The Sunday Salon: All About The Monsters

Godzilla Movie Poster
Some movies, you just have to see in a theater and Godzilla is one of those movies. Because of my extreme irritation with most movie goers (texting, talking and overall rudeness) we like to go to a theater where you pay a little more but can reserve your seats ahead of time.  I cannot do 3D and the only showing that worked for us ended up being in a really tiny theater, only eight rows but every single person in there was there for one thing, the movie! So, it was an awesome experience. Big screen, small audience and all of us riveted. That’s how it should be.

The movie was everything I expected it to be and yes, I expected some cheesy bits and some humor and some ridiculous moments but the monsters looked really good and the fighting was good too. I would have liked to have seen more of Godzilla and the acting was sort of lacking all the way around but if you are a fan of monster movies, you will enjoy this one.

A word of caution. My daughter is ten and had no problem with Godzilla at all but the preview that they showed before the movie was a very scary horror movie. I forget the name of it but that trailer kept her up half the night! She could not go to sleep and had a really had time with it.  So, beware of the trailer.

Sunday Salon

Now, for my Sunday. We hardly ever go anywhere during Memorial Day weekend. We are usually too wiped out to do much and that is absolutely the case this weekend.  We are heading to church within the hour and then afterward, I have to hit the market because we are out of everything and you can’t grill your dinner if you don’t have anything to grill.  I keep waiting for one of those contraptions from The Jetsons when you just punch in what you want and it magically appears but I guess the technology isn’t there yet.  I SO wish it was.

This week, The Girl auditions for Grease, The Teen will hopefully finish his summer school enrollment and then I can have some inkling at what we are looking at for summer.

What am I reading?

I am about halfway through with The Vacationers. It’s very readable but it’s not wowing me in any way.  I am about to start The Fever and then I really have to read my book club book for next month, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall which I started but then put down.

I am also reading Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret with my daughter. We take turns reading it out loud. It’s very mild compared to what I remember. We are almost done though and she can’t wait for us to start another book.

I am listening to a HORRIBLE audio book right now. I am giving it some time because it has to get better. It’s Rick Springfield’s Magnificent Vibration. I am not feeling it at all. However, I love him to pieces so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and will stick with it a bit longer.

What am I cooking?

I think we will grill burgers tonight and then tomorrow, steaks and those scallops I talked about the other day.

What am I watching?

I was watching some Adam 12 the other day and I recorded Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble concert on PBS which I want to watch at some point. Other than that, whatever everyone is in the mood for. No agenda this weekend.

Well, gotta get ready for church but I hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend.

17 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: All About The Monsters”

  1. Oooh ooooh oooh…I loved Godzilla! Cheesy and all…loved him and those flying egg laying critters, too! I read The Vacationers…it was ok…I think we are just having pasta for dinner and grilling tomorrow!

    But for some odd reason I want a root beer float!

    1. We had some really good steaks last night and the scallops were great too. I threw some salmon on the grill for my lunch today so I will be eating that and brown rice and hopefully sitting outside with my book at lunch time. I am finished up The Fever.  Didn’t care for the direction it took. I am hoping it goes back the other way. 


  2. I haven’t seen the Godzilla movie, but it is a movie that my dad and I would love to watch together after all those movies we watched when I was a kid. I just adore Yo-Yo Ma! I hope you have a great rest of the holiday.

    1. When I was about five, I used to plop myself down and watch all of those Godzilla movies back to back.  I got my daughter to watch them at some point but the lack of special effects sort of bored her. But, she loved this new movie. 


  3. I’m definitely hoping the technology for automatically appearing food emerges pretty soon. That’s one thing from all the sci-fi TV shows I wish would turn out to be real! LOL. Steak and relaxation are both on the menu for us this weekend, too.

  4. We were in a big theater AND 3D for Godzilla. Since it has been out for a week or so, it wasn’t as crowded…not many noises or talkers this time. All that CG was awesome. You really don’t go to see a movie like that and expect much in the way of acting.

    We had burgers and corn on the cob last night, tonight we are going out for my mom’s birthday. Tomorrow, fish. I’d love to press a button and have food. The closest thing I have are those ready-made things at the grocery story, where you just pop it into the oven and pretend I made it all on my own.

    Not sure what we are doing tomorrow. My husband keeps nagging about playing golf. I’d rather see a movie, it is so damned hot.

    1. Did you end up playing golf? I prepped the steaks and seafood for dinner and then plopped down and read all day. I finished two books. A first!


  5. I love the sound of that theater! My husband watched Godzilla with his friends but I was pretty sure I didn’t want to watch it. Not sure why, but I seemed to not enjoy dinosaur-type monster movies at all.

    1. I don’t consider Godzilla a dinosaur movie. It’s just a straight-up monster movie with lots of good action.  I think you would have gotten a kick out of it!


  6. We have just been hanging out this weekend, too. My girls are extremely bored with this plan, but there is a lot of cleaning and organizing to do here, which they don’t think is very entertaining. I have read some great books and still hope to find time to watch something on Netflix.

    1. It seemed like I had a little too much going on on Saturday and Sunday but Monday was nice. I did not clean. I forced  myself to read two books! Trying to get all caught up with my reviews. 


  7. They have this service here called Shop 4U… order online and the groceries magically appear! Have no idea of the cost, but I see their shoppers in Wegmans all the time.

    After I got into it, I really liked The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. It’s another one of the classics where I used the read/listen combination approach.
    Hope you enjoy this last day of the long weekend!

    1. Our local markets have this service but it’s hit or miss. Sometimes it’s really on the mark and other times the service is meh.  I have never tried it myself but that is what I hear from others. I would prefer to hit the market on my way home daily, to get what I need for the night but it doesn’t work that way. I spent over $600 on groceries and my son still said… there is never any food in this house. 


  8. Mmmmm Burgers!!

    We went and saw Godzilla on our anniversary. It was one of those theaters that cost more than a fancy dinner but we had a nice meal, wine, and reclining seats. LOL! It was a lot of fun and we both enjoyed the movie. We don’t get to go often so it is nice to be able to get out and not having any other distractions. Watching a movie uninterrupted at home is tough sometimes!

    Hope the girl’s Grease audition went well! What talented kids you have. I’m sure you are the proud mama!

    1. She got a callback for two roles! She goes back tonight. I hope she gets one. She is one of the youngest and the rest are so much older. She will look like a shrimpy teen at 4’11” but a cute one. 


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