Sunday Matters: Super Bowl is All About the Nibbly Bits (When your team is not playing)

Sunday Matters

This was a trying week. I’m glad it’s over. To cheer everyone up, we headed to LACMA’s free visit event. I love museums but don’t get to visit them often so this was a real treat. And…there were tacos afterward. Art and tacos can make anyone happy.

Right Now:

Looking forward to church this morning. We are starting a new series. Not exactly sure what it’s about it but promises to be a solution to a well-known problem. Later, the Super Bowl. It would have been really great if Green Bay had made it in but they didn’t so the focus turns to food and just kicking back. I have a major hankering for cheese dip.

This Week:

Oh lord. I hope this week is not a repeat of last week. It will be busy for sure because it’s production week for Annie but as we’ve done before, we will take it one day at a time and we will eventually come out on the other side of the tunnel.


I started Her by Harriet Lane. I am immediately taken with it and can’t flip those Kindle pages fast enough.


I caught the last half of Captain Phillips and man, was it intense.

Later, as I mentioned above, we will park ourselves in front of the TV for the Super Bowl and hope for some seriously funny commercials and a decent half time show.


Chili, hots dogs, corn bread, some sort of dip for tortilla chips… cheese dip or layer dip or maybe nachos. Oh, and lemon cupcakes!

Grateful for:

The beautiful weather and my nice, warm bed. I didn’t sleep all that well on Friday night and it sure felt good to hit the sack last night.

Happy Thought For the Week:

We have tickets to see Annie on Saturday and we finally get to see The Teen as Rooster and The Girl as a dancing servant. We can’t wait.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Super Bowl is All About the Nibbly Bits (When your team is not playing)”

  1. I hope this week turns out to be better for you. I just read about HER in this week’s EW but wasn’t sure about it. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think.

  2. Ditto on it hopefully not being a repeat of last week…and ah, I was trying to figure out what LACMA was. Silly East Coaster, was thinking it would be MOMA. What do I know? 🙂

    Watching the Super Bowl with neighbors later, but no vested interest. Don’t like the Patriots, so guess Seahawks, but only by default. Hoping commercials are good and can tolerate the half-time show. 😉

    1. The commercials were not that great. Some powerful messages shared, (domestic violence, kid safety, etc.) but overall, not fun to watch.


  3. I think that you are getting really good at pacing yourself! We had French Toast and Sausages for breakfast but we zipped to Whole Foods first so we didn’t have breakfast until I made it…nearer to noon…so now we are skipping one of our Super Bowl foods… Because right now I can’t imagine eating again. The bread I used was a Brioche…delicious but filling! And Whole Foods homemade turkey breakfast sausages are so yummy!

    We bought a bucket of wings at Whole Foods and we may just have that…with vegetables…and cupcakes! The wings were just made and all different kinds and you stuff your bucket for $7.99…when Den stopped stuffing…I still put in ten more! Lol!

    Have an awesome day!

    1. I was not aware that they had bucket stuffing for Super Bowl. I wonder if they are gluten free.


  4. Chili and nachos? I’m heading over to your place. Yeah Captain Phillips is intense! We’re going to watch the SB at a pub and bemoan that GB is not there. I’m still wondering how they lost that last game. Enjoy your Sunday.

  5. What dip did you end up choosing to make? I am still pouting in my office while Jim and the kids watch the game. I am also watching the snow turn into a blizzard, so that is fun.

    Have fun watching the kids in Annie. No backstage managing for you this time?

  6. I am not excited about the Superbowl at all. If the Packers were playing I would watch, but my husband and girls are watching the game. I am hiding in Big Sister’s bedroom watching season three of Parenthood. This has been a cold, snowy day and I am thinking we will be snowed in again tomorrow.

    1. Oh, I know. The Packers. My hub is still upset over it. The game was rather exciting even though I wasn’t really rooting for any one team. Half time show was good. Commercials… the worst ever. But, we had yummy food and I got to sit down in one place for a really long time!


  7. We had a ton of food, and Anna’s daughter was thrilled that we got her mussels…her favorite. I totally forgot to take pics of the food, but tried out some new recipes. It was fun and we probably overstuffed ourselves. but the game was great for the Patriots lovers in Anna’s Family.

    1. So you made some real food. We had noshy football food but it was good. We are having more of it tonight. The highlight was this gluten free lemon cake I made. I boxed up a piece to bring for lunch and forgot it at home 😦

  8. I hope your week is better than last week. I had a difficult work week last week and was hoping for a better one this week. After the urgent care visit, my heart breaking over the Seahawks and trying to work from home with an incredibly slow connection to our work server, it does not look like my week is off to a better start. Plus, I find myself amazed and frustrated by some of the dumb people I work with. Most of them have Master Degrees and yet cannot seem to read and follow guidelines that are in place which I need to enforce, in order for our company to get paid! Urgh! To answer your question–I was diagnosed with outer ear infection and sinus infection. Hurry up drugs and work, because working from home is for the birds!


  9. We love football no matter who’s playing so we were looking forward to the Super Bowl…and the food even if it was just the two of us. Because it’s the perfect excuse to eat food you normally don’t treat yourself to! What a disappointment the commercials were, though.

  10. I like your idea of taking things one day at a time. I’m late getting to this post because I’ve been so busy with work, but as always, so nice to hear about your Sunday and your upcoming week.

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