The Sunday Salon: Three Day Weekend

Track Meet Saturdays

Well, it’s been a fun but crazy weekend. Friday, a retired co-worker came for a visit so a group of co-workers and I headed to a local restaurant for dinner. That was a nice way to start off the weekend. Lots of laughs for sure.

Saturday, we had another track meet. This time, it was an away meet and about a 45-minute drive to get there but the surrounding campus was very pretty. I didn’t mind the view one bit. And this time we brought the umbrella so sun was not an issue. Thank goodness. We got there around 7:45 am and it ended around 3pm. The Girl did great! No injuries and no tossing her cookies! It was a good meet. And that red thing you see is not a tent. They are called Sport Brellas and are low profile umbrella/tents. They are all over the place and we will be getting one real soon.

The Teen was not able to come with us due to a mandatory dress rehearsal but he called us to tell us about the 3rd or 4th earthquake that hit while he was taking a shower. I think it spooked him a little but as many as we’ve head in the past 72 hours, this is nothing compared to the Northridge quake. It does make me wonder if something larger is just around the corner though.

Last night, we attended a movie event at our church. They showed the movie Soul Surfer, which is about Bethany Hamilton, a surfer who was attacked by a shark back in 2003 at the age of thirteen. She lost an arm in that attack and our church scheduled the movie night in anticipation of her visit. I was worried The Girl would not be able to watch parts of it but she was okay.

Bethany Hamilton
Photo credit: Wikipedia

We had a great time at the movie event. The Girl invited a friend and her family to come and we all had a really good time. But on the way home, the church sent an email warning of large crowds for Sunday services. This morning, we decided to stay home and watch her speak online. I really wanted to go to the service but the line wait was over an hour-long and they were only letting 1000 people in for sure so watching online was the next best option. It was a good talk but I think watching online was fine.

Sunday Salon

What’s going on for the rest of the day? Laundry and cleaning and maybe some reading. The Teen is off for more rehearsing and later he is performing in a Master Chorale performance.

I am rather happy because this is a three-day weekend for me since my campus is closed on Monday in observance of Cesar Chavez day. Yay!! And guess what? The kids have school which means it’s a ME day.

What am I reading?

I am reading lots of good stuff. I started Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and love it. I am almost done with Casebook by Mona Simpson and really, really love it. I am about to start a third book but don’t know what yet. I don’t want to break my reading mojo by choosing the wrong book.

What am I cooking?

Nothing. Just not in the mood. I am going to try to convince The Hub to pick-up something for dinner later. Chinese or maybe some chopped salads. Scratch that. He just told me NO on Chinese take-out. Drats!

What am I watching?

Tonight is the season finale of The Walking Dead. The rumors are flying that a major, beloved character will be killed. I will totally lose it if my beloved Daryl Dixon gets killed off!! I can’t even bear to think about it.

Well, the washer is ready for the next load so off I go. What do you have planned for today? Something more glamorous than laundry, I hope.

17 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Three Day Weekend”

  1. Such a busy weekend but your reward will be tomorrow…when you are alone! You can sip tea and read! What fun!

    We are in the midst of a downpour so we are staying in…salads or grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner…and nothing major going on!

    Reading The Quick and checking out your Mona Simpson book!

    1. My lovely day off was spent sleeping. I guess I caught a bug or was trying to catch one. I feel better today.


  2. Ah yes, well my dear daughter is beside her herself today. I am desperately trying to get caught up so that by the time season 5 comes, I’ll be ready. She is watching old episodes right now, and when I get home from the movies, she and I will be finishing season 2. Daryl better the hell not die.

  3. Sounds like a busy weekend. We had a Wedding on Saturday, and Thurs. and Friday, I took off for Dr. appts. Today I have to finish laundry, etc. But I am reading When the Cypress Whispers, which is pretty good so far.

