The Sunday Salon: It’s Mother’s Day

Sunday Salon

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I hope you are having an enjoyable day. I am having one of those days where I go from happy to sad at the drop of a hat. I don’t know. The stresses from this year and then last week’s injuries have pushed me over the edge. I am just too emotional today and all over the place so I will keep it short.

What am I reading?

I just started Cutting Teeth. It’s starting off very strong. I sure hope it stays that way.

What am I cooking?

I am hoping to pick-up some Chinese take-out later.

What am I watching?

I am about to go on a Netflix binge, beginning with the dance movie Center Stage.

Hoping that some good food and a little TV binge will fix me right up.

26 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: It’s Mother’s Day”

  1. Happy Mothers Day! I hope your day improves as it goes. A Netflix binge sounds perfect. I love Center Stage – it was such an awesome movie!

  2. I hope you have found some peace, joy and relaxation today. Take care of yourself–both physically and emotionally.

        1. The food was great. I was really craving Chinese and this one restaurant is one of the few that makes rice noodles, which I can have on my GF diet. 

          What did I watch? I saw Center Stage and then we watched a Madea movie… Witness Protection Program.  I am loving Tyler Perry movies lately. I needed the humor. I also watched The Goonies which is an 80s movie and a Spielberg film but somehow I never watched it as a teen. It was a bit loud but cute. Lots of screaming kids in that movie. I recorded The Mating Season but didn’t get to it. I will this weekend. 


  3. I have had some holidays like that myself. I hope your time of relaxation does the trick. And I hope your foot is getting better!

  4. Let’s just face it…some YEARS are like that. I’ve had one, you’ve had one. Today my daughter showed me a powerpoint presentation she did for Religion that had music, and I started crying. Hard. That is how my day started. Injuries just add to the depression. I believe in my heart that the end of school will make my life a little better. I hope it will help yours too. Hang in there. Write me if you need me.

    1. I never know how much my daughter watches when she watches a film with me. She always has other stuff going on  at the same time (bracelet making, sketching, etc.) but after watching Center Stage, she came out of the bathroom and danced across the family room in her interpretation of ballet. I laughed out loud over it. I love that movie!


    1. The weather has been nice here, too. Although this week we are supposed to get a heat wave.  As long as it doesn’t go over 100 I am happy. 


    1. Thank you!! I hope you had a good weekend. The weather here is supposed to be hot today. Not looking forward to it but it’s pretty right now. 


    1. From the FB pics it looked like you had a good day. I am glad. Hard working mommies need to feel special that day. 

      Netflix helped. The take-out helped as well and I am glad to have the leftovers for lunch. 


  5. I’m sending a big hug your way, Ti. I wish I could give it to you in person. I hope the movie binge helped.

    Our Mother’s Day was quiet. My husband and daughter took me out to breakfast (luckily before the crowds hit), Mouse got a haircut and we went grocery shopping. My husband took a three hour nap. I kind of felt like that should have been me. LOL When will I learn to say I’m going to take a nap and sneak upstairs to read–or sleep?

    I hope you are healing.

    1. It’s funny how the men in our lives have a different idea of what Mother’s Day is.  A three-hour nap? I’m sure he thought he was leaving you some quality time with Mouse but come on now! LOL. 

      My husband tried to keep it all nice but the kids were giving me grief this weekend. They took turns being difficult but my feelings were hurt. 


  6. I just put Center Stage in my take-to-the-hospital bag. I think it’s the perfect kind of movie to watch during labor:-) Enjoy, both it and Cutting Teeth, which I quite liked.

    1. I took the 4th Harry Potter book to labor with me. That bookmark is still in the same spot. Maybe A movie would have been better. 


      1. I’m definitely planning to take my Kindle, but I doubt I’ll be up for reading. I hope movies I’ve seen a million times in the background will work best–I can pay attention when I can and not miss anything when I can’t. We shall see!

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