What? Monday already?

There are moments where I feel completely out of the loop and this is one of them. It’s not that I have too much going on. Yes, there are cross country meets and rehearsals and other dates to keep straight, but for whatever reason, I just don’t feel like keeping track of any of them. My calendar is in an awful state right now. The word “neglect” comes to mind. So tonight, while hanging out in my car for yet another rehearsal, I will get it all straightened out because the alternative it to just run around with my head cut off and that’s no fun at all.

That said, this weekend was busy:

Homecoming 2012

The Boy is in ASB (associated student body) so they had QUITE the week planning the homecoming festivities. There were late nights. There were late, late nights and then a lot of other stuff like float building, setting up for the dance, etc. In the end, he decided to actually attend the dance. Yes, he actually thought he might skip it after all that planning, so I am glad he decided to go after all. The football game was fun (we won!) and then during all of this, he had a cross country meet. Running on so little sleep is a challenge, but he did great and managed to take 30 seconds off his previous run time.

Then this past Sunday, it was The Girl’s 9th bday:

The Girl's 9th Bday

The Girl’s birthday always falls during Fall break so we’ve never had successful parties due to no shows and it conflicting with family vacations and the like. This year though, the Girl decided to move her birthday to 10/21 so she can have a party. You know how that goes. You tell the kid, “Okay, we’ll celebrate on 10/21” and then what ends up happening is that she gets more than one celebration. So yesterday, we ended up at breakfast to celebrate her 9th birthday and then hit Six Flags, you know… to celebrate some more. It was a great day! Great weather and no crowds!

Fright Fest 2012

Maybe The Boy was in a really good mood from the successful dance and his great race time or maybe he was just feeling all warm and fuzzy but he was really nice to his sis for her birthday. He purchased this photo which is evidence of course that the two CAN get along after all. I was grateful because by the end of the day, I was passed out on a cement bench staring up at the blue sky. Theme parks wipe me out and I don’t even go on the huge coasters. However, I don’t do dizzy and one ride did me in. I was done at that point. The Hub thought it was funny that a little kid ride did that to me but it did.

I had no time to read this weekend, but I am on the final pages of The Lighthouse Road and I just started (for real) 1222. I finally finished IT. So, SO glad I am finally done with that one.

I am swamped at work with this looming, black cloud of a deadline so I may not be able to get to my Google reader today, but I am thinking of you all and hoping you had a nice relaxing weekend.

BTW, in case anyone wants to know.. the kids got parts in The Music Man. The Boy did not get Harold Hill but ended up with Marcellus, Harold’s friend so he has a great dancing and singing part. The Girl did not get what she wanted, but she got a part as a majorette. I’m not sure what happened as they said she did really well but she is now a majorette instead. She’s okay but every now and then, there is some drama. Fitting, isn’t it?

18 thoughts on “What? Monday already?”

    1. Thanks, Patty. I try. I am sad that I have to miss meets because of work though. Usually I have no problem taking the time off but this project is really stressing me out. If the race falls on a weekend, I try to go no matter what. But this week, it’s Thursday and it’s not looking good. 

  1. oooohhh…i feel your pain with that dizzy feeling…i can get it with the merry go round! thankfully my kids are older and they go to the parks by themselves!

  2. Good luck with making your deadline! I’ve got a work/library-related project that I keep giving myself deadlines for and it was definitely supposed to get it done this weekend. I keep checking email, then reading blog posts, and getting distracted! I don’t even have kids at home, so have lost that valid reason for doing other things instead of completing projects.

  3. Happy Birthday to the Girl, and congratulations to the Boy on his work for Homecoming and for beating his time for track. I know you are exhausted,Ti, but you are doing a great job as a mom. It needed to be said!

  4. You do sounds very busy! I hope everything goes well for the kids with the play. It is tough when they don’t get the role they want. I’m not into roller coaster rides either, and sometimes I think the kids’ rides are worse because they are more bumpy and jerky than the adult rides.

  5. Happy birthday to The Girl, and congrats to both of them for getting parts in the play, even if they weren’t the parts they wanted. I know how that is, there’s always some drama every year with the productions at my daughter’s school!

  6. The boy is charming and your girl is just as adorable. My birthday falls straight after new year’s day, so a lot of people really forget and tend not to bother. πŸ™‚ I think the older we get the older we can’t take heights and roller coaster rides (I wrote about the water slides on my days in Marrakech in my recent blog post), which is a shame really because I used to enjoy the ride so much!

  7. Happy Birthday to The Girl!! I’m glad that he decided to go after all. Sounds like he’s very very involved in school and that’s so cool!! I think it’s completely adorable that he was sweet to his little sis!!

  8. Hope you had time to get your calendar in order today – I hate feeling like I’ve lost control. Happy birthday to The Girl! Congratulations to both of the kids on getting parts in The Music Man!

  9. Sounds like you could give Sandy and her kids a run for her money as far as business! I get sick on the teacups every single time so don’t feel bad about being undone by a kiddie ride. Happens to me too!

  10. Congrats on all fronts πŸ™‚ The photo of them together is super cute. I can feel The Girl’s pain as my birthday is smack in the middle of the summer holidays.

  11. Your children are wonderful, Ti. Your son is one handsome and fine young man, and your girl a lovely young lady. I congratulate you on keeping a marvellous family shipshape with your plate full. Enjoy!

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