The Sunday Salon: Refocus

Sunday Salon

For whatever reason, I started going through old profile pictures of myself from last year and it surprised me how much I’ve changed and not in a good way. I could be the poster child of “letting yourself go” which of course gave me pause and made me rather sad. Both physically and mentally, I am spent. After twenty minutes of wallowing, I perked up and decided that all is not lost. I can refocus if I choose too and so that is what I shall do.

I probably won’t make sweeping changes but I will focus on small ones for now. I purchased some new kicks so that I can start walking again. My legs have sufficiently recovered from the fall in May. I still have numbness in one leg but it’s a lot better than it was.

I have to be more careful with what I eat. I have been had a couple of gluten cross-contamination issues which causes me all sorts of problems so I need to be much more careful in the area of preparation. Once you feel “blah” it’s too easy to keep feeling that way.

Finally, I need to find joy every day. Whether it be ten minutes of listening to Yo-Yo Ma or taking a nap. Whatever it may be, I need it and I am not going to skip it because something else has to be done. So there.

As for today, I don’t feel all that great. I know! I am laughing because my first week to refocus and I wake up feeling lousy. I can’t tell if I am coming down with something or not but I poured myself a much-needed cup of coffee and now I am debating whether or not to go to church. No one wants to go with me. I may just go by myself.

This week will be a little crazy as the other two summer school classes The Teen is taking start this week. Now he is in a total of three classes and it all involves some planning in getting him to and  from class, etc. Hope it all goes smoothly.

The Girl’s summer camp goes to Knott’s Berry Farm this week. Just two weeks of camp and she is already tan and happy. That’s how I like her.

What am I reading?

What I am reading

I am still reading The Three and The Goldfinch and I added We Were Liars since everyone was talking about it. Tomorrow I am going to talk about my reading plans for the summer. I’ve changed my plans a little bit and I am looking forward to the change.

What am I cooking?

Garlic Shrimp

Last night I made garlic shrimp over gluten-free pasta which was totally thrown together last-minute and turned out great. Today? I have no appetite. No cravings. Nothing. I have no idea what to eat and the cupboards are bare. I have NO desire to go to the market either so not sure how we’ll fare for the day.

What am I watching?


The Girl and I started up with Lost again. We are on episode 22 of season one. How many episodes are there? Lordy! Claire just had her baby. I hope to finish out the season today.

I am also catching-up on my old movie DVR stash that I have going. Yesterday I watched Come September with Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin and surprisingly, both The Girl and Teen plopped down to watch it with me. Today, I hope to see April in Paris with my favorite, Doris Day.

What are you doing today? Going anywhere fun? Reading anything really good that I need to know about?

26 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Refocus”

  1. Here’s hoping you can refocus and feel better! I’m planning to write a post about how cutting my hair recently made me realize what a slump (much letting myself go) I’d been in without really knowing. Scary, sad, but true!

  2. I’ve had times when I’ve “let myself go” as well. Now that I’m more mature, I try to keep a handle on it better because aging does enough letting go of things, if you know what I mean. I hope you’re back to your old self soon!

  3. I haven’t felt myself for the last year or so. It is hard for me to focus on myself when I’m always worried and stressed about something else. Blah. I’ve got to get my shit together soon too, so I get it. We blew off our spiritual health this morning and went on a 6 mile walk. Then I floated in the pool and read my EW mag (this week it is all about the Apocalypse!). I may end up there yet again later this afternoon when it isn’t so damned hot. Husband is watching soccer and I may be reading, unless I can motivate someone to take me to the movies.

    1. I hope you were able to take that nap! I was not and last night I got no sleep. Up every 20 minutes or so. No reason really. I guess I was just thinking about too much. Drinking coffee now!


  4. Hope you can refocus and feel better soon. It’s SO easy to lose track of ourselves when we have so much responsibility/worry for the other people in our lives. Starting small is a good idea… I’ve found that the #100happydays thing on instagram helps me focus on something positive each day. Some days you have to look harder than others though 😉

    1. About 85% of the time I am a positive person and I love #100happydays but when that other 15% hits I just have to wallow in it for awhile to get it out of my system. I hate it though. My tendency is to force myself out  of it and it never works that way. 


  5. You care so much for everyone else…it probably exhausts you at times and you need to refuel. You are always organizes..always planned…take today off…get your nails done…sit…just breathe! Do t worry about food today…order in!

    Please enjoy your day! Feel better!

    1. I did order in and it was spoiled!! Well, part if it was. It was a rotisserie chicken “picnic” thing we get from a local market and the sides were a little off. The chicken wasn’t all that great. I just went to bed after that. That never happens. 


  6. We did manage to get to church today, but I felt like I had to cajole everyone into it. Our weather has been very stormy here, and I am sick of the rain!
    As for your refocusing, I’m right with you….I won’t even get on the scale because I know it won’t be good. I am not liking the whole rationale that I’m getting older, so weight gain, etc. are OK. Aging does make looking good a lot harder than it used to be.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am trying to finish up Somerset by Leila Meacham, but it is quite long, and I might force myself to take a break and exercise soon.
    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about We Were Liars.

    1. I think I missed something critical in We Were Liars. I may have to go back and reread some chapters  because I am a little lost right now. 

