100 Things That Make Me Happy (or that I love!)

Happiness is...

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a list post like this. I find them oddly interesting when I see these lists on other blogs. Especially if it’s from a blogger who I have been following for a long time. There is always something more to know about them, and for this reason, I am sharing this list with you.  I first saw this on Mari’s blog and thought, why not?

Plus, it’s Friday and a little happiness can’t hurt.

  1. Clean, crisp sheets
  2. Coffee with cinnamon and nutmeg (names of Murakami characters too, BTW)
  3. A hug from my kids
  4. Snuggles from the Otter Pup (Chloe, a Yorkie mix)
  5. A well-organized bookshelf
  6. The smell of star jasmine wafting through the window
  7. Breakfast
  8. A fresh bar of soap
  9. Concerts in the Park
  10. Movie Night at Home (with homemade popcorn)
  11. Haruki Murakami (he could use a personal assistant, no?)
  12. Spotify
  13. The smell of freshly cut grass
  14. Bookmarks (I collect them)
  15. The sounds of summer (splashing, birds chirping, the AC kicking on and off, ice tinkling in a glass)
  16. Thanksgiving with all the trimmings
  17. Opening a notebook for the first time
  18. Pencils (Ticonderoga #2)
  19. Gathering around the fire pit
  20. Green, leafy trees
  21. Laughter
  22. Cold, ripe watermelon
  23. Toasted marshmallows
  24. Swedish Fish (a more chewable version of my fave Jujyfruits)
  25. “Doing” Lunch
  26. Alone time
  27. A clean house
  28. Pinot Grigio
  29. Beach towns
  30. Museums
  31. Vacation
  32. Grilling
  33. Lake or ocean views
  34. The 80’s
  35. Tacos
  36. Reading (Duh! How can I not list it?)
  37. Lobster, cooked correctly and dipped in garlic butter (The Girl used to call them “bugs”)
  38. Anthony Bourdain (rugged, smart, worldly, a professional smart ass)
  39. Keeping in touch with friends
  40. Roasted corn
  41. The smell of Hawaiian Tropic (which smells like the classic Coppertone smell from the 70’s)
  42. Old TV shows (Adam 12, Emergency!, Leave it to Beaver, Mary Tyler Moore, Newhart)
  43. Nostalgia
  44. The pitter-patter of rain on the roof (a rarity in So Cal)
  45. Wimbledon and The Masters
  46. Watching my kids perform (sing, dance, etc.)
  47. Coffee creamer or straight cream (too much but soooo good)
  48. Stir fry (any kind!)
  49. Listening to my iPod
  50. The convenience of my Kindle
  51. Fresh smelling perfumes
  52. Movies featuring the Brat Pack (16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club)
  53. 007 (lately, the Daniel Craig version)
  54. Netflix
  55. Wi-Fi
  56. Watching high school football, under a warm, snugly blanket
  57. Picnics
  58. My numerous face and hand creams
  59. Family time
  60. Community Theater
  61. Lemon (the color, the scent, the fruit)
  62. Andrea Bocelli (mouth opens, sounds come out, I swoon)
  63. Movie themes (JAWS, Star Wars, Legends of the Fall)
  64. Adirondack chairs
  65. Funny, happy people
  66. The arts and crafts my kids have made me over the years
  67. Orange blossoms
  68. Readalongs
  69. Gap Essential Tees
  70. New calendars (full of promise, if you ask me)
  71. Dining by water (dockside, poolside, marina, etc.)
  72. Blue skies
  73. Ginger Ale
  74. Candles (beachy, woody or green like bamboo)
  75. The time between sunset and dusk
  76. The way my dog greets me every time I come through the door
  77. Seeing my kids be successful
  78. Magnolia blossoms
  79. Christmas lights
  80. Mint Juleps
  81. Main Street at Disneyland
  82. Lavender
  83. Staying in
  84. Road Trips
  85. Herbs (basil, rosemary, dill, mint)
  86. Cooking
  87. Long weekends
  88. Changing into my PJ’s the moment I get home from work.
  89. Suburbia in photography (see Bill Owens)
  90. Grilled cheese with tomato soup
  91. PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)
  92. Alfred Hitchcock and Woody Allen movies
  93. Seinfeld (I can quote many episodes word for word)
  94. Being still (usually only happens when I am sick)
  95. Iced coffee in the summer
  96. Spicy food
  97. Burger stands (especially by the beach!)
  98. Reserved seating at the movies
  99. Exploring a new town
  100. Visiting Palm Springs

What makes you happy?

27 thoughts on “100 Things That Make Me Happy (or that I love!)”

  1. I was happy reading this…and nothing really surprised me…except maybe the pajama part but I used to do that too…the minute I walked in the door from school…after a shower…and maybe I was surprised by Mint Juleps, too…

  2. There is a ton on this list that would be in common with any list I would create, like these:

    Cold, ripe watermelon
    Toasted marshmallows
    Swedish Fish (a more chewable version of my fave Jujyfruits)

    I will have to try coffee with cinnamon…not a big nutmeg fan…so I’ll skip that, but I like to put unsweetened cocoa in my coffee with a bit of sugar.

  3. I bet it is therapeutic to make this list! All happy stuff, and there is no doubt in my mind why you and I seem to live parallel lives and get along. Your list could be my list.

    1. I am glad it made you happy! I choose Happy on most days but it’s a nice reminder of all the things that make me smile.

  4. This is fantastic! Reading this list made me smile 🙂 I may have to steal this idea!

    I recently shared a few brat pack movies with my youngest daughter. She was baffled and pleased all at once, lol.

    1. My husband never sees me in anything but PJs when he gets home. I used to have several pair of the boyfriend PJs from VS, but when the Fed Ex guy came to the door, I looked rather doofish, so now I wear yoga pants for PJs. I can go to the door and not look like a lounge rat.

    1. I’ve heard good things about the fitbit and I craved beer after reading Wind-Up Bird. The main character made it sound so good.

  5. This is a wonderful list. Magnolias, orange blossoms, Seinfeld (yeS!), Palm Springs too. I like these. Milk duds at the movies? but Swedish fish good too!

    1. I love Milk Duds but they are too much for my mouth these days,. I do enjoy Raisinettes sometimes. I much prefer chocolate over Swedish Fish but so much chocolate these days is dusted with flour to keep it from sticking in the package. With the gluten thing I can’t have it unless it’s certified Gluten Free. I also loved Red Vines but it’s all wheat! Who’d have thought??

  6. Yes yes: unexpected hugs, crisp clean sheets, beach towns and really most anything related to the beach, that first cup of morning coffee, candles (non floral scents), fireplaces, my whirlpool tub, gadgets in general: iPod, iPad, Kindle, etc and shoes and handbags.

    These come to mind immediately — great list Ti.

  7. I love grilled cheese with tomato soup, too. But hardly ever like my mama made ’em! Love your list – especially staying in immediately followed by road trips.

  8. I love that you have specific pencil listed!

    Bar of soap is a good one. I love the smell from some of the fancy soaps, the essential oils are lovely.

    So glad you did this – it’s important to take a moment and remember it’s the simple things that bring us joy.

  9. I love this, what a great idea! A well organised bookshelf… For me it’s an ideal. Not a reality! Iced coffee, candles, cooking, bookmarks… Great list. I’m going to put together my own – look out for it this weekend if you like! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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