Sunday Matters: It’s a Formal Kind of Weekend

Sunday Matters

The Teen’s winter formal was this past Saturday. There was no last minute dash for clothing or anything this time around. He got a suit for Christmas and he wore that. They chose to make the corsage and boutonnière, which kept it all simple but nice. They had a family member take photos and they met up with friends for dinner before heading to the dance.

Winter Formal 2015

While he was out of the house, we kept The Girl entertained. She’s easy. She just needs buttery popcorn and a good comedy and she’s good to go. It’s funny, because she doesn’t talk to her brother all that much when he is around but she misses him when he’s gone so we have to keep her occupied. That’s the five-year gap in action.

Right Now:

Enjoying a cup of coffee before heading off to church. The Girl was invited to Six Flags by a friend so they will be attending an earlier service and then will spend a few hours at the park. That means The Hub and I are on our own for church today since The Teen attends a different church.

This Week:

Theater meeting this week for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and rehearsals for Annie. Oh, and a hair appointment. That’s all I have right now. Oh yeah, work stuff but it will be the second week of school so hopefully things will settle down a little. Actually, the first week wasn’t all that bad except for some work drama that really should never have even happened.

On my to-do list. fixing our leaky faucet. You know how little things come up here and there around the house and it just takes forever and a day to fix them? Like that door painting thing I took care of months ago. It was on my list for ages and seriously, it took me 20 minutes to do. Well, the faucet is no longer just a drip-drip. It needs to be dealt with.

<Update> We took it apart, could not find a replaement part so we put it back together until we can find one and now it’s not dripping. Go figure.


I finshed West of Sunset by Stewart O’Nan (review to come) and I am now trying to figure out what to read next. As far as ARCs, I have some good ones to dip into. Her by Harriet Lane, Dead Wake by Erik Larson, The Children’s Crusade by Ann Packer, Nesbo’s Blood on Snow and Five Nights in Paris by John Baxter. And really, that’s just a drop in the ARC bucket but those are the ones that are the most recent.

But, I also have soooo many awesome library books like I’ll Give You the Sun, All the Light We Cannot See, and Us.

See my problem? How does one choose? Plus, there is a Murakami that I have not read, South of the Border, West of the Sun. Decisions, decisions.


Halfway through season two of Orange is the New Black. Not as fun as season one but still very enjoyable.

I am also on a classic movie kick and have been recording a lot of movies lately. Ones I’ve never seen like Singin’ in The Rain. How is that possible?


At the moment I am making nothing but I have been craving Chicken Scaloppine (lightly pan seared with butter, wine, capers and lemon sauce). Mmmmm.

Grateful for:

Artsy kids. Both of my kids have a love for the arts and that makes me very happy.

Happy Thought For the Week:

The nice weather has really cheered me up. I’ve been a little down with being sick but this warm, sunny weather has made me happy and I believe it’s continuing all this week. It’s easier to tackle the work week when it’s like a spring day outside.

29 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: It’s a Formal Kind of Weekend”

  1. I really could use some nice weather, but there’s a storm coming, which means more snow! 😦 I read like three books this weekend…and wrote up reviews…My schedule is now into February, which makes me happy. 🙂 But life will interrupt and I doubt I’ll be able to keep that far ahead! 🙂

    I did some book shelf reorganizing this weekend, clearing out books I’ll never read — many of them review copies that just showed up unexpectedly.

    I loved the formal photos you posted on FB. So cute! I hope he had fun!

    1. Turns out, we are supposed to get rain today. I hope we do. We still need so much of it to be okay for the year.

      I didn’t do much this weekend. I am STILL trying to beat this sinus infection. I need a good 3-4 days of sleep to just get rid of it once and for all and that’s not likely to happen.


  2. The second season of OITNB seemed to be more for shock value. I was a bit relieved when the season was over, truth be told.

    Teen and date look so cute. Reminds me of the King of the World scene from Titanic. LOL! Hope they had a great time and everyone has a great day today. Sounds like you have a busy week coming up.

    And jealous of the good books! I’m reading Sister Carrie (with Care) and am enjoying it but it’s SO long! Can’t wait to finish it and move on to something a bit more fun.

