The Sunday Salon: School? What?

Sunday Salon

I am coming to you so late today. Why? No real reason. I just couldn’t get myself going this morning. We went to Concerts at the Park last night with friends. It was a very nice time but when I got home, I could not sleep a wink.

This morning I was groggy but got myself to church after a few cups of coffee. The Girl didn’t want to go but she came, grudgingly, and the service ended up being just what I needed. I’m glad we got to go because school starts this week and let’s face it, we all need a little bit of calm before the craziness of school begins.

I just can’t believe that summer is technically over for us.

What am I reading?

I started Desperation for my the Summer of King, but then it fell off my Kindle. I’m not sure what happened to it but I noticed last night that it’s back. CREEPY! When it disappeared, I started The Painter by Peter Heller. Very good. I also started Going Somewhere (a bicycle journey) which is starting off very strong.

This Tuesday, I will be reading the new Murakami book, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. FINALLY!! I tried to get a review copy. Failed. Tried to win the quote card contest, but could not compete with cheaters. Just the other day, I applied to be an ambassador for the book, still no word on that but no matter what, I will be reading it come Tuesday. It’s about freakin’ time!

What am I cooking?

Food has not been all that appealing to me lately. I didn’t do any cooking this weekend, except the strawberry shortcake I put together for the concert the other night. Tonight, we hit Chipotle for a quick meal.

What am I watching?

I watched a little of the Twilight Zone this weekend. The Girl and I also watched It’s Complicated and we all sat down to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel which was very good but The Girl was not impressed.

Right now, I am watching Huell Howser. Huell was well-known for showcasing California towns and parks. He passed away a few years ago but his shows are still on KCET and PBS so I love to watch them when they are on. California is such a large state. Even after living here all these years, there is still so much to see and experience so I love to watch his show for that reason.

What’s your week look like?

25 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: School? What?”

  1. Our summer is officially over, too. Unbelievable! I feel like I will be struggling these next few weeks to try and get in a routine.

    I wish food didn’t seem appealing to me….my husband is more like that. He can go an entire day without really eating. Not that that is healthy, exactly, but I am usually thinking about my next meal while eating the one before it. ARGH!

    I haven’t watched anything in so long. I’ve been overwhelmed with books, and have chosen to work on those. My daughter did get out Vacation yesterday and also watched Vegas Vacation last night. She must have bee on a Chevy Chase kick.

    Enjoy your week, Ti!

    1. I was just thinking about Vacation the other day because there was a large, green station wagon that drove past me and reminded me of the family Truckster. 

      Tell her that it’s almost time to pull Christmas Vacation out. 


  2. My birthday was this weekend, so we had a little party and some pool time, which was nice and relaxing. I finished two books that I needed to review, which will be up later this week. I had hope to get to desperation, but I have to read the book club pick for this month, which just arrived for me at the library! So I am starting from page 1 and have until Saturday to finish. eek. I hope Once We Were Brothers is good.

    1. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day. I sometimes miss the weekend birthdays because I am not on the computer at all, just what I see from my phone and often, that’s not much since The Girl keeps telling me to get off the phone. 

      I know you hit Red Robin for an early treat but what did you do on the actual day?


    1. They say that times goes by faster as you age and I never believed it before but man, this summer was a blip for me!


    1.  Last week I put in my vacation requests for the holiday season. I sure hope there are no issues because I am totally  burned out. I need a break in a big way. 


    1. I slept a little better last night but still woke at 1am. I wonder if The Teen is walking around or something at that hour  because two days straight, it’s felt as if someone is in the house. I am going to ask him later. The pup usually wakes of someone is up but she only got up because of me. I need some sleep! 


  3. I can’t believe it’s already school for y’all, but then again The Teen, from what you’ve said previously here, already has been in school this summer too, so not much of a change for him. Glad he had a little time off in between.

    This week? The end of a four-day weekend over the next two days. The last two have been good; today, it’s sunny and my wife is off too. Tomorrow, it’s raining, so I’ll probably do some…reading, yep, you guessed it. Maybe a little Netflix binge too. Who knows? And napping is a given on a rainy day off.

    1. I ventured out to the store the other day and they had the Halloween stuff up. I love that time of the year so I don’t mind it too much. It did make me yearn for cooler weather though. We are humid again and I guess I didn’t sleep too well last night because of it. 

      Right now, I am waiting for lunch so I can read my book and maybe take a cat nap. Must find an empty office. 


  4. I’m still in a real blog slump, but have been reading a fair amount. Enjoying East of Eden and also The Quick by Lauren Owen. Two big ones, both from the library, both of which luckily I was able to renew! I’m taking a vacation day today and hope to sit out in the yard and read a bit. Also have our family vacation next week, so I’m not in fall or school mode yet!

    1. Yay on you for taking the day off. I really wish I had. I am dragging this morning.  I hope you have a great time next week. We didn’t get to take a vacation this summer with all of the summer classes my son was enrolled in and I am feeling the effect of it.  I could have at least just taken the time off but I didn’t want to waste it. 


  5. I just want a normal week this week…we were away all week last week…and it takes me a day or two to just sort of take control of my house again….this is a work week for Den…so the girls and I are on a regular schedule…we are prepping for two days of intense rain!

    1. Intense rain? Will you make soup? 

      I was looking at my house the other day and it is needing a little TLC but with me gone for what amounts to 12-14 hours a day, there isn’t much time to do any of it. 


  6. You know on one hand, I’m always SO DAMNED HAPPY for the kids to go back to school and there to be routine. Lack of routine is not a good thing for my kids. But with school comes their stress and freak outs, trying to schedule doctor appointments, those phone calls from the principal, and this year the unknown of a new school. I’m in a real funk, I will tell you. Maybe I’ll be better in a few weeks, once things settle. Maybe.

    1. I am a realist and I can only go by what I have gone through before. Until it’s different, it is the same. I sure hope it’s different. For you and be both. That reminds me.I have to check at noon today to see what teacher The Girl got. It better not be a slit. She can’t handle a split. 


    1. I hope so. I don’t know how they choose who wins it but they are using the same crappy app they used for the quote card contest so who knows how many times people have entered. You are only supposed to enter once and there was a section to put down why you’d be good but who knows if they read it. They didn’t read my comment about the cheating individuals. Boy, I am bitter over this! LOL. 


  7. Isn’t it like a time lapse blink, fall is upon us real soon. Today I saw a group of Canada Geese flying overhead in their V formation… migration season already. As for The Grand Budapest Hotel, watch for it comes Awards Season. I’m sure (hope) it will garner a few noms.

    1. Re: Budapest Hotel

      I loved the acting but the cinematography was pretty amazing as well. The framing of each shot was quite impressive. 


  8. I have to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel – everyone seems to love it. I cannot believe that school is starting already. My dread is more the number of 25mph zones that are going to start lighting up. Have to leave earlier to work now.

  9. I feel like we’ve been doing nothing but eating out (and yes, Chipotle is on the list for multiple nights) a lot lately with all our traveling so it’s been great to come home to my mom’s home-cooked meals. Yes, we’re spoiled 🙂

  10. I just downloaded The Painter on my Kindle but now I sort of want the print book copy of it. Picky picky. It seems good.

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