The Sunday Salon: Theater, Religion & Sickness

Sunday Salon

I really do love my weekends.

Friday night, since my kids are not in the The Wizard of Oz this time, we actually got to sit down like real theater patrons and enjoy the show. I always enjoy the show but there is a certain level of panicky “something” going on when your kids are IN the show. Plus, all those hours of working backstage means that you can tell right off the bat if something is amiss. This time, I went into it totally clueless and it was nice.

That said, Grease is just around the corner. We had to find a 50’s prom dress for The Girl and after hitting THREE second-hand shops, I think we found something but she doesn’t like it. Says it’s too babyish but hey…the 50s dresses that I have seen are on the modest side. Plus, she is only ten but playing a teen. What kind of dresses does she think will fit her anyway?

Oh, and then right after seeing Wizard she asked to do Annie. Sigh. Registration is this week and auditions take place Theaterin September. It’s hard for me to think that far ahead but I know it will be here before I know it.

In other news, The Teen was baptized. Nothing can be easy in our family so he is now a member of one church and we are members of another. It was actually a very nice experience. He has some very good people watching over him in the church so I trust that he will be okay. That’s really all I can do at this point.

This morning we went to our church and he went to his, we ran errands and now we are cleaning. Fun!

What am I reading?

The Goldfinch

Yep. The Goldfinch. Just one of three books I am reading but because it’s a book club book, I am giving it priority right now. Although the story is interesting, I am wondering why it takes so many pages to tell it. I am reading it on my Kindle and I swear, it is stuck at the 7% mark.

What am I cooking?

I am not cooking anything. The Teen is going to see The Wizard of Oz again. This time, to see the opposite cast.  The Girl is not feeling well and doesn’t seem to have an appetite for anything and although I tried to tempt her with tea and  my special cinnamon toast, she turned it down. That is not a good sign. She started summer day camp last week. I am sure she is adjusting to all of the new kid germs she’s been introduced to. How wonderful!

What am I watching?

Not a thing. I am having one of those days where silence is preferred over noise of any kind. In fact, I may take a nap, although it’s getting a little late in the day for it.

What are you doing? Are you reading anything really, really good that I need to know about? I feel like starting The Three but I am no sure I can keep my eyes open. Yes, maybe I will take that nap after all.

21 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Theater, Religion & Sickness”

  1. I just couldn’t read Goldfinch, but I am one of the very very few. Someday, when I have more patience, I’ll read it. It will be waiting for me in the Kindle. Glad that you are getting the weekends to recharge at least.

    1. I think when weekends were created, they did it wrong. LOL. We need a three-day weekend to really function well.  One day for errands, one day for an outing and one day of rest. 


  2. It’s a lazy misty day here and we have already had bring in food twice…breakfast and lunch….I didn’t think that anyone here would be hungry for dinner but we are so we are having pasta…with tuna and calamata olives…and red sauce…then…upstairs….to lounge around and watch tv…I am just getting ready to start The Rise And Fall Of Great Powers! Yikes…a somewhat strange book for me.

    1. No mist here, but you probably guessed that. It’s been warm. Like 98 or so but not terrible. Yet. 


  3. I took a nap myself. Not sure why the rainy days make me tired, but between that and driving back from my sister’s, I decided it was OK to rest. I wish my girls would have napped. The middle daughter, did, but my youngest daughter is really crabby now and my oldest daughter is enjoying antagonizing her, Guess that means we can go to bed early! I haven’t watched The Good Wife in a few weeks but I did get through two episodes today. I love that show!

    1. I had just fallen asleep when my daughter came in to tell me she was hungry after all. Which, I was very glad to hear but no sleep for this lady.


  4. I took a late nap too instead of mowing the lawn. I’ll do that tomorrow…

    Reading? Devouring the Rot & Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry. Finished the third one about 20 min ago and it was amazing. I’ve read his Joe Ledger series (which I love), but kept putting this off for some reason. I have no idea why.

  5. I think these are the times naps are a good thing. We had a house full for our book club meeting Saturday, and fun with Skype and an old professor of mine who edited the poetry book we discussed. It was great, then wine, cheese, and fruit after. Today was mostly house cleaning, grocery shopping, and little bit of pool time. I’m reading The Impossible Knife of Memory and really enjoying it.

    1. My Kindle went from 7% to 15% the next time I turned it on, but today in the library I pulled a hardback copy off the shelf to compare and I am more like 30% in. For some reason, the larger books go wonky on my Kindle. 


