The Sunday Salon: Another Sunny Day

It’s November here, but you certainly wouldn’t know it. One day it’s cloudy, and the next day it’s sunny. This first photo was from last year at this time:

Fall 2012

Here’s what my street looks like today:

Fall 2013

Doesn’t feel like the holidays are literally right around the corner, but it is lovely out.

Sunday Salon

Yesterday, I spent some time at the bookstore checking out, or trying to check out The Walking Dead graphic novels. I guess they are a hot item that tends to walk off on their own because they are kept behind the register which makes it difficult to fully check them out. I’m not sure they are for me. I am not a fan of graphic novels, but I’m curious.

After the bookstore, I hit the market. Man, everything was picked over. I hate that. But I picked up stuff to make Chicken Tortilla soup which was absolutely divine and today we will also enjoy it for lunch.

This past week should have been a short one with the holiday and all but it felt like the longest week ever! I could not wait for the weekend to get here So far, it’s been pretty relaxing with just the one errand to run, but tonight I may have to hit Trader Joe’s for a few things.

What am I reading?

Still reading The Abominable but it’s picking up now. Still haven’t gotten to the good stuff but it’s Dan Simmons. That could take another hundred pages. I am feeling the itch to read another Murakami. I have Sputnik Sweetheart. Has anyone read it?

What am I cooking?

Won’t be making anything tonight. I am hoping to pick-up some BBQ chopped salads from a local joint for dinner.

What am I watching?

We’ve watched some movies this weekend. Let’s see, Bird on a Wire, The First Wive’s Club, Animal House, Cars 2. Not sure what we’ll watch tonight. Oh yeah, The Walking Dead! How could I forget?

I am just now sitting down to a cup of coffee. Takes me a while to get going on Sunday mornings. But the sun is streaming through the window, the birds are chirping, the Otter Pup is finding the perfect warm spot to snuggle up in and I am about to get dressed and attempt to look like a human being.

Happy Sunday!

24 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Another Sunny Day”

  1. And you’re early today. Usually, it’s a bit later in the day, I think, not that I’m complaining. I’ve thought about reading The Walking Dead graphic novels too, but I hate to say it, but it’s true: I’m cheap…well, my wallet is…and I really can’t afford all of them. Or Fables either :(. Maybe someday. They’re on my bucket list.

    1. I guess I am a little early today. It felt as if I was late since I just could not get going this morning. The Walking Dead graphic novels are not cheap. I hear ya on the cost. I am hoping to get a few for Christmas but I hardly ever buy books anymore. The guy showed me this complete volume edition and it was almost $100. Nope, not gonna happen.

      Have you heard Avicii’s new album, True? I am loving it.


  2. I like the first picture better, lol. I am all for seasonal weather, with the exception of snow. I agree it hasn’t felt very fall-like. What was it, just last Wednesday, it was in the 80s?? Not acceptable! I’ve been wanting to start a fun book sooo much…I’m reading Fast Food Nation, The Jane Austen Book Club, Bright-Sided, and The Book on Writing, but all of them are for work and three of them I’ve read before.

  3. Happy Sunday! I’m spending much of the day at the coffee shop after spotting a mouse yesterday that did not find its way into a trap overnight. At least my paralyzing fear of mice is good for reading and blogging.

  4. Sounds like a lovely day…I was going to make a turkey meatloaf but now I am trying to talk Den into pizza or a decadent cheesesteak from our new market!

  5. Sounds like some nice weather to me. We’re having wacky weather too though, we were chilly and now its in the 60s again…but it’s cloudy again…I miss the sun.

  6. Sounds like a nice weekend! Let me know if you decide to read Murakami – I am in the mood for his words as well 😉 I think I have a copy of Sputnik Sweetheard on my shelf.

  7. I ran all my and saw my granddaughter yesterday, so today we both stayed put — I loved it. Made breakfast and dinner, read a bit, watched Law & Order, organized my clothes for the week and found a bag of about 20 scarves I forgot about – all like new…yahoo…Oops and tried out a new candle scent which I love (Sandalwood)

    Have a great week Ti.

  8. I was reading this and thought “I can’t even remember what I had for supper!” Oh yeah, that’s because I didn’t really cook. I hate to think about cooking dinner on Sundays. Which is kind of silly because it’s one of only two days I have all day to cook. I can’t believe you leaves are still green!

  9. My son has a Walking Dead GN book that is about three or four inches thick. I haven’t read it yet but I’m thinking about it. Our weather has been cooling off but now it is in the mid-80’s which is totally obnoxious. I’ve been thinking about a Murakami too. I have Kafka on the Kindle. Maybe for Thanksgiving week.

    1. Kafka was a fave of mine, but Nadia and I will be reading Sputnik Sweetheart over Thanksgiving break, if you care to join us. It’s shorter than Kafka. No formalities, just fun reading.

  10. Were you able to get the TWD graphic books? I read the first Compendium (contains Vols 1-8). I am now looking for the next one (Vols 9-16). I don’t know if that works out cheaper (they are $50-60 per compendium).

    1. I wanted to flip through them a bit to see if it would be something I’d enjoy but since they are kept behind the cash wrap, the guy was hovering over me. Couldn’t really check it out. No, I didn’t get any of them.

  11. It actually rained in my part of the state Saturday–devastated my daughter who really wanted to go to the park. We had an all day pajama day instead, which she enjoyed.

    BBQ chopped salad actually sounds really good. I may have to suggest that to my husband for dinner tonight. Yum.

    I hope you have a good week, Ti!

    1. BBQ chopped salad with grilled chicken breast, roasted corn, black beans, tortilla strips and a drizzle of ranch and sweet BBQ sauce. Yum!

      I am sorry you got rain this weekend. We did not but at one point it was pretty dark. Sorry your daughter was bummed by it. She’s a mover so being inside probably gets to her. She is an outdoorsy gal. LOL.


  12. Today was the first day that I woke up and it felt like the season that it really is … snow on the ground, a cold crisp to the air. I actually kind of like it!

    What did you think about the latest episode of TWD, with just the governor? Personally, I was not really a fan of it. And, I’m bummed to hear that the books may not be for you. Oh well! There are other great things out there to read, so you won’t be hurting for reading material!

    1. Last week’s TWD…

      I didn’t expect it to be a backstory episode on The Gov but I kind of liked it and like where it’s going. At least, I think I like it. His connection with the kid makes me think he is going to shun the group he is with in order to get that little girl to Ric’s group. You know, to keep her safe. I am thinking that he was outside watching the prison, but because they were forcing him to. He’s not the boss anymore. I also think that Carol is going to hook-up with him in some way.

      The whole walking through town with the grown-out hair made him look like Snake from Escape from New York. I think that was on purpose. Did you see the Talking Dead episode right after? The one with David Morrisey himself? He really pokes fun at his character. It’s on AMC’s site if you missed it.

      I am such a Reedus fan that not having him in the episode last week gave me the twitches and I heard that he won’t be in the next one either since it’s heavy backstory for The Gov again. Plus, isn’t this week’s the last before they break? I hope not.


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