    1. Yeah, OITNB is less interesting now that Piper is all street-wise. LOL. I am going to see it through though so I can be ready for season 3. Of course The Walking Dead is coming back soon but I will be backstage for Annie on premiere night. I’ll be off of social media all night long to avoid any spoilers.


  3. Love the prom-ish photos! For some reason…a lemony chicken dish has been on my mind, too…sautéed chicken with lemon and capers over a really fine pasta. It’s getting ready to snow here…that brings on a whole different kind of excitement!

    1. I was talking about our mild weather and now we are expecting rain. Fine by me since we need the water so badly.


  4. I tried watching OITNB at one point and just could not get into it at all. I have been starting up the new Downton Abbey season and the new Masterpiece drama, Grantchester; both pretty good. I am looking forward to starting Girl on the Train and seeing what all the fuss is about.

  5. Cute picture of son and date. Her dress is very pretty! Glad your weather has been warmer and made you happy. When it rains here, the pollen count goes down and I feel better. But then the sun comes out and my mood is better, but the allergies come. I’m ready for spring!! Have a good week.

    1. The news this morning predicted rain for later today. I guess I was overly optimistic but we need the rain. I mean, really need it so I hope it does hit.


  6. Love all those books on your list. I have no idea how I will pick one either. Maybe the Nesbo book?

    I could use some of that lovely weather. It’s been good outside today but tomorrow, it’s going to be snowy and rainy. Ugh.

    1. I think I jinxed myself. It is warm but they said we are supposed to get a big rain storm here today. I don’t see it happening at the moment but I guess things could change mid-day.


  7. Those pictures of the kids are adorable. She is such a cute girl. Everything still OK between them? Formals can bring on all the drama. And “Her” was mentioned in EW this week as a book to read. It definitely caught my attention! And wait until the end of Season 2 of OITNB, it is the most amazing ending ever.

  8. Aw! I can’t wait until Connor attends his first formal so I can get cute pictures too!

    Work drama sucks. I hope it goes away for you, and the second week of school is smooth sailing!

    Did you make that chicken scallopine? It sounds divine!

    Have a great week, girl!

    1. I ended up making Chicken Parmesan instead! I had the stuff already, which was the deciding factor. I am still craving lemon and capers though so this weekend, for sure.


  9. That is such a sweet photo of the Boy and his date! This week sounds, well, I wouldn’t say more relaxed for you, but still not any where near as hectic as some of your weeks have been!

    It’s a funny thing about that faucet. Ours is heading the same way – you have to shut it several times very firmly or it does drip. I wonder if taking it apart and putting it together again will help?!

    I always have such a dilemma with library books. When it comes down to choosing, it can be so tough, because I know the library ones have to go back. So I do end up reading the library ones more than ones I’ve bought or were sent to me as ARCs. And it doesn’t help that there are usually good ones in both piles.

    1. About the faucet. Ours is one of those vintage-y deals and we have double sinks so if we replace one, we’d have to replace the other but the part that we needed lists for $60! Uh, no. So I told him to just put back the old one and we’d get two new faucets but when he put it back, he used WD40 to clean it up and now, just a light touch and it’s turned off. So weird. It was a ceramic cartridge too which really doesn’t have any movable parts.

      Reading. I still haven’t picked a book to read. I ended up watching an episode of Orange if the New Black while at lunch.


  10. What a beautiful picture!! I often think the non-professional ones are the best.

    I have so many great books to read as well, as I can’t choose easily either. You MUST read…Bones & All, Camille DeAngelis – I’m loving it!

  11. We have a lot of the same ARCs — I don’t know which one to read next either! I’m leaning towards Dead Wake. I’ll be curious to read your review of West of Sunset. I enjoyed it very much, although I wouldn’t say I loved it — reviewed it last week, along with Maureen Corrigan’s book about The Great Gatsby. I’m fascinated by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Hope you have a good week!

  12. I love Singing in the Rain! On Sunday we met up with my youngest daughter who was in Boston for a grad school interview weekend, and it already seems like ages ago, with a blizzard and my coming down with some horrendous cold virus, this has been a Lost Week for me. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  13. Oh Erik Larson has a new one coming out?! Holy smokes I got to get that. I’m still recovering from his In the Garden of Beasts. Hope you feel better.

    1. Yes!! Larsen’s new one, Dead Wake. I haven’t started it but it’s about the Lusitania.

      I am feeling much better now. It sure took a long time.


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