The Sunday Salon: Can’t They All Be Long Weekends?

Sunday Salon

Well, I survived my first week back at work. I think within 30 minutes of arriving to the office, I was back in full swing. It sure doesn’t take long, does it? The semester begins on Tuesday which means that this past week was spent prepping for that. Lots of little things and some big things that needed to be taken care of. I will say though, it made the week fly by.

Today, The Girl is heading to a sleepover and my one “to do” is to take The Teen for tap shoes. He needs them for the next show he is in. I fear that we will have a hard time finding his size. He’s like a puppy with large paws.

What am I reading?

At the moment, I am reading two books. The first one is The Secret of Raven Point by Jennifer Vanderbes. The second book is Mr. Lynch’s Holiday by Catherine O’Flynn. Both are very good in different ways. I find that I read the first one during the day, and the second one at night, before I go to bed. I hope to finish them soon. Since work started, I haven’t been able to really dive back into them. Maybe I can later today.

What am I cooking?

This morning we had cinnamon rolls and bacon. Well, they did. I just had bacon and lots of it. Oh, and coffee of course.

We had planned to grill steaks for dinner but that is The Girl’s favorite dinner and since she is heading to a sleepover, we will grill burgers instead and save the steaks for tomorrow. I am off tomorrow so I can grill them a little earlier so they can still make rehearsal on time. Yep, nothing like singing and dancing with a stomach full of steak. It’s so nice to have the extra day off, even though the kids still have rehearsal.

What am I watching?

Oh, I am still weeding through my DVR. We watched a Steve Martin/Goldie Hawn movie last night that I had totally forgotten about, The Out of Towners. It was cute, typical funny fare. We also watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High and a movie that I thought I would never watch, Zombieland (ended up being a total hoot).

I think someone in my house will be watching football but today, I am hoping to steer clear of the TV and read a little. I had a fever last night and feel a little off, so I just want to rest. Production week for Oliver begins soon and I really don’t want to get anyone sick.

What are you doing today?

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Can’t They All Be Long Weekends?”

  1. We just had breakfast and I just finished the NYT…now getting ready to read while we watch pre game stuff…I have a huge slowcooker filled with beans…homemade slowcooker baked beans…we are actually grilling hot dogs to eat with them later…soon we will munch on some chips, salsa and guacamole…that’s it for us! I just want to relax and read while the game is on…

  2. LOVE the three day weekends! And OMG did you not totally adore Zombieland? It was sick just how much I adored that movie. I bet it comes up in casual conversation in our house on a weekly basis. Especially those rules you have to follow (Cardio, Double Tap).

  3. I was initially pretty hesitant with Zombieland, but I absolutely love that movie!! We quote it quite often in our household!!

    The big plans today are football, my daughter is going to a birthday party, and the premiere of SHERLOCK tonight. I am most excited for that last one!!

  4. Now I’m intrigued by Zombieland! Cinnamon rolls and bacon sounds like a great breakfast – I don’t think I could have resisted the temptation of the cinnamon rolls, though.

  5. Yes, I wish every weekend could be 3 days long…I feel like I need that extra day to relax after running around on Saturday and Sunday! How is the Secret of Ravens Point? I really want to read this one, but our library doesn’t have it yet.

  6. That’s funny that you’re shopping for tap shoes since we just bought a pair on Friday! It’s that time of year. We had a dress rehearsal for the competition season today as well, which means it is all starting up next Friday! Hope the start of the semester goes well

    1. This show that The Teen is in this spring has his tap dancing and roller skating. The Drowsy Chaperone is a wild show. Trying to find tap shoes in his size will be interesting. I really don’t want to buy some custom size.


  7. No three-day weekend here, but like you, I’ve been feeling off and have had a low-grade fever. Day three of this fever is keeping me home, but I’ll still be working. No rest for the weary!

    I’m glad you made it through your first week back. Those first few days can be killer and can make you feel as if you have never had any time off at all.

    Enjoy your extra day off, and I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Our bodies must be trying to fight something off but the fever only hits me at night. This morning I feel run-down but not bad. Hope we both feel better soon. I have to take the girl to find running shoes and spikes for track so I am sure I will be getting that fever early today. LOL.


      1. My girl has dance tonight, and I didn’t realize that my pantry and fridge were in dire straits. I’m hoping I can convince the Husband to do those things while he is still in town for the next day or two.

        Here’s to the two of us getting well!

        1. How are you feeling today? I feel as if I could use a little more sleep but overall, not bad. The Girl came down with it too and although it is just a slight cold, she doesn’t do well when she has anything going on so we’ll see how she does today.

          The university starts classes today so I am hoping the busy pace of the day helps the day fly by.


          1. I’m still at home for the second day in a row. I can’t shake this fever, and I’m definitely not sleeping well. I feel okay though and may even change out of my pajamas today – something I definitely did not want to do yesterday. My girl keeps coughing but so far shows no other signs. I’ll take the cough over this.

            Good luck! There are still a few things that we are waiting to be corrected before we can continue with our year-end close. I guess it is a good time to be sitting at home since there isn’t much to do until that happens.

  8. I just love long weekends. I’ve read two books already and am starting a third today…though there will be less reading as I have my daughter to myself all day!

    1. I haven’t done much reading this weekend. Both days, I had a fever towards the end of the day so I just hung out on the couch.


  9. I’ll be curious to hear how you end up The Secret of Raven Point. It disappointed me, but I so adored her last book and perhaps had too high of expectations. I need to actually write my review soon too:-)

    1. This is what worries me… I am 3/4 of the way through and taking my time getting to the end for the same reason. I don’t want to be disappointed.


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