The Sunday Salon: October? Really?

Sunday Salon

October? Really? This is going to be one of those years. The ones where no one in my family gets excited about the holidays. The Teen asked if we could skip the Halloween decorations this year and I thought The Girl would object, but nope…she said nothing. When it’s this warm, it’s hard to break out the holiday stuff and even with the stores cramming it down my throat, the feeling just isn’t there. Sigh.

What am I reading?

I haven’t done any reading this weekend. The Girl had her friend over for a sleepover and my mood lately has been all over the place. I have many books going but I can’t seem to settle on one. I need to just pick one to stick with.

What am I cooking?

Last night we had pizza and today? Who knows? I can’t cook when it’s so hot! I should really be grateful though because with the AC on, it’s quite nice. I hit Trader Joe’s and loaded up on all the seasonal stuff. Spiced cider, pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin bread mix and Harvest tea. But do I have stuff for the week? No.

What am I watching?

Yesterday I watched a Doris Day movie, April in Paris. Loved it. Hoping to fit a horror movie in somewhere. I have Monday and Tuesday off. I decided to take them off because the kids are on fall break and Tuesday is The Girl’s birthday.

Right now, we are about to head off to church and then grab smoothies because when you live in Southern California, that is what you do.

What do you have planned for today?

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: October? Really?”

  1. My aunt was a great Doris Day fan. I sometimes watch oldie movies on TV for a nice change. Le Weekend, a British film, was a great watch last night, but more contemporary, about an older couple gadding about in Paris in hotels and restaurants they can’t afford. Great film.

  2. It sounds like the seasons record got stuck in its groove, which happens to be summer for you guys. Yikes. It’s cooling off where I am and I’m so glad. I’ve broken out the tea stuff and scone mix with my throw blankets. I’m ready for Fall.

    Reading slumps are the worst. I hope you find something to get you through. Re-read a Murakami? He always has that magic power of curing slumps.

    Get ready for a swift holiday season. Christmas stuff will be out in days as it will seem. :/ I’m not ready.

  3. I know… what happened to September??? We’re getting ready for winter today (shudder) – storing the boat, taking the docks out. Later I’m going to start Something Wicked This Way Comes. Have a good week, Ti.

  4. The heat really is affecting us so much here, isn’t it?! Santa Barbara just shouldn’t be in the mid-90s and in Westlake yesterday? 104? Really?!

    I just started a good YA book: Elizabeth George’s The Edge of Nowhere

  5. We woke to a lovely and much cooler morning, for a change. Lovely. I am spending the day with Diego, my fourteen year old cat who was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is basking on the lanai; one of his favorite things. I am keeping busy. Can’t seem to read.

  6. I live in cbicago…high 50″s sunny got the pumpkins out and today we went apple picking…i hate it when the weather doesnt cooperate..hope it gets better

    1. I do love a clear, warm sunny day but not now 😉 I want a little bit of briskness so I can hang my stuff up and light some candles. It’s not that hot today. I think it’s around 85. It does get cool here but really, no until January.


  7. I woke up this morning and it was in the 50’s! Holy crap! What happened? Last week it was in the 90’s! I don’t think it got out of the 70’s today, so we scrapped all of our plans, took a long walk and played golf. No Gone Girl. Maybe next weekend. We’ve never been huge fans of Halloween. We live on a private drive so nobody comes down here, and the kids don’t trick or treat anymore. Blah! And someone told me there was like 46 pumpkin flavored things at Trader Joe’s. I’d go and partake if only I get freaking GET A PARKING SPOT!!!

  8. We’re busy here with the grandparents visiting, but I did start Bradbury and hope to finish up section #1 for discussion tonight. I do have to read Monuments Men Section #1 for a readalong at the war through the generations blog, but I haven’t gotten to that yet.

    Not watching anything exciting here, but we did make a scarecrow with the little one today.

    1. A scarecrow! How fun. There is a scarecrow contest at our local pumpkin patch but so many of them use trends as their inspiration. Somehow, an Angry Bird scarecrow or a FB scarecrow just don’t do it for me.


    1. I had my spiced cider, cold. Still warm here but not as bad as the previous week. I am still going to haul out my fall decor this weekend though, no matter how warm.


  9. My daughter won’t stop talking about Halloween. She wants it to be Halloween tomorrow. Don’t rush it, kid, I want to say.

    I think you had warmer temperatures than I did out my way. Still triple digits though.

    Have a great week, Ti.

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