The Countdown Has Begun

I am sitting in my car, posting from my phone so I have no idea how this post will look, but The Boy leaves for his DC school trip tomorrow night and he is not packed yet.


Because he had cross country camp today and now he is locked up for a 3.5 hour rehearsal for the show.

I have my list and will be packing his bag as soon as I get home but I sure wish we had a bit more time to do this. Tomorrow morning I have to work, the Girl is getting an award (Ack!) And he has cross country camp again!

Tomorrow night, when I am supposed to be seeing him off, I apparently have a mandatory parent meeting for basketball!

Yes, I could send The Hub, but think hard. Good idea? Uh, no but that is probably what will happen. He is not good at collecting information and bringing it back. I have no choice though. I have to see the kid off.

I am a little crazy right now.


13 thoughts on “The Countdown Has Begun”

  1. I can offer empathy to you. I spent probably…five hours in the car yesterday between dropping off, waiting, picking up and hauling to wherever. Five hours. And no, don’t send the husband to the meeting. Otherwise you will have no idea what is going on. This is our burden to bear! Ha!

  2. Overwhelming. My daughter is taking an accelerated MBA course at Rawlings in Orlando. All this while working full time and mothering two little kids. This weekend her husband is driving from Orlando to Asheville, North Carolina in an SUV with the six and three year old. They are going to pick up a puppy his sister’s dog has given birth to. He is bound to be naked with his hair on fire upon arriving home Sunday night. Daughter will be home studying and attending school. Nuts

  3. Hugs! I get scatterbrained when I’m overwhelmed with whats and wheres and deadlines. So, do remember to breathe…

    or since this was a past post – did you survive? 😀

    1. I did survive. I feel a bit more pulled together today. He’s packed and ready for tonight. I will be much better once his plane lands safely in DC @6am tomorrow.

  4. I’m late so I hope that you got it all figured out:)

    Your kid schedule sounds like my DIL’s schedule with their kids. Everry time she runs through it with me I just want to have her write it down so that I can attempt to keep up!

  5. I’m guessing your son got packed and shipped off okay and you’re still in one piece?! That’s some day and a half you must have had. Whooosh!

    When I’m packing in a rush, I always make sure I have the really important stuff that I cannot buy (like my medication) and then I feel better knowing anything else I might possibly forget I can purchase.

    Of course, as I’m writing this I realize it really doesn’t work when you aren’t traveling with your son not many kids are going to go out to a store and buy socks or underwear or deodersant etc. if it’s not packed! Anyway, since you posted reviews since your son left, I’m guessing things worked out well enough!

    I hope your summer gets calmer and more relaxing especially once school is out.

    1. The thing is… they pack so much into the itinerary that if he were to forget something, there wouldn’t be time for him to go somewhere and buy it. BUT, he did okay. He is scheduled to come back at midnight tonight but Obama’s flight arriving in Pennsylvania is likely to screw up his departure time. I really don’t want to have to pick him up at 3am and then go to work.

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