Happy Birthday to This Kid

The Teen - 2014

The Teen is sixteen today! Last year, he got cheated out of a birthday because of all the summer school nonsense he was involved in, as well as the unfortunate scheduling of his wisdom teeth extraction. How horrible! What mother books oral surgery for his birthday weekend? Me, because that was the only time to do it since he was involved in so many activities.

This year, things are slightly better. Summer school is still screwing stuff up but no surgery scheduled. However, we are in production week for Grease and can’t do anything on his actual birthday, so to make up for it, we bought him tickets to see Once, a musical at the Pantages. He’ll be going with his friend. And then once production week is done, we’ll head out for dinner and a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy) which he is dying to see.

In case you are wondering, he is not driving yet. He doesn’t have the time to complete driver’s training. After summer school, he’ll hopefully be able to finish.

Soooo…Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! We love you!

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to This Kid”

  1. Happy birthday! Hey my daughter had the same issue with getting her permit. The process here is a little complicated and she was knee deep in school. She turned 16 in March, but will be getting her license in a couple of weeks. Next week is driving school. Yes that was just my knees turning to jelly.

    1. My kid doesn’t really have a desire to get his license. I think he knows that driving will mean, having to have a job to pay for gas and insurance so he quite happy with us driving him all over F. 


  2. Happy Birthday to your son! I hope he and his friend enjoy Once. It feels like forever since I was last at the Pantages. Over three years ago, right before Mouse was born.

  3. Happy Birthday to your son! I do remember the oral surgery you scheduled for him as a birthday gift last time! =)) Wow, has it been a year already!

    1. It’s crazy how fast time goes by. Yeah, I think he had one other surgery right around Thanksgiving once too.  I am pretty flexible but he kind of has to be present for his own surgery so it’s his own nutty schedule that does him in. 


  4. Happy birthday to The Teen! No rushing on that driving – it’s just that much sooner Mom and Dad have to worry.

  5. Happy Birthday to the Teen! Sixteen?! Wow! I am not ready for a teenage driver at my house….exciting, but also nerve wracking. I am thinking you should be thankful he isn’t on the road yet!

    1. I am not ready for the insurance and worry aspect of the driving, but I am so tired of driving him all over heck! Go to the school for this event, drive across town this something else, pick him up from summer school, take him to a pool party, blah blah. 


  6. Such a great smile!! Hope y’all are able to squeeze in some celebration time with the girl’s play this weekend. You guys must be exhausted. Happy birthday Teen!!

    1. I didn’t get my license until 18. I figured, I didn’t have a car so why bother? 


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