Sunday Matters: Winter or Spring?

Sunday Matters

Right Now:

It is so lovely out right now. It’s 54 degrees at the moment and will probably end up being in the 70s. The sun is streaming through the window and I hear the coffee pot doing its thing. It feels more like Spring than Winter.

This morning, the plan is to hit church and then rush home for the Green Bay game. Of course we’ll miss about an hour of it but The Hub seems to think he will jinx something if he watches the first hour so he’s okay with missing it.

This Week:

Off on Monday. Yes. But still have rehearsal. We are in the final rehearsals for Annie. The Teen is getting his ‘Rooster’ down and The Girl’s feather duster/servant dance is coming along nicely. The shows are almost sold out. It’s going to be a good crowd when the show hits in February.

There are two doc appointments to deal with this week and I have to keep reminding myself of them because no matter how many reminders I set (Wunderlist, Sunrise, Keep) I continue to forget about them.

Speaking of shows, The Teen created a Kickstarter for the Spring production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. He’s almost 50% there but I’m rather proud of the video he put together so if you want to take a peek, do so here.

This Saturday is the winter formal and for once, The Teen does not have to work it. Now that he’s out of ASB he can go and just enjoy it.


I am reading this little gem. F. Scott Fitzgerald and old Hollywood. How can you go wrong?

West of Sunset


Last night I watched Election. Remember that movie? Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick. The Girl wanted to see it but there were a few parts in there that we had to FF through. I don’t remember those parts being in there the first time I saw it.

I watched Moonrise Kingdom, again. Fun movie. Watched a few more episodes of Orange is the New Black (season 2).

Haven’t caught up with American Horror Story at ALL. Four episodes on my DVR to watch. I can’t watch it when The Girl is around and at night, I am wiped out from the antibiotics I am on. I will get to them soon.


At the moment, nothing but I want something good tonight. It’s so nice out. Maybe something on the grill?

Grateful for:

This three day weekend and naps. I am not much of a napper but I’ve needed them these past few weeks.

Happy Thought For the Week:

It’s going to be a short week which is good because classes start at the university this week and it will be a bit hectic.

What are you up to? Reading anything fantastic that I need to know about?

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Winter or Spring?”

  1. I don’t know if it was fantastic, but it was pretty good: The Martian, but you probably already read it, I’m guessing? I remember Election and we liked it too. We love Moonrise Kingdom, one of our favorites, but we don’t own it…yet. Quick question: what is ASB? Who’s The Hub pulling for? Green Bay or the Seahawks? Me? I’m pulling for Green Bay. Here, I’ll be eating chips and salsa and having margaritas here in a bit for Bloggiesta <– I actually almost hashtagged that. *rolling eyes*

  2. Well…we are having freezing rain right now and we have been totally under throws in the family room…reading the NYT…and when we are under throws…the kitties are on top of them…inhibiting our movements…it’s a dilemma! I am making…Sheet Pan fajitas for dinner…so easy yet so good!

    Here’s to a great week for all of us!

  3. It’s warm this weekend, which is great, because we just had two weeks of freezing temperatures. I am certainly ready for Spring. I could do with more sunlight and more outdoorsy things. I wish I had Monday off too, but my next holiday is Memorial day. So long away!

  4. We’ve had a pretty cold winter here in Central FL so far, though its been kind of a roller coaster. It was colder in November than it was in December. Today I’m rooting for your Packers and making Mexican Chili with spicy cornbread muffins. I’m reading Lillian On Life by Alison Jean Lester, a debut author. Oh yes, Reese was FABulous in Election! Enjoy your day and….Go Packers!!!

  5. We still have snow on the ground, so I’m in full-on winter mode – which means wearing fuzzy socks and sweats and not leaving the house unless I absolutely have to do so. It also means soups and pasta and cheese and every other comfort food under the sun.

    How are you feeling?

    1. Well, I get up and get dressed and all that but then right after I do that I have to lie down. I ended the meds and thought, I am still sick but today I feel a little different, as if something has left me. I am crossing my fingers this sinus thing has moved up and out. I spent yesterday in a Benadryl haze, only because I wasn’t sure what to take now that the meds are gone but that seemed to have helped. Maybe because it forced me to be unconscious. LOL.

      I think you asked me about the driving thing and how it’s going in another email so I will answer it here. It’s two steps forward and one step back. The Teen is good as long as he isn’t making a lane change without looking, or stopping too close to the car in front of him. He seems to continually do this although he says I am overly sensitive. I think not. It stops my heart every time he does it.

      He has one more lesson and it’s on the freeway. I will need a drink for sure.


  6. It’s been a good reading weekend for me. I finished off Birds of a Lesser Paradise, Woman Woman: Blood, and The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly yesterday. I definitely recommend The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly for a quick, uplifting read!

    1. I didn’t read all that much this weekend. I could have, but I was napping and watching movies. The movie thing is taking over my life these days. So many good ones to watch.


  7. Our daughter had a play date today with a new friend, and I think it went well. They made mini pizzas together for lunch and played for hours and hours. I think they hit it off, and I got to reconnect with an old friend I hadn’t seen since she moved to Seattle ages ago. Well she’s back in the area, and her daughter and my daughter seem to have similar interests, so it should be fun in the coming months and probably many more play dates!

    1. My kids were never big on playdates, of course it helps if you like the mom, too. I had some playdates where the kids got along but the mom and I did not. Makes for a long day.


  8. Spring sounds nice. I’m afraid it will be a long while til we feel any temperatures like those here! Today is all about doing laundry and watching the Patriots and the Colts, with a little reading on the side.

    Hope you have a great week!

    1. The only game we warched was the Green Bay game and it was sooooo hard to watch. I got a pain and I don’t normally get worked up over football.


  9. It’s been pretty warm here for January. We need to kill off the fleas…with six cats it is a constant battle. We haven’t caught up on AHS either. We just kinda fizzled out on it, and we do seem to have a hard time getting a slot of time to sit down and watch. God forbid I distract Ryan from his schoolwork and hurt his grades even more! Have a great day off!

  10. Tell your Hub he still jinxed it. 😉 The warm weather has been nice, but I still want more rain. I’m starting to think drought will be a permanent thing.

    1. What jinxed it was when The Teen started getting cocky over the score on FB. Yep. That did it.

      I think we will get more rain. I am hopeful.


  11. It was a work day here. I just finished up my deadlines, and while I had to work through the weekend, at least I have them off my desk now. I can relax a little tomorrow! It is milder out today than yesterday – not that I know this personally. I’m only going by what my family members are reporting to me, as they’ve had the time to get out and about (can you read the envy in my words?!). I am really looking forward to February. Hope you’ll be finished with the antibiotics soon!

  12. I was kind of thinking I might take a half day today but I was out with sick kiddos three days last week so now feel guilty about it. Enjoy your day for me. Read some (my ereader died at lunch). Nap some. Eat something fabulous. LOL!

    We had a bit of springlike weather here this weekend, too. Loving it as it’s been gray and cold for weeks. Reminds me that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    Enjoy today. Sorry about the Packers (we don’t watch football…ever).

  13. I was thinking the past few days felt like spring, too. I’m not sure that makes the rest of winter easier or harder.

  14. I could use a little spring weather around here! This weekend finally hit above freezing this weekend!

    I’m currently reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Another quite interesting and fast-paced read!

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