Okay dear readers, when you see the title of this post what is the first thing that comes to mind?

That’s right! The scene from Stephen King’s Misery where Annie Wilkes decides to keep Paul Sheldon around by hobbling him in the most horrific way possible.

But no, that is not what I am talking about today. No, I am talking about the glorious spill I took while talking to some lady and texting at the same time.

For The Hub’s birthday, we decided to tour the USS Iowa which is docked in San Pedro, Ca.

USS Iowa

Right after taking this pic, I stepped off a curb and managed to really do a number on myself. The Girl’s reenactment of it is really quite funny, but all in all, I was a mess! And then, I had to climb all over this ship. Lots of ladder type stairs and many decks. By the end of it, I was done.

Too bad really because the weekend was fabulous! The Girl (on the left) got a medal for long jump and The Teen’s performance in The Drowsy Chaperone was awesome!

Medal for Long Jump

The Drowsy Chaperone
Photo Credit: HWPhotoVideo.com

I took Monday off to recover but I am still hobbling around and in quite a bit of pain. You don’t think AGE is a factor do you?

I am just now catching up on Sunday Salon posts and even with the day off, I wasn’t able to do any reading. All I did was hang out in bed with a heat pack.

This week, we have NO activities!! The Girl starts rehearsals for Grease next week and I believe The Teen has his Spring Concert next week as well but this week is smooth sailing! I can’t believe it.

Anyway, hope you are all well. Did you do anything special for Cinco de Mayo? I insisted on making tacos even though I had to hobble around the kitchen to do it.

16 thoughts on “Hobbled”

    1. I don’t think I should be in this much pain based on how I fell. Maybe my lupus flared up over it but man, I am a mess! I should have stayed home today because being up isn’t helping. I promised the hub I would see a doc if I am not better after today but I know nothing is broken. 


  1. I am sorry to hear about your fall, Ti. I hope you are feeling better soon. My knee still bears evidence from my fall back in December, but it at least hasn’t been giving me trouble. I remember thinking when I fell how if it was my daughter, she would have gotten right back up and been running again without injury. Me, I had a broken ankle and a banged up knee. Definitely an age thing. Hopefully it isn’t your Lupus flaring up too. 😦

    Congratulations to your daughter on her medal! I hope she enjoys being a part of Grease. It’s one of my favorites. 🙂

    Have a great rest of the week!

    1. Thanks. There is no graceful way to fall, is there? I am loaded up on Advil and at work today. Not fun but the day is going by quickly. 


    1. My family likes to remind me that I fall at least once a year but this time they were very serious which makes me think it looked pretty bad. I don’t feel all that hot today but I am just trying to make it through. 


  2. Congratulations to your daughter!! And girl, take it easy! As someone who is still struggling to get back into the groove after spraining her ankle so badly last fall, take all the time you need to recover. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. Enjoy your quiet weekend (and Mother’s Day) and let your family take care of you for once!

    1. Thank you. The Hub is convinced my leg is fractured but I don’t think it is. The swelling is weird but it has gone down a little since it happened. Funny, because my twisted ankle is not the problem.  For Mother’s Day I was going to roam a beach town but I can’t do much walking at the moment.  I may just hit church and come home and throw something on the grill. 


  3. I hope you recover soon! It’s no fun to have every step be torture. And yay for no activities this week! I need a week like that!

  4. Gosh, I’m glad you’re okay from your fall and still managed to enjoy your weekend otherwise! Take it easy and I hope you feel better. Congrats to your kids in their success.

    1. I am giving my leg one more day and then I am heading to the doc. The Hub thinks I fractured it. 


  5. Adding another Get Well wish. I hope you don’t have a fracture and that you’re already on the mend. (It’s like your body knew you had the week off and decided to get mischievous on you.)

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