The Sunday Salon: The Overflowing Calendar

First Meet

This post is coming to you a little late. We had a very full day at the track yesterday. It was The Girl’s first meet of the season and it was an away meet, at a school that happened to be hosting for the very first time. Let me tell you, the people were so incredibly nice but it went on for twelve hours!! My two-hour volunteer block stretched into nearly six hours because no one else showed up. And as you can see, by the end of the day, people left with their kids because it was just way too long of a day.

That is The Girl in front, doing her thing.

The upside, is that The Girl was awesome but had a little spill huge spill, during the 100m. At first, I didn’t think she was able to get up because she hit the turf full force at full speed, but she managed to pull herself together and finish the race. It was horrible to see! She was going so darn fast when she did it.

What you see below is just one of the injuries. She basically took out her entire left side and although she is somewhat smiling in this photo, she was definitely not smiling this morning. I am just so darn glad she got up and finished the race. The crowds in the stands, the stands were actually full for that race, stood up and cheered her on. I was so glad to see the opposing teams cheering her on too. I was so sure she was going to be carried out on a stretcher because when I say she hit the ground hard, I mean it.

Doesn’t she look like a little bad ass Daryl Dixon in this pic? The Walking Dead fans, will chuckle at that She is my little ass kicker.

Turf Burn

But after a day like yesterday, none of us wanted to go to church this morning because after twelve hours in the sun and heat, we just couldn’t think of getting up but of course we did. So we dragged our sorry butts to church and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Later this week, we have track practices, Jazz Pop rehearsals for choir, open house at the high school and that biopsy that I mentioned in a previous post which I am really, truly dreading. Wish me luck.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

I am not sure if I will ever finish Orfeo. It started off strong but it’s been painful reading a few pages every day, to just get through it. I may give it up. I started The Museum of Extraordinary Things which is pretty good so far. Still trying to get through Life After Life. Very slow but the story has picked up a tiny bit.

Oh, and I finished Me Before You. There are no words. I wish I had not waited so long to read it.

What am I cooking?

Today was one of those “hungry” shopping days. The weather has been glorious so we hit the market after church to pick up something to grill. We ended up with steak, salmon and chicken! Everyone wanted something different so whatever doesn’t get eaten, will be the stuff of salads later this week. We are also having baked beans, corn on the cob and baked potatoes! Yep, a “hungry” shopping day for sure

What am I watching?

Well, I had to stop watching Lost at lunch because The Girl wants to watch it with me now so all that I have been watching lately is The Walking Dead and Bates Motel. Both, too good to miss so my Sunday and Monday nights are pretty set. I wanted to squeeze Catching Fire in there this weekend but it didn’t happen, and won’t. I am about to crash on the couch for a much-needed nap and that is all I can think about at the moment.

What did you do today? Reading anything good?

19 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The Overflowing Calendar”

  1. OMG…you had to give up an entire Saturday for the track meet…but she looks awesome and she is so lucky to have not broken anything…I am reading two books and I can’t remember the name of either one of them and they are both so good!

    Enjoy dinner…it sounds heavenly! We gave in to a meat craving and had bison burgers and a tomato/cucumber salad. Good luck this week…

  2. I was reading The Art of Happiness yesterday per your recommendation and was going to do the same this afternoon, but then I learned of a high school classmate who died on Wednesday. I’m going to his funeral in the morning. 😦 Now I’m watching Airplane. It’s about all I can handle right now. He had been sick awhile and I visited him while he was at the hospital last year. It’s just sad.

  3. I just finished a sweeping novel about revolution-era china when the communists were just beginning to make headway. so much changed in this book and there was a bit of the mystical…loved Three Souls by Janie Chang.

  4. A 12 hour track meet – OMG!!!! Hope The Girl heals soon… those track burns are so painful 😦

    I’m still reading Middlemarch. It’s slow going,but very good. Have a great week, Ti!

  5. Right about now I would love to sit at a track meet for twelve hours in the sun….we had more snow yesterday. Sigh.

    I will admit that we didn’t go to church this morning – and after reading your post I feel even more guilty than I did before. This kitchen renovation is really getting in the way of normal life.

