Sunday Matters: What a Week!

Sunday Matters

I survived my busy week of doctor’s appointments and rehearsals and The Teen’s Winter Concert is now all said and done. I knew I would make it through but it’s nice to put it all behind me. I get all antsy when my calendar is too full. Lately, all I want to do it hang around the house. My house is not the biggest house on the block and needs a little TLC here and there but man, it sure is comfortable. I have views all around me and yet I am privately tucked in. This means that I can sit like a slug nearly anywhere in the house, enjoy beautiful views and no one can see me being a slug.

Unfortunately, The Girl hates to be inside and always wants to go to the mall or Target or some other place. Groan.

Right Now:

I sit here with a cup of coffee in hand but I may have to cut back. At my appointment last week, my blood pressure was alarmingly high. I don’t think the nurse took it correctly because it dropped nearly 60 points when the doc took it himself but the retake was still a little high and I am battling this damn headache. It could be my eyes too. So much computer work. For now, I will enjoy this cup and cut back starting Monday. I only have 1-2 cups a day but I will probably have to knock it down to half a cup.

This morning we will head to church and then most likely Juice it Up for smoothies which is a treat The Girl looks forward to.

This Week:

The Teen’s performance in The 39 Steps is this week. We are all looking forward to it. I am going to get my shopping done this week in-between the normal stuff. In my attempt to keep it simple, I am looking for a few specific items and hope to be successful.


I am reading The Rosie Effect. It’s darling and sweet but I am wondering if a sequel was needed.


I haven’t been able to watch a thing yet. This was my busiest week but I ordered Home for the Holidays (Holly Hunter and Robert Downey, Jr.) which is one of my fave Christmas movies and I hope to watch it tonight. If you enjoy crazy family type movies, this is a good one to see.


Spaghetti, is the plan for today.

Grateful for:

As always, friends and family. I am also grateful for the rain we had earlier in the week. It wasn’t quite as much as they predicted but it was a good start. Also glad that my brakes held out through those two rain storms and gave me enough time to safely get to the mechanic to get them replaced.

Happy Thought For the Week:

The countdown to my time off has started. Ten more days.

Your turn. Tell me what you are doing today and if you are including any holiday traditions in the mix.

28 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: What a Week!”

  1. You could have White Coat Syndrome which causes blood pressure to go up at the doctor’s office. My mom has it and they always take her bp 2 or 3 times to get an accurate reading.

    1. I’ve had white coat syndrome since my 20s but this was much, much higher than even that! It was like 198/90. I can’t remember exactly but it was not good. Then when the doc took it instead of the nurse, it dropped to 146/85 which is still high.


  2. We are just sitting right now…too lazy to make a move…I wanted to get Christmas bins down from the crawlspace but Lucy and Roxie are on my lap and I can’t move!

  3. I’ve never watched Home For the Holidays! I’m waiting to get a few deadlines done before I can plunge fully into the Christmas spirit although it appears I’ve been able to do a fair bit of gift shopping during my breaks if all these unopened boxes by my desk are any indication. Busy couple of weeks coming up with both my youngest and my husband in rehearsals. I know exactly what you mean about just wanting to sit at home. Oh, and if you have to reduce your coffee intake, try a decaf Americano next time you’re at a coffee place – when I drink that I always feel like going up to the barista and saying, you’re sure you used decaf?

    1. Decaf Americano, huh? I’ll give it a try.

      Rehearsals are crazy right now for us too. One show down, two other shows to go. One of which will be this week.


  4. I’ve been cleaning and tidying today, and am planning on staying in the entire day! Had to go in for an event at work yesterday, so I really need this last day of the weekend to myself. I’ve been doing all my shopping online (not on Amazon) and trying not to stress out over anything to do with Christmas. The kids are all grown up, and it’s so nice not to be worrying about gifts for their teachers, helping them shop for gifts for the friends, getting them to all their events, etc. Sometimes I miss all of that stuff, though, too. It’s nice that you’re doing it now, so you’ll have the memories of this time of life to look back on fondly. (Eventually!)

    1. The Girl just reminded me that we haven’t bought anything for her best friend yet. I guess we will get on it! I like to take my husband with me for a little shopping, so he can see what I have to deal but sometimes it’s harder to do it that way.


  5. I love just lying in (though we don’t have any views here), but I have a feeling my kids will be like The Girl. Go go go go go go gogogogogo. I went to Target ALONE!!!! today and it was a madhouse.

