time thinking about it, so be it.

In a little bit we’ll head to church. I don’t know why but I am really excited about going to church today.

This Week:

School starts this Thursday for my kids. The Girl doesn’t get her schedule until the first day of school. I hate that! Will she know where to go? Will she be able to find her rooms? Plus, she has a rotating schedule so she begins with a different class each day. Why do they do that?

Work really picks up this week as we prepare for the return of students to the university. I am in denial. Summer went by way too fast and now it’s going to be very, very busy until about mid-September.


I finished Everything I Never Told You but haven’t written the review yet. I am currently reading Nantucket, by Nan Rossiter. It comes out later this month! Still reading Atlas Shrugged but will be done with it this week!


I haven’t really had the time to watch much this weekend. Somehow we landed on a Steve Martin movie yesterday, Bringing Down the House. I’ve seen it before but it was less funny this time around. I think I was just too wiped out.


I watched The Barefoot Contessa yesterday and she made this chicken dish with olives and lemon. Man, it looked good. Maybe I will make that.

Grateful for:

Books. I may not have had a real vacation this year but through books I do feel as if I’ve gone places. Hey, sometimes you take what you can get.

What are you up to today? Cooking anything good?

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Back to School They Go”

  1. It still feels as though we are in the midst of summer here…last night I made mustardy potatoes and roast chicken…from my Sheetpan Supper book…love that book…but tonight we are going out to dinner…I want a nice martini and a crab cocktail! I can’t believe school starts for your kids already!

  2. I’m impressed with all you’ve done since Friday! This has been the worst summer for me with my health issues and my books have helped me through it. I just wish I could sit at computer long enough to write some reviews! Wishing you and the kids a good week!

    1. ​I am so behind in the review dept and as my finished books stack, the details aren’t as sharp so that makes it even harder to write the reviews up. I just need a few days of nothing. Think that will happen? ​

  3. Rotating schedule: They do it so teens are not disadvantaged by consistently having a class that has difficult content at a time of day when they are less able to pay attention. If I remember correctly, adults are less attentive right before lunch and teens after lunch and into the early afternoon. It doesn’t really have to do with eating though; it’s a biological rhythm that is different for teens and adults. I have read that more kids are sent to the office for discipline issues during the teacher/adult’s low point. The rotating schedule is well intentioned, but I don’t like it for me. The kids get used to it right away, but the semester I taught during a rotating schedule, I never knew what to expect. Although I did have trouble with one period last year, and I often wondered if it would have been so bad if they weren’t the class right before lunch.

    1. ​They don’t do the rotating schedule thing in high school though. Which I think is odd because it’s the same school district. ​

  4. Currently reading on the history of New Mexico. History was never my favorite for some reason, but I’m enjoying this one.
    Got all the ingredients for making granola. My friend in Colorado shared her awesome recipe so making that today or tomorrow. Made one of my new favorites this week- lemon, garlic and rosemary chicken with new potatoes. Pretty easy one pot meal that always turns out yummy.

    1. I ended up making chicken too, with lemon, capers and a shallot white wine sauce. Served it with mashed potatoes and a feta salad. The kids were not fans of the feta salad.

  5. The kids here have another week off but it seems school starts earlier and earlier each year. I can’t believe you have to register The Girl for middle school – I don’t remember having to do that.

    1. She was preregistered from 6th grade, but you have to go and finish it all up in person. ID, picture taking, textbook pick-up, portal account set-up, purchasing PE clothes, and turning in all the forms. It took two hours but at least we were in the shade.

  6. I think me being at summer school is bad enough, but I can’t imagine my girls starting yet! They go back the 26th, which is right around the corner, too.
    Is The Girl nervous about not getting her schedule til the first day? That would freak me out.

    1. Nope. She hasn’t a care in the world but that is what worries me. I worry that she is a little too easy going and will just end up roaming the hallways and not realize that she only has a few minutes to get her butt in gear. She knows this of course, but you can’t rush her. She’s just not made that way. Plus, I signed her up for the Boys and Girls club and I am not sure it’s for her. It’s super loud and not the academic learning environment I envisioned.

  7. Hope all goes well w your daughter’s transition to MS. Remember that it’s all new to you and her, but it happens every year. The rotating schedule will be understandable to her within a few days and you’ll never get it, so don’t even try!

  8. I noticed the temperatures will be rising above 100 this weekend. Typical for this time of year, but a definite sign that summer doesn’t like people saying it’s over before it actually is. LOL Seriously though, it does feel like summer has gone by fast. Schools are starting back up here too, which means my office will start getting busier. We had a surprisingly busy summer actually, but still not up to the school year busy we always see.

    Good luck to your daughter with the start of Middle School! My daughter is already expressing nervousness about kindergarten–and that isn’t until next year. I bet your daugther’s room will look great when it’s all done. 🙂

    Have a great week, Ti.

    1. ​I am really nervous about the first day of school. Just too many new things to process and only so much patience. Plus, we signed her up for an after school club and I am not sure it’s going to work out. It’s a little loud and rowdy. I thought it would be more of a homework type club.

  9. No cooking for me! I’m just hoping this upcoming week is less hectic than last week’s! I volunteered to help at the dance studio for fall registration, and the first two days were over the weekend. Between that and many other things, I don’t think I was at home and awake for more than two or three hours Saturday or Sunday. Now? I’m just barely managing to stay awake. There might be a nap in my future at lunch.

    1. I wanted to take a nap after all of the painting I did but it didn’t happen. Now, I just need to paint he darn room and put the stuff back in it. I did not pick a good week for this. She starts school on Thursday and right now her clothes are all over MY room because she can’t really get into hers at the moment.

  10. Hope this and the next week go smooth for all of you! When I was in grad school, I liked this period because I used to do summer classes and it was nice to see all the students come back. But that was the only time I liked that period. Work will start for me next week, so I will be having my own “back-to-school” type season that I am dreading.

    1. You start work next week?? Already? How are you doing? How’s the baby?

      On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 11:33 AM, Book Chatter wrote:


      1. Next month! I meant, next month! Yikes!!! I will not stop complaining if I had to go back so soon. LOL! I’m doing good here — baby is keeping me busy and some days she sleeps so well. But most days, she is up for a good part of the night. 😦

  11. Sounds like you had a busy time, and I’m so glad that tip worked! Now I know what to do when my daughter is ready to change her room. I’m on vacation this week and will only be sporadically online

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