    I checked out The Butler from the library and can’t wait to sit down with that for a while, but right now everyone else is tuned in to The Voice, and after that I will need to begin the bedtime reading routine.

    Hope the girl’s injuries heal fast. Ouch!

    1. It was the longest track meet ever. Especially since I got stuck in the volunteer booth and my daughter was all pouty and upset over the fall. It happened very early in the day and she still had two events to do so she spent some time with me in the booth feeling horrible.  Poor kid. I really felt for her and that school had no first aid kit!! I had three band aids that I had stuck in my bag before I left and had handed two out to other kids… so all I had left was one tiny band aid which did nothing to make her feel better. 


  6. I hope the girl is feeling better today. I am reading City of the Sun. I am always on the fence about Historical Fiction, but this one is good!

  7. Ouch! That shoulder looks like it hurts! I hope she heals fast. BUT, I would have been proud of that girl too for finishing the race. I am so glad to hear that everyone was cheering her on.

    I’m in the midst of reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth. I’m a little late to the Divergent game. I was expecting to fly through the second two books like I did the first, but it is just not happening for me.

    1. The Girl is all bruised up but on the mend. She loved that the stands cheered her on. I was so worried there, for a minute. I was really worried when she said her entire left side went numb but that was just a passing thing. 

      I read Divergent and made a decision to stop there. I am not a fan of trilogies. The first book has to be super good for me to want to continue. 


  8. You are in my thoughts as you wait for news about your biopsy. We all here are with you! Please keep us posted and take care of yourself.

    Your daughter is a trooper! If I took a spill like that, I think I would be out of the race. Falling on a track still probably feels like falling on concrete, and I want none of that. I hope she heals soon.

    I’m trying to finish We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo. Its deceptively short but rich in content.

    1. Yes, these tracks are made of artificial turf so you don’t get gravel embedded into your skin but you get a mean turf burn from it.  She is okay. Very sore and her entire left side is bruised. Her shoulder is still raw but it’s clean and on the mend. 

      Thanks for the kind words regarding the biopsy. I go in on Thursday. I hope it goes well and that they have results  quickly. 


  9. I admire badass girls. I am proud of her. That shit builds character, gives them the sense that they can take on anything. Hate those long meets though. I would show up looking like I was traveling to Europe for three weeks…blankets, chairs, books, computer, food, drinks. And I’m not sure I caught the biopsy discussion…don’t know what is being biopsied! Ack! Chances are I’ve had the same thing done, none of them are great. Let me know how it goes. Emma and I started watching Catching Fire Friday night, but didn’t make it. It is like a 10 hour movie or something really long! Have to do that one in pieces.

  10. Poor girl but good for her for getting up and finishing!! Does she watch Walking Dead with you?

    I keep forgetting about Catching Fire being released! We finished season 1 of Lost and now I’m seeing all these articles all over FB and think I accidentally was spoiled from one of the titles. Wahhhhh!

    Ok, I NEED to know what this means: “Oh, and I finished Me Before You. There are no words. I wish I had not waited so long to read it.” Good? Bad?

    1. The Girl’s poor shoulder! I may have to take her to the doc. Those turf burns are nasty and it’s getting bigger, not smaller and the bruise  is totally gnarly. Yes, I said gnarly. 

      The Girl tried one episode of The Walking Dead but I knew it would be too much for her. She watched maybe, three minutes, and was  running from the room screaming. Not her thing. It’s really too graphic for any child to watch. 

      And the Me Before You comment, it was good. Very good, very sad, but very worth it. I have to write my review. I forgot!


  11. Holy crap! I hope your daughter is feeling much better now. And yay to her for standing up and continuing the race! She is amazing to do that!

    Yay for Me Before You!

    1. I thought I might have to haul The Girl in to see the doctor because her left side was numb and the abrasion looked like it might be getting infected but she is on the mend now. 

      Me Before You, I could totally see that being made into a movie. I loved all of it. Yes, I did get mad at Will but I was over it in a short amount of time. I still have to write the review. I thought I had! 


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