The Sunday Salon: Scary Reading, Movies, Auditions and Soup!

Sunday Salon

It is still 100 degrees in So Cal and yet, all I can think about is scary reading and comfort food. For the scary reading part, I am participating in the IT Along which is a read-along of epic clown proportions. It’s a lot more fun this time around because the group that lured me into it seems to be having way too much fun with it. Way too much. Trust me.

IT Along

I like IT for numerous reasons but what I like most of all, is that it’s really a very simple story. Bad things happen to kids. Other kids stop IT. Then it comes back. Kids return as grown-ups, to see if they can stop IT again. I am listening to the audio which is so well done, yet utterly terrifying! It’s read by Steven Weber. You might remember him from the TV show, Wings. Anyway, he is such an unassuming guy but I am telling you, I get chills while listening to this one.

I just hit the halfway mark and it’s been fun talking about it on Twitter and scaring each other with clown pics and the like, but it’s made me want to re-visit some of King’s other books too, primarily The Shining. I need to get ready for the sequel due out next year.

On Friday we hit the lake for their “Movies on the Lake” and it was our first time going even though they have been doing it for years. Here’s a summary of how it all went down:

  • Found out they were showing The Hunger Games.
  • We went to dinner, and decided last minute to check it out.
  • Once there, The Girl said she had a headache.
  • The Boy pitched a fit and left to sit in the car. Apparently he had other things he needed to do. AKA, phone was dead.
  • 20 minutes in, The Girl is hungry. We just had dinner.
  • 10 minutes later, we smell a skunk.
  • The Boy returns. The skunk sprayed near the car. The Boy was forced to come back.
  • The Girl cries when Rue dies but laughs when someone else dies.
  • The Boy wants to leave again.
  • A bright light begins to really annoy me.
  • The movie ends.
  • Start the car. Click click click.
  • Battery is dead. Are you kidding me???
  • The Girl cries. The rest of us yell at each other.
  • No jumper cables. WTF?
  • A nice guy and his wife take pity on us and help us out.
  • The End.


How was the movie? Truthfully, not very good but the idea of seeing a movie, outside on a lake was enough to make it worthwhile to me.

This week is audition week so we will be very busy. The Girl and Boy have been practicing. We’ll see how it goes. I know The Boy knows what to do. It’s his 12th show so he ought to, but The Girl… it is her 3rd show and she is still a little gun-shy when it comes to auditions. She has no problem once she has the part and is in front of an audience, but they audition in front of judges AND peers and I think it’s the latter that she has a problem with. Please send good performance thoughts for Tuesday and Wednesday. I’d appreciate it!

Now for the soup. I was craving tortilla soup so I am making a huge pot of it now. There is no recipe. I toss all sorts of stuff into it. Sometimes even enchilada sauce or cream cheese but today’s soup is pretty traditional (chicken, cilantro, good stock, tomatoes, tortilla strips) topped with avocado and cheese. YUM! We will be eating this all week, I’m sure. Even when it’s 100 degrees I still crave soup every now and then. I’m a soup girl!

Well, I am off to read Blackberry Winter and finish off the soup. Hope you are having a good Sunday!

BTW…for those wondering, the Otter Pup’s broken tooth is out and she is all better! Thanks for sending us good thoughts.

34 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Scary Reading, Movies, Auditions and Soup!”

  1. Glad that the tooth is all “better” for Otter Pup, sorry about the car/movie outing — sounds like a bummer, but I can totally relate to being a soup girl even in the heat.

  2. I listened to another audio book narrated by Steven Weber and I thought he did a fantastic job. Knowing he narrates this one makes it tempting.

    Your movie experience made me laugh – the joy of teenagers.

    1. After the first of the year?? As long as it’s before the sequel comes out. I haven’t seen the actual publication date noted anywhere yet.

  3. You deserve a million dollars and more just for getting through that evening! But I bet you will all have so much fun years from now when you remember it. If you remember it…lol…

    I adore soup..I am making stuffed pepper soup this week…I can’t wait!

    1. Sometimes when stuff like this happens to us, I feel as if we are some weird circus family or something. Feels like afreak showat times but I guess we’re pretty normal. I think.