    Too bad about the coffee. I switched to half caff when I was nursing and it wasn’t too bad. I do hope you’re feeling better soon, though! Sounds like you are due for some time off work!

    Reading Bag of Bones. Might take a nap when the girls do. Cooking turkey breast for dinner (one of the few things Scott cooks instead of me–yay!). Can’t believe tomorrow is Monday already!

    1. I haven’t started BOB yet but I will today at lunch. I had to have a filling at my cleaning appt and it threw me all off.


  6. We’re taking it easy today after the trip to see Santa yesterday. But I was pleased that she took waiting for 30+ minutes in line for Santa with relative ease. Amazing…and we were in and out as we were first in line.

    1. My husband WAS Santa for the school events a couple of times and we got good pics from those events but my kids didn’t like Santa otherwise.


  7. Home for the Holidays…oh, there’s one I always forget. It’d be nice if they had it on streaming on Netflix.

    Today was reading Sunday Salon posts…and still is. 🙂 I plan on reading some, if not all, of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please tonight (and tomorrow, if needed). My wife has an early shift tonight, goes in at 8 p.m. instead of midnight so I’ll have a little extra reading time if I take advantage of it and don’t get caught up in a Criminal Minds mini-marathon. We’ll see…

    1. My weekend got a little derailed when I had to have a surprise filling. I had a weird reaction to the novacaine. It just wiped me out and I slept for half of Saturday which made me later with my baking and other things. I was fine by Sunday but I hate when the weekend flies by because I slept through a good chunk of it.


  8. There’s definitely something to the White Coat Hypertension that Kathy mentioned. I ended up buying a blood pressure monitor and mine is perfectly normal at home, but it always goes up at the doctor’s office.

    I keep putting off The Rosie Effect thinking it might be too sweet for me. Will be curious to see your final thoughts.

    1. I am about 25% of the way through The Rosie Effect. It’s a little too warm and cozy for me but at the same time, funny. I have to see how it ends before I can call it.


  9. I am actually almost through with The Rosie Project. I like it okay, the ending is predictable, although I have grown to really like the characters. I don’t really know if I would be interested enough to read a sequel though. I’ve heard that a movie is in the works.

  10. We decorated our Christmas tree yesterday. I bribed my husband with a glass of wine in the middle of the day.Nice to have it all done. Now we can enjoy the lights.

    I am especially grateful this year because my daughter and her family will be arriving just after Christmas Day. Feeling festive.

    Dealing with eye issues. Last year I had cataract surgery, then had to have a second surgery to rid the new lens of its casing,which I found is quite common. Hm. Now my floaters have gathered together to made a big batch of scrambled eggs in the middle of my right eye. Ugh. Seeing through that eye is challenging and blurry. Other eye must make up. Scheduling surgery for removal of that after holidays. Is cutting into reading ability. Grrr.

    Other than that, all is peachy.

    1. I don’t know too much about cataracts but I have one co-worker who is dealing with the same issues as you, and another who had surgery at the same time as the other one and has no problems whatsoever. The one who is dealing with the floaters is going through a lot of hell trying to get the doctors to take it seriously. He can’t see and the floaters have not reabsorbed since June, when he had the surgery. I sure hope they take care of you soon. I cannot deal with eye issues. My problem seems to be a little better. I think I have been looking over the tops of my glasses too much and literally sprained something because I stopped doing that and now I am feeling better.


  11. This is how my week has gone…I had to check and see if I’d commented yet. Ha! I knew I’d read this, but then got distracted I guess. My blood pressure does bad things at the doctor. It starts with the WAITING FOREVER, skyrockets when they weigh me, goes higher when I wait again in the cold exam room…I explained to my doctor she isn’t helping my anxiety! Seems like both you and I maybe have gotten through the worst of it. I’m hoping from here on out, it will be fairly stressless.

  12. Well that’s good to have that busy week behind you. I’m glad you guys got some rain for once. We are excited to see family at Christmas in Calif but don’t leave till Dec. 22. You are almost at the end of your work for the holidays. Enjoy!

  13. I hear you. The busier I am, the more I can’t seem to muster any energy to do anything in the little downtime I do have. I am all about being a slug. ‘Tis winter, after all!

    I hope your headache is now gone. If not, time to get some other tests. I think your body is telling you it’s time to seek out a specialist.

    1. The headache is gone. I think it was due to eye strain and also a slight bug that didn’t quite hit me. I feel better now but I have to force myself to look away from this screen every now and then. Ten hours of it is too much (between work and me playing around).


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