The Sunday Salon: Gorgeous Weather

Sunday Salon

It’s a gorgeous day!! The sky is a bright blue, not a cloud to be seen and the sunlight is working its magic. The Girl took all the Halloween stuff out and put it up yesterday. I think there are only five houses in the neighborhood that put anything up this year. Now, I just need to get the candy!

It’s been a busy week but it’s over now. The Teen took the PSAT, The Girl got to cheer at the high school game, they both had rehearsals for both Annie and the drama competition next week in Temecula. Not to mention doctor’s appointments and flu shots and the Title 1 meeting I had to attend. Mid-week, something bit me and my entire body itched and burned (which is weird) for two days!! Yes, it might have been the flu shot but more likely, the bug bite. I have no idea really but I never want to experience it again.

To all of you who gave me some insight into Title 1, you were all correct and in our case, the program does not follow her into middle school. Our school is a target-based Title 1 participant which means that the students who need addition help, had to be determined within the first 30 days of school. To err on the safe side, she was added to the program. This means she gets one-on-one math assistance four times a week. A good thing, right?

What am I reading?

Along with other books, including our read along book, Something Wicked This Way Comes, I started this one:



It is really good so far. After just a few pages, I was hooked.

What am I cooking?

The dreaded question. At the moment, I am making lemon scones but later? Who knows? I sort of want The Hub to pick-up some stuff from the Mexican market (rotisserie chickens, fresh tortillas, etc.).  I haven’t told him this yet.

What am I watching?

Tonight, The Walking Dead. Today? I have a number of movies to choose from. Moonrise Kingdom? Notting Hill? The Abyss? I need to catch-up with some of the newer releases but when I have time, I tend to want to re-visit my favorite movies. Did you know that they already posted ABCs 25 Days of Christmas schedule? I am almost in the mood to pull out Christmas Vacation.

No one wants to hit church with me today. I took a look at one of the online services to see what I’d be missing and it looks like our normal pastor is not there today. Not sure if I will attend by myself. I do like to go as often as I can. I feel as if it prepares me for the week but I like people to go with me too. The Girl got home late from a birthday party last night and we were up past midnight waiting for The Teen to return from Fright Fest so we are all exhausted.

I know many of you feel the same way today! I saw a lot of read-a-thon posts yesterday. I hope you all had fun. What do you all have planned for today?

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Gorgeous Weather”

  1. Ha! We wanted Godzilla last night too Jenna!

    We are having some fabulous weather here these days. Unfortunately, I woke up with a head cold, so I will likely be staying inside and resting (and recovering from the readathon)!

    Hope you have a great week, free of bug bites and flu shots! 😉

  2. I was a little envious seeing all the readathon posts yesterday…. one of these times I’ll be able to join in. Glad you’re having such nice weather. We had snow in the air this morning. Time to face the fact that fall is just about over…

  3. We were at local farm stands this morning buying up local everything! I am in love with cauliflower this Fall! Roasted and in soups!

  4. Our weather turned gorgeous too. Ryan was off with Orlando Police working the Bird Show and Jerk Festival (?) all day, and came home facing an assload of homework he blew off yesterday. My sage advice was ignored at getting things done, so. We went for a long walk and everyone was out enjoying our “cold front”. We had SATs, PSATs, and ACT is next weekend. Foul moods ahoy.

  5. Busy, busy, busy!! I didn’t watch TV but I did finish a book. I was hoping to finish two of them, but laundry, dinner, and bills got in the way of that goal. I didn’t even go grocery shopping this weekend, so I know I’m going to regret that decision by Tuesday. One more week of cross-country and then we can put the fall season to rest. It still does nothing about the dance schedule, but at least one kid gets a break. I’m definitely ready!

    1. I didn’t go grocery shopping either. I am hoping to live off the pantry this week. It’s good to clean out the pantry stuff before Turkey day hits anyway. Did I just mention Turkey day? And yes, I did buy my first Christmas present this weekend. Ugh~


  6. Our neighborhood is all decked out for Halloween. I may be out of town then, though, so I’m not going to buy any candy yet.

    It sounds like Title I will be a good thing!

    1. The other thing about my neighborhood is that the kids have grown and gone off to college. The dynamics have changes. We get busloads of kids on Halloween but they are going to be disappointed this year as none of the houses seem to be into it.


  7. I need to get in the habit of working in some movies on Sunday like you do and make sure I’m allowing myself some down time on the weekends.

    1. It’s a perfect weekend when I can work both reading and movie watching into the schedule. This weekend, movie and TV watching won out.


  8. I’m glad you are getting some good weather! You guys deserve it. We still haven’t put up our Halloween decorations, but knowing us, we probably won’t be putting them up until a few days before Halloween. Some people in our neighborhood have some really inventive stuff out front. It’s making my otherwise frigid evening walks very entertaining!

    1. Still nothing in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is usually very festive but not this year. I wonder if people will be gone since Halloween is on a Friday this year. Maybe they are off to parties and the like.


  9. Sounds like you are busy as usual, and I’m glad that your daughter is getting the help. I have finally watched the season finale of The Strain and episode #1 of Walking Dead. Hopefully, we can watch #2 tonight before hubby falls asleep.

    I am reading a great number of books all at once and not feeling compelled to focus more attention on one or another.

    1. I didn’t get to read at all this weekend. I feel a little lost this morning because of it. I need it to ground me.


  10. Isn’t this weather wonderful? All of our indoor Halloween decorations have been up since the beginning of the month, but we haven’t yet put anything up outside. There have been thefts in the area of decorations, so I’m kind of leery about setting anything out this year.

    I think the extra help in math will be good for your daughter. Even if it turns out she doesn’t need it, it can’t hurt, right?

    I hope you have a good week. It sounds like you’ll be busy!

    1. Sometimes, we didn’t do it this year but sometimes our decorations are on the roof! Our house is at the start of our cul de sac neighborhood and all the kids walking home from school sometimes rearrange things for us. I have been off on days where I have seen them do it. They get all excited, touch it, knock it down and then try to put it back but in the wrong spot. Harmless but this year The Girl put it out and kept it more confined to the house and not all over.


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