The Sunday Salon: Long Week, Short Weekend

Sunday Salon

Is it Sunday? Really? It’s been a trying week. The Girl was sick all last week so I took two days off to keep her home. Normally, it’s a nice break but I had gotten a flu shot right before that and I wasn’t feeling all that hot myself, so we spent a lot of time on the couch, watching Under the Dome. I am all caught up now but when is the finale? My DVR doesn’t show an episodes for the next three weeks. Did I miss it?

On another TV note, American Horror Story, Season 3 starts on October 9th. I can’t tell you how excited I am. It looks like ALL kinds of crazy and I am ready for it.

American Horror Story 3

The past week has been difficult with The Girl being sick, but The Teen was also causing me grief which made the week a very unproductive one. Not much in the way of writing but there are a few reviews that I hope to write tomorrow and of course, I’ve been reading.

Perhaps this week will be more normal? Maybe, maybe not. Callbacks are this week. Hopefully, their names will be on the list when it’s posted this Tuesday. The Teen has a choir concert in the middle of it all which makes for some creative juggling as far as the schedule goes. Do I ever have anything new to report when it comes to our crazy schedules? Nope, I guess not. Some days I can’t even keep track of it all.

What am I reading?

I am reading Doctor Sleep and loving it quite a bit. I have to tell you though, it could be a stand alone novel even though technically it’s  sequel to The Shining. It’s distinctly its own story which is not what I was expecting but find that it works here.

I am also reading The Interestings and I am a little bit in love with it right now. It’s the kind of book that I can see revisiting more than once.

What am I cooking?

I am making chili, even though it’s 86 degrees out. I also made up a batch of cornbread, both gluten-free and the normal kind and there will be hot dogs too. Chili, dogs, cornbread. All sounds good.

What am I watching?

Not a darn thing. I spent the entire morning running errands (Halloween costumes, the grocery story, etc.) and right now The Girl just settled in to watch Cars 2 so I will probably not get to watch anything unless I head to my room and then you know how that goes. I’d end up cleaning the closet or something so no, I’ll hang out on the couch instead.

What are you up to? Or…since I am so late with this, what did you do today?

36 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Long Week, Short Weekend”

  1. We’re watching Rebecca on Twitter at 8 p.m. ET if you’d like to join us. Hashtag: #hitchfest 🙂

    As for chili, I love it any time of year. As it’s getting cooler here now, though, I wish we had some…will bring it up to The Wife. Maybe we can have some this week.

    1. Of course I just now saw this comment. I could have watched it then too. Hope you had fun. The Girl and I watched it the other day and she loved it.


    1. I just don’t know why The Teen has to be reeled in every six months or so. He literally implodes from the stress of his activities. He has to give one up now which is not happy about.


  2. Chili is on my list of something I’m craving, but I held off today and grilled instead. I don’t think we will have many warm days here in Iowa for a while, so I felt like I should take advantage of it.
    I understand about the Teen Boy giving you grief. Big Sister has turned twelve and she has been more than just a little trying. The mood swings, the talking back, the absolute refusal to cooperate….argh! And since I have two more daughters, I am just starting this fun time in my/their lives.
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. Ti, I am so ready for American Horror Story: Coven, too! Looks like it is going to be crazy good! Chili sounds delicious 🙂 That rots about you and The Girl feeling ill this past week – hope you both are feeling great! Glad you are enjoying the new King – I will be reading that later this year (after I get to The Shining). I’ve heard great things about The Interestings, but wasn’t so sure about it, but after you mentioned enjoying it, I think I’m going to have to add it to my TBR list 🙂 Hope you have a great week!

    1. The chili sure hit the spot, even if it was a little too warm to cozy up to a bowl! Soon, soon it will be cooler. I feel it in the morning air.


  4. Mine has been a super crazy long week and short weekend too. Here’s hoping that we both have more productive weeks. Hope their names show up in the list!

  5. Hope everyone is back to normal and that your week is a good one. I am two chapters in reading The Interestings and finding it tough going which is doubly bad as I bought the hardcover at nearly full price.
    I love your blog and look forward to all you write about.

    1. I think you will end up liking The Interestings. I am enjoying these bright, yet somewhat deep characters. Not used to young people being that deep in literature unless I am reading a classic.


    1. I wish I could get my grocery shopping done during the week so that I can have the weekend free. It never seems to happen though. A quick trip to the store turns into a big, long drawn out affair. I wish we didn’t have to eat!


  6. I have to wait until it gets into the 70’s before I make chili, just on principle. But I SO look forward to that. I know you know that I understand weeks like this. Just please God make them go and pray that the next week is better. You have to believe that so you have the will to go on! You are right, Doctor Sleep could stand alone, although I did feel that it was further enhanced by knowing the whole back story. I honestly had no idea where King would take the story. And The Interestings was a good story. I thought maybe a bit wandering but good.

    1. We have another week of conflicts to deal with but I refuse, REFUSE to email these teachers on The Teen’s behalf. It’s his deal, he needs to figure it out. On Tuesday, we get to see him at the Cabaret concert which will be nice break from the crazy but then I need to brace myself for the callback list. The Girl was not well and I really have no idea what will happen with that. I could be dealing with major drama come Tuesday night’s concert.


  7. Sorry you had a less than amazing week Ti. I ended up home 2 days as well from the after effects of a tetanus shot – chills, fever etc. I slept more than usual.

    Glad u r enjoying Doctor Sleep. Hope this week is better.

  8. Now all I can think about is chili! It’s rainy here, though still no break in the heat, so chili sounds amazing.

    Sorry your week was rough. Not fun.

    1. Chili is great when you have a craving for it! Even when it’s 86 degrees out! Next up, I am really wanting chicken tortilla soup!


  9. The finale of Under The Dome has already played. I agree with you, I can’t wait until American Horror Story comes on in 2 weeks.

    1. Oh! I went on the CBS site and I guess I saw the last episode but since it was a cliffhanger, I thought I had another to go. I guess it’s coming back for another season then?


  10. Your crazy weeks sound just like mine! We got flu shots, did two trips south (Saturday to Westlake, Sunday to Westlake and LA–there ought to be a prize for the amount of driving I do), and tried to prepare for my parents (read: carpool king and queen) being gone for 2.5 weeks.

  11. It has been renewed for next season. I think I heard that Stephen King will write the first script for the new season.

  12. I saw that American Horror Story commercial and was wowed by the cast list! so maybe? Not my usual TV fare. (foodnetwork and sports)
    But everytime I see that darn Bullock and Clooney preview I run for the hills. NO WAY. NOWAYNOWAYNOWAY will I see that. (but I’ll let you tell me about it when YOU see it.)

    1. I probably won’t pay to see the Bullock movie but I want to know how they can be flying around when there is a lack of gravity in space. Hmmm. American Horror Story is like dropping acid. One show and you are hooked because it’s ten kinds of crazy! Lange was so awesome in the previous two seasons and i love how some of the same actors come back to play totally different roles.


  13. I think someone or everyone just about was sick in my house for half of September. I wish I could say I have high hopes we’re past it all, but illness seems to follow us around. 😦 I hope your daughter is feeling much better, Ti. And I hope you are feeling better too!

    Chilli sure sounds good! I haven’t had chilli in ages.

    I’m anxious to read your thoughts on Doctor Sleep. So far the reviews coming in are positive.

    Have a great week!

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