  4. What a busy weekend! At least tomorrow you will get some Me Time 🙂 Enjoy it! As for The Walking Dead – I am so excited!! I can’t wait to find out what happens – hopefully Daryl survives. I read that on Talking Dead they will be discussing “A” – I have no what that means, so I guess we will find out tonight! I’m glad you liked Casebook – I’m reading that one for TLC, so now I’m looking forward to it 🙂 I just finished The Lowland last night and LOVED it!!! Lahiri is an AMAZING author – don’t know why I waited so long to read it. Not sure what book will be up next – maybe something fun.

    1. You know, I tried to read the comics a couple of times, but the characters are so much cruder in the comic that I can’t get through it. I think  a lot is explained there but I like the TV characters so much better. 

      I tend to read the forums right before an episode which clues me in and then the Talking Dead explains the rest of it. 


  5. Well, then. Happy Cesar Chavez Day!
    Hey, thought of you today… I’ve blown off homework and watched HBO all day – have you seen a movie called Ruby Sparks starring Paul Dano? I would LOVE your opinion. I liked it.

    1. Haven’t seen Ruby Sparks but it sounds like something I’d enjoy. Did you enjoy it?

      I spent my day off sick in bed. Not sick sick, but trying to get sick. I am okay today. 


  6. Enjoy your ME day tomorrow. And stay clear of the earthquakes. We, too, will be watching The Walking Dead finale. The blood will spurt, I’m afraid, but who’s will it be?? I thought the deaths of the 2 kids a couple episodes ago was a little sadistic. hmm. But that one kid was nutso.

    1. I felt that the finale was a little tame but I enjoyed it. I can’t wait for season 5. Lizzie was always a little off but I sort of miss her antics. 


  7. I am jealous of your day off tomorrow! I could really use one of those right now – spent the weekend trying to unpack some boxes and organize a few kitchen things. Little Sister has strep again – for the third time! She is being referred to an ENT – looks like she will be getting those tonsils out. I did manage a nap this afternoon – I was exhausted – can it really be Monday tomorrow?

    1. I spent my lovely day off sick! I think I had shades of what my daughter had. Headache, feeling blah and no appetite. I made cup after cup of  tea, which is all I wanted, and after sleeping the entire day away, I woke up and read a book. My dog slept with me. She loved it. 

      Today, I am back at work but track has been cancelled due to rain so I will have the evening to kick back a bit more. Hopefully. 

      So your daughter still has strep? That stinks.So many docs won’t take tonsils out anymore. I know ours won’t. 


  8. I’m going to be watching Walking Dead tonight only, so gah, the suspense is excruciating! I have to tread carefully all day today, just in case I hear a whiff of a spoiler somewhere. I’m even avoiding the internet. Mostly. I need it to do my office work, but I’ll have to be careful.

  9. Exciting to see people lining up to enter a church. I’ve heard of that movie, but haven’t seen it. Nothing beats watching the real person share her experience. And… earthquake. Do you have to do preventive measures like chaining your furniture, or practice drills in your home? Do take care.

    1. It’s weird but after having been in a large quake before, practice drills don’t really help. Everything gets thrown from one side to the other. Shoes by your bed are no where to be found and the glass…no one thinks about all of the broken glass that results from a large quake. So no, we don’t do drills but big stuff is  bolted down to a degree. There is one TV that is not, that makes me nervous but we are getting rid of it soon. The one thing that caused a lot of problems in the last big quake was all of the stuff in the kitchen cabinets crashing down. Latches yes, but the force thrown all that stuff down on the ground. 

      It’s so scary to not be in control when it happens.


  10. Isn’t that the worst when you want something for dinner and it gets vetoed?! LOL! I haven’t been cooking a whole lot either but I need to get back into the habit of it. I blame bad naps during the day. 😉

    Those earthquakes y’all are having are so scary! I hope they die down soon and don’t cause any more damage. Terrifying!

    1. I did end up getting Chinese. All I typically do is plant the seed. They say no at first, but then they are like, “Okay, that sounds pretty good.” Usually works, anyways. 

      If I knew that these quakes were releasing pressure that would be one thing but they can also be pre-shocks which makes me very nervous. 


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