Is it Christmas Yet?

Today is my last day of work until January 7th. No big plans which is perfectly fine by me. After the winter concert we attended last night (The Boy was fabulous), we walked into the parking lot and was greeted by freezing weather and snow flurries! Very slight and it only lasted for a few minutes but it’s gotten really cold here. Tonight’s low is supposed to be 38 degrees which is pretty cold for these parts.

Later this week, we have a little surprise for the kids and then we take our annual Christmas light tour with some very close friends. I plan to make fudge and these giant ginger cookies. They were a big hit last year. This year, my friend is bringing a new guy so we need to make room for one more. We’ll be crammed in the van like sardines but it will be cozy. REAL cozy. Hopefully not as cozy as a few years back when The Boy barfed all over everything. He’ll never live that one down. Ever since that night, Dramamine is required and plastic bags can be found in strategic locations throughout the van.

Christmas Eve, we’ll be heading to my MIL’s house. She lives very close-by so it’s an easy jaunt across town. Christmas Day is still up in the air. Not sure what we are doing yet. What I do know, is that I don’t want to cook. I usually love to cook but I am not feeling it this year. I cooked too much at Thanksgiving and then promptly got sick and so food is still a bit of a turn-off for me. Not that I am still sick. I’m not, but when you cook that much food while sick, you just get tired of food. Period.

I have no expectations for Christmas this year. We’ve been trying to save money and with the events of last week, simple is fine by me and frankly, I think the kids are okay with it too.

I’m not going offline between now and the holidays but in case you are, I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

28 thoughts on “Is it Christmas Yet?”

  1. I hope that all of your activities are filled with fun for the rest of the holidays. I’m rushing to get my Christmas cards done today and then I can finally kick back and relax for holidays. I’m still trying to figure out which cookies to make for santa. Usually I use my cookie press, but I’m thinking I might try something new this year.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to have a big span of time off in front of you? Ours starts Friday night. However, the kids have been…difficult seems like a mild word. Something beyond difficult. So I hope that with the onset of vacation, they lighten up a bit.

    1. I swear, we live in parallel universes. The kids have been hellish but with the events of last week, I have been more tolerant of their lousy behavior.

      1. Mine’s just been extra duper hyper. I’m not sure where that energy is coming from. She’s a busy energetic girl naturally, but lately it’s increased tenfold.

  3. I am so jealous! I still have to work tomorrow. I took two weeks off for the holidays and am looking forward to it. I think though my boss keeps forgetting I’m taking the second week off as he continues to ask me if I can attend this or that meeting for him. :-S

    I love the idea of your Christmas lights tour! Our neighborhood goes all out for Christmas, and I’m hoping that Mouse will enjoy seeing all the lights. Hopefully we can take a tour before we head out of town. Her daycare’s lawn is covered in lights and those blow up Christmas decorations. She just loves them. We always have to stop and pet the blow up reindeer and talk to Santa on his rocketship sleigh before she’ll even consider getting in the car to come home.

    In case I don’t get to tell you later this week (I am not planning to take my computer with us up north), I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Ti! And have a wonderful New Year!

    1. I am loving all of the twinkly lights this year. So many really bright LED displays and those dripping icicles are a fave as well as the color changing light sets. It’s been so rainy and cold that tooling around in a warm car to look at Christmas lights, cocoa in hand, sounds really, really nice. I’ll take pics!

  4. I think simplicity is good. I have family coming down here for another Christmas celebration, but nothing crazy. I hope you have a nice relaxing holiday…Happy Christmas and New Year!

  5. Barfing on a van tour of holiday homes is something you NEVER live down!

    I think simple is much needed and sounds good to me too. I think we might be having your weather and you have ours!

  6. Wow, Ti, you have an extra long break over the holidays. We get off 12/21 and go back 1/2. I’m not complaining, but always longer is better LOL.

    Wishing you and yours a special holiday.

  7. I want to come on the lights tour…but in a separate car and my own bag of your cookies! And maybe just a teensie piece of fudge… I love simple…relaxing…fun…but presents, too…lol…we are staying put…planning on easy food during the day…Martha Stewart was on a morning show with an amazing menu that Den and I shall try to replicate…icy cold shrimp with homemade sauce, crab salad, teeny lamb sandwiches!

    I received your lovely card…mine is on the way to you…have a wondrous restful holiday!

  8. It sounds like you’ll be busy this week! I know what you mean about Christmas – right now it seems that just having your family near is more than enough. I tear up every time I pass a flag at half mast.

  9. That is a wonderful break! I’m taking half-days this week with Friday being my last day until January 2nd. No major plans other than hosting my family. I’m looking forward to the time to rest and relax.

  10. Merry Christmas Ti. Enjoy your break from work. I’m headed to the OC so don’t let it snow there again. I’m trying to leave that behind ! Sun please ….

  11. You have such a long holiday break, how nice! I love the holiday festivities you’re participating…your son’s concert and, especially the Christmas lights tor with your friends. Now that’s the way to celebrate this season! I adore Christmas lights and decorations.

    I totally understand your lack of interest in cooking after Thanksgiving. Besides you need to rest and relax this break. I’ve been more interested in a low key holiday in terms of gifts, buying and receiving, for several years now. I prefer fun festivities with loved ones.

    I’ll be around here all week. Enjoy the cookies, they sound yummy!

    1. I love the activities of Christmas but not the commercial aspect. The Girl still has a pile of untouched stuff. She’s growing out of the stuff phase. Next year, even less stuff and more memory making.

  12. Simple is always the way to go!!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Merry Christmas!!! I am going offline for a week because I just want to relax, read, and veg out! I will visit blogs but no postings are scheduled for me. I feel sorry for The Boy and the epic barfing in the van story…poor kid 😉

  13. Oh my… I just noticed the photo of Otter Pup – cutest pic ever!

    So happy for you that you are on vacation. I have so much to do but I no longer aspire for perfection so all is good. I don’t have one gift for my husband, need to work on that!

    I hope the lights tour is a big success, filled with memories (other than sickness that is). 🙂

    Are you feeling better these days?

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas holiday!

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