Happy Birthday to The Boy!

Evan at 15
The Boy, as I affectionately call him, is fifteen today! The photo on the left was taken when he was about 18 months old. Seriously. He has always looked older than his years.

Today, the poor kid is going to a funeral for one of his student government buddies. Her father passed away and he wanted to pay his respects so we celebrated his birthday last night.

Anyway, Happy Birthday!! Soon, I am going to have to call him something other than The Boy.

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to The Boy!”

    1. What would suit him? I think The Teen says it all. He has given me so much grief of late. I am leaning towards The Lad but I know he does not like it.


    1. Thanks! I know, I need to come up with something else. I used to use the nick as to not share his identity but it’s hard to keep that private when he is all over FB and anyone who knows me, knows him in some way.


    1. Thanks, Dar. I have been swamped with life lately but I’ve been thinking of you 😉

      Hope to be caught up with my blog reading soon.


  1. Well Happy Birthday to The Male (TBD on appropriate name). I waffle back and forth between what to call mine, depending on what they have done that day…

  2. Congratulations and a Happy Belated Birthday to your “Boy”. He’s growing up so fast! He’s very handsome and such a good kid, attending the funeral for his classmate’s father on his birthday, working hard…etc. You done good, Ti, you and your husband…despite a few glitches (there are always some) you should be very proud, as I know you are :o). I hope the boy has a terrific year!

    1. He does not like Young Man. LOL. I wanted The Lad. He didn’t like that. He wants me to use The Teen.


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