Beauty and the Beast: Production Week Has Begun!

SC Performing Arts Center
Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center (ESCAPE)

See that theater? It’s empty at the moment but come Friday, it will be filled with ticket holders!

The Boy is doing a promo for a radio show today at 11:30 a.m.! Hopefully he’ll get to sing a little bit as Lumiere. I am going to attempt to listen live. We’ll see how that goes.

Tonight is a long night in the theater but everyone is looking forward to the show. If you don’t see me around here too much this week, this is why. Between work and working backstage, time will be limited but I will try to pop-in to say “Hi!”

Beauty and the Beast 2013
As a mom I worry about all sorts of stuff but hopefully this week will go smoothly and The Girl won’t break her leg for real at her roller skating field trip this Wednesday. Cross your fingers! She narrowly escaped an eye injury when a kite clipped her in the eye right before headshots. She is an injury magnet so if you could think good thoughts for both of them this week, I’d appreciate it.

11 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast: Production Week Has Begun!”

  1. You will be in my thoughts! As a mom, I know that we take on the worries and fears of our kids. You just want them to do well, and feel good about themselves.

  2. We are also in the midst of a super busy week with the end-of-the-year dance recital this Saturday and an all day dress rehearsal on Friday. Fun stuff though!

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