It’s Friday!

CSUN Quad (Summer)

I woke up to a beautiful day, dragged my butt to the gym/work and as I was walking back across campus, it occurred to me just how beautiful this campus is. It’s not close to water and there really isn’t a view of anything but trees and other buildings, but since the earthquake in ’94, it’s filled out quite nicely.

I work in the Oviatt Library building at CSUN so this is my view if I climb the stairs from my basement office and look out onto the quad. It’s tempting to be so close to the books but it’s a tad too institutional for me and not a cozy place to spend my time so I usually pop in, get what I need and then run back down to my basement office.

Today, I am taking it easy. I am totally wiped out from the gym so I plan to spend my day cleaning up my inbox, checking on some pending items and then maybe… maybe I will go someplace for lunch. I packed a lunch but it’s yucky and not calling my name.

As for reading, I am reading The Age of Miracles for a book tour and trying to catch-up on my galleys which have grown in the past few days. However, I will not turn away a copy of The Twelve if anyone decides to offer it to me. In fact, I have shamelessly asked BEA attendees to snag a copy for me if they are able to do so.  I am dying, DYING to snag a copy of that book.

Anyway, Happy Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

20 thoughts on “It’s Friday!”

  1. I’m glad you can take it easy at work today. The campus looks pretty…I like al the trees.
    I’m curious what you think about The Age of Miracles. If I am able to go to any of BEA, I will try to get you The Twelve!
    I hope you get yourself something yummy for lunch!

    1. I hope you get to go to BEA!!! I will…someday. My lunch plans are not looking good. My co-worker decided to hit the gym instead. I already went to the gym so now I am looking at my sad, sad lunch (turkey cold cuts, carrots and an orange) when what I wanted for a gluten-free pizza. BUT, my butt will thank me as will my wallet.

  2. I’m going to BEA, just not sure when yet. I have a ticket for all events but will go only once, maybe twice (have to take the train into the city etc…) I can see if I can find a book too if you have one in mind. I will write these titles down. 🙂

    Looks like a beautiful day out there. I went for a walk early this morning, we have rain coming tonight.

    1. I didn’t know you were attending BEA. Yes! If you see The Twelve and can snag an extra copy, I would be forever grateful and will pay for postage.

  3. It is almost 2pm and have just sat down for the first time today. My kids keep buzzing around me, asking me for this and that, and I have declared that I’M NOT GETTING UP ANY TIME SOON. Ugh. Leave me alone with my business!

    1. My one is still in school and the other…the graduate hasn’t been seen for two days. I am getting a little antsy! I know where he is, but Disneyland turned into a sleepover, which led to the 8th grade BBQ and then a party… and then later another party and then tomorrow two more parties. Good grief! I told him that he must come home tonight just to shower if nothing else. He must be stinky! Although he claims he showered at his friend’s house but I doubt it since he got up so freakin’ late. Then he changed his Facebook timeline to “ATTENDED Sierra Vista” past tense! He is in a hurry!

    1. Well, I am about 100 pages in. It’s a little slow, which is funny and probably intended since the earth is slowing, but it’s taking a little while to pick up. I think when it does though, it will be like a runaway train.

  4. Fridays are great, aren’t they. I have been so out of the loop on BEA and what books are hot… Only because I assumed I couldn’t go because it is usually Memorial Day and I now realize it is THIS week.

    What is The Twelve?! I’ll go tbr it. 🙂

    1. The Twelve is book 2 of The Passage, written by Justiin Cronin. It comes out in October and I have been dying to get an ARC.

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