  4. the night at the movies sounds like such fun! 😉 Sorry about all of that….your daughter’s reaction to certain people dying made me laugh!! The soup sounds delicious. Unlike Cali we are now having 70 degree days and 50 degree nights…just chilly enough for long sleeves! Love this kind of weather and I hope yours cools off soon!! IT on audio…will have to think about that one in the future! Will send those positive thoughts to the Girl for sure!

    1. My daughter laughing over the death of a tribute was pretty funny because everyone was dead silent and then you hear her cackling. LOL. I didn’t care because her laughing meant she was not complaining about her headache or her hunger for all of what… 2 seconds.

  5. Your movie at the lake night sounded like a disaster. Of course I an such a creature of habit these days that anything out of the norm throws me off –like a miserable cold for my 4 day weekend:( Back to work tomorrow.

    Have a peaceful week Ti.

    1. Of course, the fact that the battery was dead AFTER the boy had hung out inside the car was fuel for the fire too. We were like a bunch of cats in a pillow case. Screaming and carrying on. Not fun. I was embarrassed but so mad at the same time.

  6. I like The Boy’s reply above! That reminded me of one of your earlier posts where you mentioned that he avidly reads your blog (and once even reminded you when you didn’t do TSS for a while). That experience at the movie sounds not too fun. At least you enjoyed the idea of watching by the lake.

  7. lol…I’m not too happy about the ridiculous heat here in SoCal either. It’s keeping me from Disneyland (husband truly suffers in the heat so we only go to Disneyland when it’s cooler out and/or during the evenings). I hope it cools down soon.

    1. I can relate. I have lupus and the medication I take makes me sensitive to the sun so I can’t be out in this heat either, although lately I’ve been able to deal with it better. I hope you get to go to Disneyland soon! I love that place.

  8. That sounds like quite the traumatic movie outing. I’m glad there was someone there to help with the car. I hadn’t realized that there was going to be a sequel to The Shining. I haven’t read the book, but I saw the movie (one of the few horror movies I have seen).

  9. I’m so sad you’re still enduring a heat wave! We have our first *real* fall weather this week, at least for a few days. I’m so excited for highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s!

  10. Oh my gosh, your rendition of what happened with the show totally made me crack up! I also am sorry about the heat wave. It’s horrible when it’s so hot, and believe me, I know it. Its’ weird, because we have had more moderate temperatures here in FL, and it’s been nice outside to walk and to bike. I hope the heat wave breaks soon, but until it does, enjoy your soup!

  11. The IT-A-Longers do seem like they are having the most fun with a readalong ever! I’d do it just for the clown nose. And that lake movie sounds like a horror show of a different kind!

  12. I can’t imagein 100 degrees temps. We here in S. Alberta are having a fantastic fall, still 20’s weather (Celsius that is) which is very fine. But leaves are beginning to turn golden, which is very fine too. Fall also means good movies are coming out, many I highly anticipate… like Anna Karenina, Les Miz, Life of Pi…

  13. It’s already starting to get pretty nippy outside here. I’m dragging out my sweaters and such to keep warm especially in the mornings and at night.

    Loved your movie night story. Too funny. I actually liked the movie. I just picked up the second book on audible. It was on an awesome sale.

    My library has It on audio. I’ve got to remember to go tonight and take it out again. I think it would be great to listen to.

    Ok, didn’t know about Otter Pup’s tooth so I have to go find that email. I’m going to try hard to at least read my favorite blogs every day until my dad goes back in for this next surgery. I miss all you guys and knowing what’s going on in your lives.

  14. I’m finally finding a minute to catch up on the computer! I gave up my personal computer last winter when WT bought me an ipad… completely changed my habits! Mostly for the better – I do tend to catch up on email in bed, without a keyboard and I’m not typing comments on the ipad… that would take forever.

    Is your arm recovered?

    I’m dabbling in gluten free, mostly I’m making everything ‘clean’ and no sugar. My body is so ‘clean’ right now that last weekend we went out for dinner, I had salad, glass of wine, half a popover, and a few bites of carrot cake…. I gained 4 pounds! All chemical of course but once gain this proves my theory that there are so many chemicals in US food. two days later, the weight was off and I felt so much better.

    Off for a walk, then errands… I’m starting Genova’s new book today (VERY excited).

    Hope the auditions went well and call backs happened! Have a great Sunday.

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