I Must Have EASY Written On My Forehead

Dueling Monsters 2012

Oh man. I’ve always been a fan of Dueling Monsters but when I saw the books that were chosen for this year’s event, I tried to turn a blind eye to it. Really, I did. I have a huge pile of galleys to read and yet…these psychos were calling to me.

So, I am adding my name to Team Batemen (AKA American Psycho). I read the first few pages and immediately said “No, no, no.” That’s a good start, right?

For all the details, check out this post.

Should be fun <insert evil maniacal laugh here>.

Oh, and I am reading IT by Stephen King right now so why not follow it up with more madness? Want to join the fun?

30 thoughts on “I Must Have EASY Written On My Forehead”

  1. I read both of these books, and I mentioned to Fizzy Jill that I was rooting for Hannibal, but now that you mention it, the dude from American Psycho is pretty intense and a really bad baddie. I am torn! I will have to see how things go with this!

    1. Hannibal is terrifying because he’s also brilliant. I remember Red Dragon being disturbing but not enough to make me stop reading. Can’t wait to start American Psycho. I picked them both up from the library in case I feel the need to re-read Red Dragon.

  2. Didn’t know where you go with that title, Ti 😉 I’ve read American Psycho and loved it! Such a great book – can’t wait to find out what you think of it!

    1. I read through a few pages of American Psycho and I was disturbed enough to be curious. I’ve read Red Dragon before, and that is disturbing too but in a totally different way. It will be fun to tease the competing team though.

  3. OK, I’m pulling the trigger right now on buying the audio of AP! But I’m still a bit confused on how to decide who I should cheer for. I’m afraid I’m getting desensitized to all this scary crap.

    1. You know, that IS a problem. Are we cheering for the baddest? The most creative? Brilliant? Most twisted? I read Red Dragon and it was so-so for me. I am hoping AP impresses me in some way. That’s all I ask.

  4. I was ok with The Stand but sharp-teethed clowns invaded my dreams…had to put that one down. At least for a while. I’ve never read Thomas Harris but have certainly seen The Silence of the Lambs…I slept curled up tight next to my husband that night and many nights after 😦 Ain’t even gonna do the Ameri\an Psycho thing…uh-uh, no way. Ya’ll have fun with that. I think I have to intersperse flowers and happiness in between my horror #I’maweinie

  5. I am sooo tempted to join this but I’m thinking it’s not going to happen with two review commitments coming up. And I even have American Psycho (well, Mini-me does, anyway).

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