  6. I ended up working today (just an hour and a half more to go!). Luckily it’s been quiet, and so I got some reading in. I can’t do as much of that during the work week.

    I’m excited about your daughter being in Grease. It’s one of my favorite shows. 🙂

    Have a great week, Ti! I hope you get past the 7% mark soon in Goldfinch. 🙂

  7. We had to come home from the beach today (sad). We watched the US v. Portugal game, foraged for leftovers and that was that. I know you were conflicted over The Boy taking off into a different church but I think you are right, these people will watch after him there. He could be dancing with snakes and stuff. (My mantra for my life right now…IT COULD BE WORSE! lol) I fully intend to read The Three on my flight to Indiana in a few weeks. Just to see if I can properly freak myself out.

    1. Sandy, I don’t think reading The Three will be good for the plane trip. It’s absolutely riveting but it’s ALL plane crash stuff in the beginning and from multiple points of view. A little to REAL if you ask me. Of course now I am completely distracted by it and will never get The Goldfinch read. 

      Dancing with snakes. You should have seen me step into the church. I must have looked skeptical or scared… not sure which  because the missionaries went into “entertain” mode and kept me occupied with nice chit chat. 


  8. The trials of a theatre mom! I’ve been there and the time requirement is something. And then they don’t like the dress you found them… 🙂

    You’ll love The Goldfinch, I think. Tartt is such a talented writer. Her work just sucks me in. I really enjoyed this although not quite as much as The Secret History. Want to get to NY to view the painting it centers around. One more thing on my summer bucket list.

  9. The Goldfinch is on my TBR list. And I just have to smile when you wrote so candidly: “the story is interesting, I am wondering why it takes so many pages to tell it.” I know the feeling of ‘getting stuck at 7%’ too. So maybe this one will have to wait a while before I’ll get to it. And hey, congrats to your son. Good to hear young people today are getting baptized. We always go to different churches… 😉

    1. We started our church experience a bit late. I feel like if we had started earlier, he would have stuck with us but he’s met some friends and people who are Mormon and feels more comfortable with them. I am still trying to adjust and absorb what it means down the line… mission, etc. 


  10. I did the Goldfinch in audio and trust me, it still felt like it took years. Someone asked me about it tonight, so it’s funny that I am finally catching up on posts.

    She loved it and I said that it needed a better editor. Then she suggested that I must like short books….which I took um, not so nicely and changed the subject onto another books. I’m sorry, I’ve already read over 100,000 pages this year and am about to smash my goal of 325 books…when you have numbers like those, we can talk girlfriend. (okay, so that is what I said in my head and wish that I had out loud, but it was my rommie’s friend and I wanted to be nice)

    Anywho, all I can remember at this point is that it could have been a lot shorter and you can’t take dogs on the bus.

    1. 325 books! Wow. I think you are my hero. I am doing better than last year but the numbers are still low. 

      I do think about 200 pages could have been edited out of Goldfinch but I wouldn’t take them out of the place everyone thinks. I would leave the Vegas stuff intact. It was long and there was too much drinking and drugs but man, that really set the tone for the novel. All that misery injected with humor. I loved that part. 

      The NY bits seemed too long and awkward. Where he returns and walks around all day trying to figure out what to do? Long. Too long. The bus ride was too long but I’m sure that was intended. 

      I know dogs cannot go on buses but I am glad he took him. 


      1. LOL, my secret is no kids, no 9 to 5 job, and the ability to listen to one book and read another at the same time. I have really gotten into audiobooks in the past year because I can listen while I sew things for commissioned work. If I hadn’t been listening to books while making forty plus cutesy aprons for a new local yogurt shop, I would have gone nuts, for example.

        I agree, the LV section was needed as it led me to feel such compassion for both (or really 3, if you count the dog) of them.

        There were just edits here and there, like you said that would have cut it down quite a bit.

        About the dog: I was glad too and always get a kick out of picturing what my 95 pound mutt would do on any sort of public transportation since I could probably get a vest for him. I see him going up and down the aisles, saying “Heyyyyy!”, and giving high fives. Yes, I realize I am sick in the head, but you have to know Murphy; that is his personality.

        1. Well, the way Popchik (Popper) was written, he almost seemed glad to be leaving Vegas. He was very accommodating on the bus ride, by allowing Theo to hid him in that box/bag. My dog is only 7 lbs and a nervous Nellie. I am not sure she would have been so accommodating. Of course, for two weeks straight, I couldn’t help but refer to my own dog as Popchik. Just a way for me to keep Boris. He was one heck of a character. 


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