The Sunday Salon: Dating, Church and Food

Sunday Salon

It’s Sunday! How have you been? I am still recovering from the fact that The Boy went on a double date last night. I told him that 16 is when he can consider dating but this was with friends from ASB (associated student body) so he argued the point. Dinner and then back to her house to watch a movie. Did I mention that she drives? Yep.

Also, The Boy has started to ask me about church. I was not raised with religion, but I believe in God and although I have tried to find a church in the past to attend, I’ve not been able to find one which seems to fit. Because The Boy asked, we are now looking into this one. I’m sure the coffee house and rock music is what pulls him in, but it does look fun. The Hub is skeptical.


As of this moment, I’ve had eggs and coffee and I am about to make a trip to the market to pick-up supplies to make this:

Garlic and Lemon  Chicken

I have made this dish before and it’s always good and makes the yummiest leftovers too. Garlic, lemon, chicken, potatoes and green beans. Yum.

Later today, I will read and maybe watch a movie. I really don’t want to do much because next week is registration at the high school (The Boy’s first year) and he’ll be working it the entire week. I don’t even know if I have to be there but the idea of him in high school is both exciting and stressful. The unknown and all that tends to weigh heavily on me.

Okay, bye for now. Enjoy your Sunday!


30 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Dating, Church and Food”

  1. Whew! Sounds like lots of ‘life stuff’ going on with your son now… always a challenge from a parenting perspective. We’re have a long-awaited quiet day at home today. I’ll be reading more of North and South this afternoon, and watching Olympics. Wish I could come to your house for dinner 😉

    1. The Olympics has been a huge distraction, but fun too. I try to read in-between events but you know how that works… it doesn’t!

  2. Ok…that chicken ie really making me hungry…grabbed the recipe for later this week.

    You do have a lot to think about…probably a good idea to read and relax…gather your thoughts later…after dinner.

  3. It weighs heavily on me too. Emma’s first day of high school is a week from tomorrow, so I am fortifying myself for “all that” as well. Unknown schedule and routine, new friends, new sports, and all Honors and AP classes. The dating thing hasn’t come up yet on our end because she is so painfully shy, so it will take a strong fellow to crack her shell. I’m not anxious about it all, so I’m not pushing. She has been practicing her driving though, which has turned a few hairs white.

    1. Ev works registration all this week at the high school and is supposed to register on Thursday. I may or may not be there. I sure as heck do not want to run around without him while he works the event. I’m still waiting to see how all theseactivitieswill pan out. There is a lot going on and then the show rehearsals start on 9/10.

  4. That dish looks delicious! I hope the transition to high school is an easy one for both of you. Fourteen is about when I started dating, but I would prefer if my boys wait until they’re older. 🙂 We’re doing registration for middle school next week.

  5. Your title made me nervous for you… dating? How is that possible? I hope he had a fun time. The church thing is interesting as well since a good church/community can be so important and a bad one so awful. Good luck with the search!

  6. Summer IS flying by.. good luck on the dating part, and finding a church. From the website, it sounds pretty good.
    Your doin great Ti!

  7. OMG… I love that The Boy is commenting on your posts. My son does that once in a while… funny.

    How are you feeling this week? How did the recipe turn out? My husband was looking at the photo with me, said it looked good (I don’t cook though and we can’t make that for one).

    How far are you in Gone Girl? Enjoying it?

    1. The recipe is great. Foolproof. Plus I have lots of leftovers since I made a double batch. The Boy rarely comments but he always reads 😉 I thought I was almost done with Gone Girl but my Kindle was out of whack. Now it says I have about 20% left. I am liking it for its readability and the fact that I want to keep picking it up again, but it’s not surprising me at all.

  8. A date? Oh, boy, that is exciting, and terrifying all at once! I hope that you are feeling better with the hand, and that all this dating and high-school isn’t too stressful for you.

    1. He is definitely an “old” soul. He’s my Sinatra loving, thinker type who has his whole life planned out. It’s scary to see someone so young and so together. Must take after me. Bwhahaha! I kill myself sometimes.

  9. Wow, a double date! I can’t believe how fast the kids have grown up and his first year of high school already.

    How did your chicken turn out? It looks so yummy and with all of my favorite ingredients. I may have to try this recipe. It would have been great with the garden beans but I’ve pretty much eaten all of them.

    I hope you have a great week Ti!

    1. The chicken recipe always comes out great. I vary it by using different potatoes but the little red ones turn out the best. I made two batches and it is all gone. It’s nice to have one dish that everyone can eat.

  10. Thanks for the recipe. Looks good! I will try it. Hope your son has an excellent start for his first year in high school. I just got back from 5 days in SoCal, so now I’m back & behind on my Reader. cheers.

    1. So you just missed our horrible heatwave. It’s been between 106-110 between work and home for me. Today is supposed to be the worst so I am crossing my fingers for a cooler weekend.

  11. It’s strange seeing your kid date and leave the house in a car that is not being driven by you!! 😀 Dinner looks yummy!!!!

  12. Oh no, dating? I hate when they start dating – and having their hearts broken. But he’s a good lucking kid, so I’m sure you’ll be having a lot of girls coming around once school starts!

  13. Oh man … you are heading in to scary territory. Dating. Driving. ACK!!!!

    And that is interesting about the church question. I am hoping that I get asked the same question at one point and then we’ll explore options together. I’ve offered a few times but he wasn’t interested and I think it would be lost on him. I vowed not to push anything on him when he was young but I worry sometimes he won’t have ANY kind of spiritual practice if there is no organized force behind it.

    1. My kids have at different times, never together, expressed an interest in going to church but the hub… he has zero interest. The closest we came to going was a  Universalist church that was very open and carefree but to me…it bordered on “free love and drugs” seriously. It was a little too unstructured. That is when I became a vegetarian which lasted a good three years. Met some nice people though. 

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