The Sunday Salon: Christmas Countdown

Hello! My vacation started one day earlier than planned due to a surprise campus closure so I have been off since Thursday. Sigh. Which was great because I had to spend half of the day getting a new phone. I work in IT but when it comes to your own phone, you like things a certain way and I needed to spend time on the process which I just did not feel like doing on my vacation. But, I had no choice and finally got it taken care of. I ended up with a Moto X, in case you were wondering.

Small World

It was nice to have that extra day because the very next day, we headed to Disneyland! Disneyland at Christmas is just the most magical thing ever. The lights, the sounds, the food and smells. I love it. The weather was mild and the crowds weren’t bad. We waited fifteen minutes for most rides and that’s amazing since most rides average an hour or more at this time of year. It was an amazing day, but after nearly fourteen hours, The Teen fell ill. He could not wait another second to begin the trip home so we left and he’s been down for two days now with a horrible cough.

Tonight, we are doing our annual Christmas light tour with friends but I don’t think The Teen will be able to make it. He’s still asleep but we’ll see how he is feeling. I am making cookies for the trip and then somewhere along the way we hit the coffee shop for holiday drinks. We drive around, look at the neighborhood lights and listen to holiday tunes. It’s fun. We have been doing it for over fifteen years if you can believe it.

Tomorrow we are hitting the Christmas Eve service (a day early) and then we’ll spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws. Christmas day, we have reservations for Christmas dinner. This restaurant is on an air field so you get to watch the planes take off. It’s fun. The kids love it, as do I. No cooking and no cleaning! My present to myself.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

Not a thing at the moment. I might just call it a year with this last book I read.

What am I cooking?

Just cookies today. I am making Snickerdoodles, gigantic Ginger cookies and Coconut Macaroons dipped in dark chocolate. The Snickerdoodle recipe is new but the other two are the BEST cookie recipes ever. They come out just like the picture and everyone always asks for them. Try them!

What am I watching?

We watched Christmas with the Kranks last night, along with the I Love Lucy Christmas Special that aired on CBS last Friday. It was a little strange and creepy to see Lucy in color. I still need to see Frosty, A Family Stone and a host of other shows/movies but I’m getting there.

What are you doing today? What do you have planned next week?

27 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Christmas Countdown”

  1. Other than the phone and the cough…it all sounds wonderful…I am tired today but making cookies, wrapping and reading…today is the one day we don’t have to be anywhere or do anything! I love that!

    1. The Teen is up and a little better, but he will probably still stay home tonight. No one wants a cold for Christmas!


  2. The girls got out Deck the Halls to watch last night. I had never seen it before, and was quite entertained by it.
    I am enjoying the first few days of my break and getting a lot of reading done. I just finished The Paperboy last night and Mud Season, a memoir, this morning.
    Our snack last night was caramel puff corn- so good, but so not good for you!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Deck the Halls is fun. I hope to watch A Family Stone tonight after Christmas lights. We have been snacking on stuff and not eating real meals. I don’t want to hit the market at all if I can get away with it. We just had omelets for lunch.

      I just finished the cookie baking so maybe I can take the apron off now and sit down. LOL.


  3. I’ve been seeing all your pics on Facebook about Disneyland…what fun! We are in the midst of a little snow storm here in Northern Wisconsin so I hit the grocery store after church and now I’m snug as a bug.

    1. We are trying to get by on what we have in the house. We don’t have a snow storm to deal with but I just don’t want to shop! We had omelets for lunch!


  4. Sorry to hear about The Teen. Similar to Jo-Jo, I’ve been seeing your photos on Instagram and enjoying them too. I can’t wait to see your photos of the holiday house tour next. 🙂 Here, I have to work for a few hours tomorrow night, but after that, I’m off until Friday and plan to spend it reading…or at least a good portion of it reading.

    1. I may not have photos of the house tour to share. The people we take can’t walk around easily so I have to take pics from the car. The pics are often blurry since we are moving but I’ll try!


    1. Yes! It was a long lost Christmas episode that never aired. They aired it last Friday on CBS along with a colorized version of the wine-stomping episode. The DVD is on sale at Target right now. It was a strange episode. Part of it was decorating the tree and then they would go back and remember the birth of Little Ricky. It was strange to see them in color. Here is a clip.

    1. The macaroons are naturally gluten free and the other cookies I make using regular flour. I make those for everyone else. If you really want to try GF flour, the best and the most stable is the pricey stuff at Williams Sonoma called Cup 4 Cup. It’s the closest to real flour you can find but it’s soooo expensive at $20 a bag.


    1. We’ve been lucky. We tend to go to Disneyland right around 12/20 every year and so far, the crowds have been quite manageable. The park is just so fabulous at Christmas time. No camera can truly capture the beauty of those twinkling lights. Gosh, I love it. Both my kids want to be Imagineers for Disney so I am hoping that when they do, they can get me some passes. LOL.


  5. We’ve been talking about the Moto X too lately but we’re not due for an upgrade until may, so it will be a long wait. My current phone has become so slow that it infuriates me!

    Enjoy your new phone and Happy Holidays!

    1. This Moto X has some really nice features and the battery life is about 20 hrs with moderate use. The only thing, is the camera is a little too simple. No fancy modes. It has rapid fire shutter rates and is super fast with just a shake of the wrist but modes are non existent. No night time, no portrait, etc. I’m not sure I ever used those modes anyway but I was surprised not to see them. Instead, all of the editing is done after the photo is taken. Lots of filters to add, etc. More like Instagram.

      I LOVE the peek feature. When you take it out of a pocket or purse, it lets you peek at the notifications without opening them up. Have fun deciding. I hate the new phone experience and I lost my unlimited data when I upgraded. Grrr.


  6. Sounds like some great traditions….Christmas movies, holiday lights, dinner with no cooking and cleaning. It’s too bad the teen is sick…and that you had to look for a phone…I’m holding off until after Christmas to go search for one.

    1. I can’t tell you how much I hate the phone experience. I hated to lose my unlimited data plan. That part sucked although the guy tells me that I never even came close to using more than 2 gigs. Still.


  7. Neat Christmas light tour! Love the photo. Wild. We made it to the OC after a terrible day of travel last week where we got caught in Salt Lake City airport during a snowstorm. ugh! Now I am sick with a bad cold but at least it’s warm in the OC. It’s nice being with family. Cheers. Enjoy your holidays Ti!

  8. I’m sure you’ll be watching Saving Mr. Banks. Have a Merry Christmas, Ti, you and your family and all best wishes for a bright new 2014!

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