The Nicest, Sweetest Person I’ve Never Met

I debated if I should post anything at all but we lost a dear blogging friend and I’m sad to say that this happened over the summer and I just found out about it this week. I am so sad over this.

Amy, of The House of the Seven Tails passed away in May (really?). I heard this second-hand from another blogger but it’s left me a little stunned. Bloggers disappear for a number of reasons. Especially in 2014. It seemed like so many moved on or decided to focus on other things. I  knew Amy was battling a number of health issues but we had regular interactions and I really got to know her quite well. As well as you can get to know someone you’ve never met.

But in early summer, I lost touch with her and when her birthday came up on Facebook recently it hit me that I haven’t heard from her in a really long time. I’m so sad over the news. She loved her cats more than anything. I think even more than books. I feel badly for not being there for her at the end. She was always so positive no matter how she was feeling.

I am thinking of you Amy. I am glad you are pain-free and no longer struggling, but I miss you.

23 thoughts on “The Nicest, Sweetest Person I’ve Never Met”

  1. I was so sad as well. Trish and I found out in June when her husband sent an email. We put a status up on our TLC Facebook page and Twitter after receiving the email. It’s always surprising to hear about the passing of a blogger we’ve come to know and love.

    1. I guess a few people posted but I didn’t see any of those posts, obviously. I feel horrible because gosh, it took so long for me to figure it out. Time does slip away from me at times. Sometimes the days drag on and other times, months fly by and you don’t realize how long it’s been since talking to someone. I need to pay more attention to that.


    1. I guess my timeline is a little off in this post. I was going by second hand info but all it means is that I was even more out of touch than I thought. Sadness.


        1. I could have sworn I had a conversation with her in late May. I can’t believe it was as far back as March. That’s crazy.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear this! I haven’t heard from Amy since late last spring and must have missed the updates on twitter. Thank you for sharing the news, Ti. I suspected that might be the case, but had no idea who to contact. Very sad…

    1. I know. I think she communicated with a lot of other bloggers but from the Happy Birthday wishes on her FB page, I knew a lot of them did not know either.


    1. It is, Tif. It really is. She was always so good about knowing what was going on with all of us.


  3. I’m so sorry. That’s the strange thing about blogging. We feel so connected to certain bloggers, but I often wonder how I would know if something happened to someone.

    1. A long time ago, someone created or started to create a directory of sorts but I think it fizzled out. I think it’s good to at least find a blogger that is close to you, with whom you can share your log in info so they can at least post in your absence if need be. That way you can post to that one person what is going on and he/she can put the word out on the blog.


      1. My husband and I talked about something similar after Dewey died. He knows all my passwords and has promised to post something if something happens to me–even if briefly.

  4. I also found out just three months ago and it was just so sad to hear that. I didn’t know Amy too well, but we used to visit each other’s blogs often.

  5. I was just thinking of Amy the other day and was worried because I hadn’t heard anything from her in a while. I’m like you, so sorry that I wasn’t there for her in the end although from this distance there was not much we could have done. She had been getting really sick more and more and I was concerned that one of these times she wasn’t going to be able to recover from it. Thanks for saying something.

  6. I can’t remember now how I found out about this–it was within a week of when she passed–but it is SO SO sad. And Also a bit crushing to learn that we could just disappear and people might have no idea what happened. Our connection sometimes seems so real but can still be so tenuous. 😦 Reading through the comments above, I think I also learned from TLC on FB.

    And like Wendy, I’ve asked Scott to do the same…not sure if he would or not. Maybe I should ask my mom.

    1. It’s very sad. We chatted often but the last part of the year slipped away from me and I lost touch. I feel horrible about that. I did talk to her right before she passed but I had no idea how bad off she was at the time.


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