      I ended up watching the church service online and I am glad I did because they had a guest pastor and his message was just “ok”. I think I would have been disappointed had I gone in person. 


  7. Small changes are the way to go! Those are the ones you can integrate into your life in a permanent way. Small changes are the ones that often get us into trouble too…we don’t even realize we’re not taking care of ourselves in little ways and then all of a sudden it hits us. I’m reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Victorian novels are not short, lol, plus I got side tracked at the end of last semester and didn’t do any fun reading for a while. I am happy to be getting back to some reading that isn’t for any class I’m teaching. =)

    1. I have a teacher friend who just completed her certification and she is finally getting to read stuff for fun, too. Enjoy your reading!

      What you said about small changes is so true. I just need to not beat myself up over them so much but it’s how I roll. A day or two of wallowing and then I am ready for a fresh start. 


  8. Best wishes on feeling better. I know what you mean, we have a toddler and a newborn at home and life just feels a little ‘much’ sometimes with taking care of other things, and other people, that you end up putting yourself at the bottom of the list. I am trying to find the positive in each day too!!

    1. I would totally be okay if mirrors did not exist 😉 

      I was better when my kids were younger. I still went out with my friends and stuff but now, I just don’t have the energy so I am always “on” and that is exhausting. 


  9. I hope you can refocus and get in your “happy place”. The older we get the more effort it takes. I need skinny mirrors in my house and one that doesn’t make me feel like Norah Ephron did (Bad about my neck) LOL

    Have a great week. Under the Dome (part 2 starts tomorrow)

    1. Oh! The neck. I never had a problem with my neck but lately… if the angle is not quite right… yes, there is a problem there that definitely was not there before. Ugh! 

      Under The Dome tonight!  I hope it’s a better season. I thought the first season was so slow. 


  10. I often feel the need to refocus. Mostly it happens if I don’t feel in control of my days. Or if I find I am wasting my days away doing things that give no value and I want to change that. Good luck with your efforts – I hope you come with some great ideas and discoveries during this phase!

    1. If I really dig, I can find value in some of the stuff I do but what you said is important. Value makes it all worthwhile. 


  11. I hope the refocus goes well and that you find some comfort in the everyday. I have been feeling pretty lousy as well–a little breakdown at Sonic the other day let me know that I need to ask for more help and try not to spend 24 hours a day in the house with babies. Bleh. I hope you’re feeling better this week! I think a little walking and exercise can go a long way.

    Lost! I kind of wish we hadn’t blown through it so quickly. I miss it!!

    And my goodness do your kids keep you busy. Schedule some time for you!! Enjoy the books–I really need to get to Goldfinch but think it’ll have to wait until the fall.

    1. A meltdown at Sonic? That doesn’t sound fun at all! My daughter had a meltdown when we left the mall and she’s ten. She gets the “I wants” and when she doesn’t get stuff, she does the pouty thing which  makes me crazy. 

      You’ll be happy to know that I took time out to do my nails last night. I did them and they looked great but then I fell asleep on them. Two nails, pillow creases. Story of my life!


  12. The Three sounds interesting, and everyone is talking about the other two, which means I’ve been avoiding them because of the hype.

    This weekend we had a bday cookout and pool party (small) for the hubby, which was good because I tried out a new burger recipe from a cookbook I have to review. And Sunday, we did a couple errands and headed back to the pool for more relaxation and letting the “fish” get back to her fun — she had to overcome some fear earlier this summer since she had forgotten about her pool fun last year. I may enroll her in winter swimming to prevent that next year — since it involved lots of screaming, clinging and bargaining to get her back in the water.

    As for any reading, I finished up a short story collection and the cookbook. I hope to start a new book today, but we’ll see how that goes.

    1. Mmmm. I love a good burger. We will probably grill burgers and hot dogs for the 4th but we rarely use a recipe. The kids… so picky. 


  13. Always good to do some of this every now and then. 🙂 I thought your last selfie photo was beautiful.
    Do tell: your favorite GF brand of spaghetti? I am making some GF meatballs today – found GF panko! and am making my own dry onion soup mix because I couldn’t find a GF version. I even called Heinz while at the grocery store to make sure Chili Sauce is GF (she said YES.)

    1. I have tried every GF pasta known to man and there are two that are excellent:

      Tinkyada which you can find at Whole Foods or Sprouts. It’s brown rice based and cooks up just like regular pasta and tastes like it too. No gumminess or weirdness but it will run you about $4-5 a package which is not quite a pound the last time I checked.

      Barilla! If you can find it at your local market makes a GREAT GF pasta but it is VERY fussy. You must put it into a rolling boil or it will literally dissolve and disappear! The water must be salted to prevent stickiness. Do not add olive oil thinking it will help because it won’t. If you put it into boiling, hot salted water and stir for a good 2 minutes and then let it cook for a total of 11 minutes, it will be perfect and looks and tastes like the typical semolina pasta you are familiar with. 

      They make gluten free onion dip mix and you can find it at Whole Foods or Sprouts. I love meat balls and have used corn meal or crushed GF crackers as a binder before. The crackers work better. The corn meal is temperamental. You can also toast some GF bread and process it for crumbs. 


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