The Sunday Salon: Celebrating

Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday! I am tired and happy, which is a good feeling after a wonderful weekend. The weekend started with me taking Friday off, which happened to be my birthday. I did absolutely nothing! I slept and read and that’s about it.

Saturday, we headed out to breakfast and then drove up to Ojai. It was a gorgeous, but hot day and Ojai was showing signs of drought (in a big way). We browsed the little shops and the outdoor bookstore and then just couldn’t take the heat anymore, so we piled back into the car and headed to Santa Barbara.

We shopped, had pizza, treated ourselves to McConnell’s ice cream and then we called the In-laws who happened to be staying in Santa Barbara for the weekend and they invited us to dinner! We didn’t get home until very late but it was a wonderful day.

Santa Barbara

I also bought myself a little gift, which I never do. I usually carry a backpack to work and since I work on a college campus it works but it’s bulky. I saw that Timbuk2 recently redesigned their messenger bag so… I picked one up. My biggest “if” right now is if I should return it for a small. I got a medium which fits my laptop but most days, I am not taking my laptop with me. Decisions.

Messenger Bag

What am I reading?

I am reading The Sparrow for a read along (#SparrowRAL). It’s gotten very good, but also a little strange. I am also reading The Little Friend (still). I am really loving it but I put it aside so I could catch-up with the read along.

I announced it last week but a group of us will be reading Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury in October (#EnterTheRingmaster). If you’d like to join us, click on the badge below for details.

Something Wicked

What am I cooking?

Uh, no food in the house (again). Sad huh? But, I am craving Chicken Tortilla soup so maybe I will hit the store to buy the ingredients I need. We are expecting rain today and tomorrow but it’s already hot and does not look like rain AT ALL. Oh my gosh. My yard really needs some water.

What am I watching?

Not much. I did watch Pacific Rim this week and it was really good. We have a free movie preview right now but nothing is on that I really want to see. We watched Funny Farm and of course, football is on right now so the TV is not mine to mess with.

What are you up to this weekend? I am trying to get The Girl up so we can go to church and then the rest of the day is a big question mark.

15 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Celebrating”

  1. No food in the house? The family should be taking you to dinner all weekend. 🙂 It’s your birthday! But if I might be so bold, might I suggest wings? 😉 I think an alcoholic drink of some kind is in order too, if you haven’t already and if you have, then have another one.

    Glad you’ve been having fun so far…

    1. I actually looked at wings a couple of times this week but so many places use flour to make them. I did make the soup and then made a pot roast, like a nut. Of course, I don’t feel like eating the pot roast tonight. LOL.


  2. i agree with Bryan…you should be having a birthday weekend! 🙂 I haven’t made much, just reheated some corn chowder I made a few days ago…and we had Honey Chicken in the crockpot, which tasted like Chinese food!

    I hope you are relaxed before the workweek begins.

  3. I made chicken tortilla soup this week…I crave it sometimes, too! I love the bag…I hate deciding bag size…it reminds me of bags I love called Baggallinis…enjoy you day!

  4. Your day of fun sounds wonderful! We’re just doing chores and watching football today (although I plan to read because I like college football better than professional). My husband is grilling and I’m making a pie. That’s all the excitement here!

    1. Pic sounds good. I made my chicken tortilla soup and then made a pot roast for tonight. But after smelling it cook all day I don’t feel like eating it now!


  5. I have a Coach backpack that I drag with me everywhere because I am expected to have all the things, all the time. My Barney Bag. But it is big. I’m going to check out those bags, but I would vote for the medium one. Gotta have the option of bringing the computer. I’d love to join you guys with The Sparrow. We will see how I do with Wool. It is all your fault you know that I’m not reading…

    1. I will most likely return the bag I bought. I love it. I love the style and the organization within, but I worried about a messenger style bag because, let’s face it, if you have boobage of any kind it could get uncomfortable and today, in the rain, I decided it was not working. I am still thinking I just may need to get used to it but who has time for that?


  6. Happy Birthday!!! Your day off sounds pretty amazing and I love the long family celebration day afterwards. I just had an overnight with my mom and 3 sisters to celebrate her birthday – it’s not until the 17th, but this weekend was the time we could get everyone together. Hope you have a great week 🙂

  7. Happy belated birthday, Ti! I usually take my birthday off, but this year I couldn’t. I need all the time I can save for my surgery recovery time this November/December. I’m trying to think of that as a nice long vacation, but I guess it will depend on how I’m feeling, right? Fingers crossed!

    My husband uses a messenger bag, which is nearly in tatters. He is still debating whether he wants to get a new one or not.

    Have a great week!

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