The Sunday Salon: Family

Sunday Salon

After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, I find myself not wanting to do much but hang at home with the family. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Last night we attended a winter concert which was a lot of fun. Today, we’ve been sipping cocoa, reading and just watching whatever is on TV. Later, we’ll watch a movie or two while eating Chicken Marsala.

It’s rainy and cold so it’s a perfect day to just crash on the couch with a blanket. I really don’t feel like doing much else. What are you up to?

20 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Family”

  1. We’ve watched one Christmas movie after another…doing the same thing as you…hunkering down at home. My husband mentioned a trip to Bass Pro Shop and I almost came unglued. Somehow I have to drop my 8 year old off at school in the morning, and I’m not sure how I’ll do that just yet.

    1. I know how you feel. I picked the girl up on Friday and the gates were wide open. I stood for a full three minutes pondering that.

  2. Ti, I was so saddened by the events at the school that I decided I needed to do something positive as an act of good in light of the evil. So I packed up a dozen of my children’s book: God Loves You. -Chester Blue, and sent them to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. If you’d like I’d be happy to send one to you too…really!

  3. We are getting the house prepared for my Dad’s visit tomorrow and will add some more decorations to the Christmas tree. Cocoa will be made in about twenty minutes and then later tonight, I’ll be reading a science fiction book. I have tried to do everything I can to stay away from the news and social media and just read. Friday was a devastating day and it hurts to read the articles. Our nation is in mourning and I am grieving for all of our heroes, most especially the littlest ones.

  4. I think your instincts are exactly right. We spent time together as a family doing a little weekend trip that we had planned and every so often, I just reached over and hugged my son tight.

  5. We didn’t go far yesterday either. I don’t think we consciously made that choice, but that is what we found ourselves doing. Just the instinct to lay low and regroup. After the schedule that we have all been keeping, it is nice.

  6. I found out about the shooting late Friday night, and I don’t think I even realized how massive the impact was until I began talking to other people. It’s scary how common this is becoming, and it makes me scared for my kids. We stayed home as much as possible over the weekend as well.

    1. It’s heartbreaking. I saw the FB messages about it right after it happened and of course, people were Tweeting about it as well. I have a TV in my office so once I saw those tweets I turned on the news and was immediately sickened by all of it. Those poor little children. I also feel for the adults lost. They did their best to protect everyone.

  7. The Connecticut shootings are just devastating. I think it seems worse than others (if we have to rank these things) because of the age of the victims and the fact that it is the holidays. My daughter was a little worried that it could happen at her school. What do I say to that?!

    1. That’s what makes it scary. It could happen anywhere.My daughter does not know what happened but I suspect that after a full day at school, she’ll have something to say about it later today.

  8. I avoided the news most of the weekend. Every time I heard something about the shooting, I would start to cry. We did mostly humdrum every day type stuff. Laundry, put a book case together, and went grocery shopping. I spent a lot of time playing with my little girl, enjoying every minute.

    1. It was definitely a weekend to spend with family. I keep reading the news. I just can’t stop. I’d rather read about those lost than the coward that did them in so I keep looking at their profiles and praying for their families.

  9. I felt the same way. Suddenly, all of those “urgent” chores don’t seem so urgent anymore. There were lots of cuddles, hugs and kisses in my house this weekend, and I continue to bestow extra kisses and hugs as much as possible.

  10. After hearing about Sandy Hook, such a horrible, sad situation, there’s been little I feel like doing but staying home. It’s been raining a lot here, too. I don’t usually mind the rain although I prefer not to go out in it. I’m glad your kids are home with you safe and sound

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