The Sunday Salon: Running, Singing and Lots of Sun

Sunday Salon

This weekend was jam-packed with fun but man, was it busy.

Friday, The Girl came down with some sort of stomach bug. Might have been a migraine, still not sure. We didn’t think she’d be able to run in Saturday’s track meet but it was a home meet, which gave us a little more time in the morning to assess things and since she so badly wanted to make-up for her spill during last week’s meet, she got dressed, loaded up on fluids and off we went. She’s a tough kid.

She made it through all four events and even with her throwing up the night before, she improved on all four events. But, it was another long day and it was very warm in sun so we were all grateful to be able to go home and rest for a little while. My nose looks a little too red even with the sunscreen I put on but it felt good to get a little sun.

After a bite to eat and some lounging, we headed out to see The Teen perform in the Jazz/Pop Concert that his choir put on. It was a great show and there were lots of hilarious moments. It was a treat to just sit in the dark and be entertained.

Today, I could not get anyone to go to church with me so I went by myself. It was a great service and it was nice to take an hour to just sit and reflect. I don’t get to sit down and reflect too often without something needing to be done or someone wanting me to do something for them. The music was great and I just tuned the world out. It was just what I needed.

Of course, my trip to the market afterward negated every good feeling in my body but I digress.

What am I reading?

Finished The Museum of Extraordinary Things. It was meh. Not horrible, just meh. I have about 5% of Life After Life left and I can’t wait to be done with it! I started The Cold Song. It has started off strong. Let’s hope it sticks.

What am I cooking?

Not a thing. I bought stuff to cook throughout the week but today, we are picking up roasted chickens and fresh tortillas from the Mexican market and we’ll nibble on fresh chips and salsa for dinner. Simple and perfect. Those tortillas are to die for! Actually, I am baking a chocolate cake for later but now I am wondering if The Girl will be able to have any. Darn it.

What am I watching?

We had a free movie weekend but there wasn’t a darn thing worth watching. Tonight, The Walking Dead. Man oh man, just two episodes left and I am dying!! So much has happened. I can’t wait to see how the season wraps up.

The Girl is still not 100% so we might throw in Working Girl and make some popcorn because everyone knows that popcorn with extra salt can cure many ills, including a stomach bug.

That’s all I have. What’s going on in your world?

14 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Running, Singing and Lots of Sun”

  1. Well, you already know we live parallel lives. We were all sick this week, but that didn’t stop the weekend whirlwind. My husband did sneak out to church at 7:30 this morning and followed it up with a 5 mile walk so that was nice. And despite the fact that we are still picking our way through House of Cards and Game of Thrones, Emma talked me into starting Walking Dead. It will take me forever to catch up, but I’m going to give it my best shot! She HAS informed all of us that starting at 7pm, our media cave is hers.

  2. In spite of having tons of people sick…it still sounds like it was a great week end…now I am hungry for tortillas! And chicken…

    I have been reading The Weight Of a Blood all day…can not put it down!

    Enjoy your chickens!

    1. No one had an appetite once the food got there so we are eating it tonight. Won’t be the same but can’t waste it. 


  3. I’m sorry to hear about the market experience, but glad for your church experience to refuel.

    This week was long here, not terrible but just long and busy. Today. I wanted to read, but ended up napping much of it. Now dinner with The Wife, who is off tonight from work, listening to the latest Garth Brooks box set, and watching movies. We have a couple of choices: Rush, Nebraska and Enchanted (which we’ve seen but love, just for the fun of it). Hope you all enjoy your popcorn and whatever movie you choose.

  4. Things were busy here all weekend with the belated bday party for my daughter and lots of cooking from a cookbook I’m reviewing this week. I am ready for a weekend where I can relax, but next weekend we have a late evening wedding to attend.

  5. I am so impressed that The Girl could even compete in the track meet. We had a busy weekend, too, and I can’t believe it is Sunday night and the rat race starts again tomorrow.

    I haven’t watched anything all weekend, either. I even had The Butler checked out over break but had to return it before getting to see the whole thing. What a disappointment!

    1. There are many movies that I want to see but with The Girl always glued to my side, it’s hard to watch them. Many would bore her or not be appropriate for her.

      This weekend, Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost her arm by shark bite, is coming to our church and they are going to show the movie Soul Surfer. I’m worried that the shark scene may be too much for her but she wants to go. They are making it a family event with pizza and popcorn but I bet the little kids will get freaked out. 


  6. Hi,
    I didn’t cook either. I bought roasted chicken from Sams Club and saute spinach for supper. I watch the Walking Dead also. It was good. Do you watch The Blacklist, The Following, The Americans and Rake? I haven’t read any books lately, but I have been walking with my son. We each take a turn picking a route and he really works me out. Have a nice day.

    1. The only TV I watch is The Walking Dead and Bates Motel. I don’t have time for much else. I was watching Lost on my lunch break but now the girl wants to watch with me so it’s slow going. 

      Good for you on the walking. I stopped walking, No reason, just my bad attitude at the moment. I have a lot of personal stuff going on, not anything too serious but it’s weighing me down. I can’t seem to focus on me right now. 


  7. So glad that you had a fun weekend and some time to reflect. I had to miss last night’s Walking Dead so I cannot wait to watch it tonight on the AMC site. I had to carefully avoid all kids of spoilers today. I am still reeling from last week’s shocker so I wonder what they have in store today.

  8. Hoping you are all well now. Can’t believe The Girl not only went to the track meet but improved on her events. That’s some impressive toughness. Did you get to watch Working Girl? Love that movie – and the clothes and the hair are such fun to see.

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