The Sunday Salon: Finally! Cooler Weather!

Sunday Salon

My Sunday computer time has been greatly reduced due to The Girl swiping my laptop. All of her audition videos are on there so with Annie auditions around the corner, my laptop has become her laptop. Right now, I am using The Teen’s laptop, which he NEVER updates so before I could even use it I had to get it all squared away. Geesh!

Not much going on today. We all went to church. The Teen, to his church and I dragged The Girl and her head cold to church with us. Yes! She has a cold and right before auditions. This always happens to us. They either get sick for auditions or the show itself. Hopefully she will be okay by Tuesday.

Just now, The Teen headed off to work a wedding and I have dinner cooking away. I was reading The Bone Clocks but could not follow it and realized that my copy is missing pages!

What am I reading?

Besides The Bone Clocks, I need to start I am Malala for book club. I also want to squeeze something fun in, but what?

What am I cooking?

I threw boneless chicken breasts, enchilada sauce and taco seasoning into a pot and have been cooking it for hours. We’ll make tacos and burritos and maybe some enchiladas too. I made rice and I have been munching on tortilla chips and peach mango salsa since I got home. I guess you could say I had a craving!

What am I watching?

I am still on an I Love Lucy kick but now I have Roseanne on in the background. I keep switching between Lucy, Roseanne and cooking shows. The weather has been so nice. There is a touch of coolness in the air and that makes me want to watch cooking shows.

Here’s my week:

Two rounds of auditions for Annie, a doctor’s appointment, baking for a bake sale, set building for Cabaret (choir) and working the bake sale at Lombardi Ranch, our local pumpkin patch.

What’s your week look like?

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Finally! Cooler Weather!”

    1. I Love Lucy was my comfort show growing up. It’s not on TV like it used to be but when it’s on, I’ll record a bunch of episodes to binge watch later. I should buy the DVDs. I do the same thing with Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory, which are my comfort shows these days.


  1. I need to start a Lucy marathon…I love the one where she bakes bread! And the one where she pretends cheese is her baby!

    Enjoy your busy week!

    1. The two you mentioned below are faves of mine too! I also love the freezer episode, the one where Ricky puts her on a schedule, the one where Ricky thinks he’s going bald and the one about the charm school I think I could list at least twenty other faves but I’ll stop there.


    1. Thank you! Today she has a dry tickle cough. Errrg. I know this marks the end of the cold but I hope it’s gone by tomorrow night’s audition.


  2. I just finished a WWI novel, This Is How I’d Love You, which I ended up liking more than I thought I would. This week is work work work, but what else is new…and the garden is showing signs of 2 zucchini! I thought they would never grow.

  3. No cool here. And that is really crappy about that ARC. Uh, hello? These are the people reviewing your book? I just read that someone DNR’d it, can’t remember who. You have a nutty week ahead of you, so you will need lots of I Love Lucy!

    1. And now my Kindle is not holding a charge. I really do want the new Kindle that just came out but don’t want to spend money right now. This better be a flukish thing.


  4. Eek! I hope the Girl feels better for her auditions! I know what you mean about the cooler weather being conducive to cooking. I’m ready to start using my oven more often now too.

    My week? Jim is traveling this week, so I’ve got every practice drop-off and/or pick-up, plus an early morning dentist appointment, a trip to the doctor’s to remove some stitches (the boy), and whatever else life has to throw at me this week. Oh, and I too have a head cold. That which does not kill us….

    I hope your week turns out to be enjoyable and speedy!

    1. Well, I will join you in the head cold category. Yep. I got it from The Girl! She was okay this morning but has that tickle cough which could be a problem tonight at the audition. If I dose her up with anything, she will be a slug. LOL. She is going to have to just do her best. I am seriously counting the minutes until lunch time so I can take a cat nap!


  5. Are you still reading The Bone Clocks? I know others who have given up on it. I once tried a Mitchell: Cloud Atlas: and couldn’t get through it because of the style of writing. Are you still plugging away? 🙂

    1. Yes! I am about 150 page into the story and find it fascinating. It is very strange. Sort of Murakami strange but I like the main character so I am hanging in there. My copy was missing a few pages in the beginning which threw me way off. I hope I don’t encounter any problems in that area now that I am further in.

      I think most people are giving up because of the strange story line but I am okay with it so far.


  6. Mmmm Peach Mango Salsa! I wish that my family enjoyed Mexican (or Tex Mex) as much as I do. All of it sounds delicious–Elle will eat a taco but she isn’t into spices yet.

    Hope that the auditions go great!! I’m not sure that i’ll pick up Bone Clocks (sounds like a lot of work) but I just read your post about Station Eleven and will be putting that on my list. Saving your Sparrow post until I write my own.

    1. First week of auditions are over. The callback list posts on Tuesday afternoon for more auditions on Wed. Let’s home their names are on there somewhere.


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